PEAKPULSE LC600AG Rangefinder Review of 2020


The PEAKPULSE LC600AG rangefinder is a beneficial device for laser-based yardage on the golf course. It is beautifully designed, handy, very easy to use, and coupled with different technical features, making it one of the top choices among laser golf range finders.

It does not require any special batteries to operate. Other than the distance measurement in the golf course, it has multiple usages in other fields such as engineering applications and wildlife.

The review of the product’s specifications and features has been provided in more detail as given below, which would help you choose the right laser golf rangefinder.

PEAKPULSE LC600AG Golf Rangefinder Specs

The following are the specifications of the product:

Features of PEAKPULSE LC600AG Golf Rangefinder

The following are the features offered by the golf laser rangefinder.

Working Principle of PEAKPULSE LC600AG

The PEAKPULSE LC600 is a golf laser range finder. It works on the principle of reflection and calculating the distance based on basic v = s x t, formulae.

Rangefinder with Slope Compensation Technology

It is the rangefinder with slope compensation technology. With this technology’s help, the distance to the flagpole is the slope, incline, and decline both, adjusted. Once aware of the right distance, it will help you in choosing the right club.

The built-in slope compensation technology is coupled with adaptive slope technology. The adaptive slope technology to toggle between elevation slope mode and non-elevation slope mode.

The golf player can easily switch between the two modes with the button press, making the laser range finder tournament legal.

Flag Acquisition Technology

Given the ease of use for the golf players, the PEAKPULSE rangefinder manufacturers have introduced the range finder’s flag acquisition technology.

The flag acquisition technology makes it effortless to be locked onto the flag even during the field review through the range finder. It is incredibly helpful for those who effort to have steady handling of the range finder.

Pulse Vibration / Jolt Technology

The PEAKPULSE laser golf rangefinder is also equipped with pulse vibration / Jolt technology. The golf range finder sends pulses in vibrations or jolts to let the user know that the flag has been locked and the distance can be seen on the LCD.

The flag acquisition technology and pulse vibration technology work hand-in-hand in these golf range finders. The flag is locked with the flag acquisition technology’s help, enabling the pulse vibration technology to send the signals. It is beneficial for senior players or those who have problems with steady hands.

Fast Focus System

The rangefinder is equipped with a fast focus system. As evident from the name, it helps the golf player focus on the flag pole, or any other target, quickly.

All the golf player needs to do is turn the eyepiece to adjust the focus to the required clarity level, and bingo! The target is locked.

The fast focus system is efficient because it focuses on potential targets even when the golf player views the golf course while using it as a monocular.

Auto Shutdown

The PEAKPULSE LC600AG rangefinder is also equipped with the auto-shutdown option to save on the battery. In the case of eight (08) seconds of inactivity, the rangefinder shuts down automatically.

One has to press the power button once again to turn it back on. In this way, the battery is not only saved, but the golf player is also focused more on the game.


We have judged the aesthetics of the laser golf rangefinder based on 1) Design, 2) Size, and 3) Color.

DesignIt has been designed that makes it look good with curves that make it easy to handle and hand carry.

SizeThe product’s size is optimum that makes it very easy to fit in the palm and the golf bag.

ColorThe PEAKPULSE LC600AG has been a little compromised when it comes to color. It is available in evergreen silver and black color. However, keeping in view the millennial golfer,  the colors could have been more versatile.


It is easy to use, accurate, and handy which offers excellent workability for the golfer.


The performance of the product is one of the best among the range finders with similar price tags.  It works well with golf players of all experiences and is equally liked by male and female golf players due to its performance and easy use.

It offers a distance measurement of up to 450 yards with accuracy within 1 yard. The product works excellent on slope measurement. The slope, golf and its measurement is always a significant concern for all golfers. When it comes to the performance of the slope compensation technology, this product’s performance is outclassing.

The product stands tall in the distance measurement. This product’s distance measurement is fast, coupled with an accuracy level that matches any other market product.

It is the right product when it comes to the performance of the battery. The auto-shutdown function is provided in this product. It enables the product to shut down when not in use for eight 8 seconds. In this way, the PEAKPULSE has improved the performance of the battery for this product.

When it comes to ease of use, this product stands out of the crowd. The product has simple functions and is provided with an operating manual to aid in the ease of use.

On all the performance parameters, it easily stands out. However, when it comes to the maximum distance measurement, the performance is a little downgraded as the upper Range is a little less than offered by other range finders. Nevertheless, it is simple to use, and it has made playing golf fun.


The PEAKPULSE rangefinder is well packaged with bubble wrap. The box of the rangefinder contains the following items:


  • Multipurpose usage: bird watching, wildlife expeditions, golf, other applications.
  • Requires AAA batteries, which are affordable and readily available.
  • It much helps in knowing about the pin location, whether in the rear, middle, or front of the green.
  • It is compact, accurate, easy to use, and durable.


  • Steady hands are a must for accurate distance measurement.
  • Variety could have been offered in the body color by the manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following are the FAQs related to it.

Question: Does it have a yard to meter and meter to yard conversion mode?

 Answer: Yes, it has a yard to meter and meter to yard conversion mode. 

Question: Does it give yard/meter measurement age to other objects?

Answer: Yes, it gives yard and meter measurements to any object.

Question: Can the Slope-function be turned off in tournament play?

Answer: Yes, in the latest models, the slope-function can be turned off.

Question: which mode is used for slope adjusted yardage measurement?

Answer: Mode 3 is used for the slope adjusted yardage measurement.

Question: How closest can it measure?

Answer: It measures as close as six (06) yards.

Question: Does it have auto-off when not in use, function?

Answer: Yes, it has the auto-off function.

Question: Is it + / – 1 yard accurate?

Answer: Yes, it is + / – 1 yard accurate; almost perfect.

Question: Does it have auto-off when not in use, function?

Answer: Yes, it has the auto-off function.

Question: Does it automatically lock itself when not in use?

Answer: No, it does not have an auto-lock system.

Question: What is in LC600AG PEAKPULSE for a senior golfer?

Answer: It has a lot to offers to all golfers, even the senior ones. It is simple to use; auto flag pole locking has accuracy within 1 yard, has plenty of features, and a great product that comes with a perfectly affordable price.

Final Verdict

It is a useful device, easy to use, affordable, and has useful features and specifications. However, it is a little limiting when it comes to colors and maximum distance coverage. However, it is a significant buy with the price tag.

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