LEUPOLD RX 650 Golf Rangefinder REVIEW 2020

The Leupold RX 650 comes with a stunning look, affordable price point, and an ergonomic grip. It’s mainly a rifle hunting or shooting rangefinder and not a golfing one. That brings down a whole barrage of possible things that can go wrong onto the product. But somehow, the Leupold RX 650 manages to work effectively as a golf rangefinder as well – albeit not without certain glaring problems.

The image focus is pretty fast and using this rangefinder is quite easy.



A crisp image even at 6x magnification is not something that every run-of-the-mill rangefinder can promise. This is something I consider to be the Leupold advantage. We had plenty of times when we expected a lower quality visual of the target but it was really sharp, even though the distance was pretty unrealistic for taking a shot.

So, you can be sure that no matter what you intend to find out – the distance to a looming hazard or a distant flagstick during a casual friendly game, you’ll have reliable data on the distance every time.

The multi-layered coating usually comes along with laser rangefinders in the $250-$400 price range, so this is an exception, though not a rare one.

The RX 650 comes with fast target acquisition and a long-range. Although the official range is 650 yards, it’s easy to go beyond that if you have a clear line of sight on your target.

It’s easy to use and comes at an affordable price point – now this is a point that we consider to be extremely influential when looking for a new rangefinder.

You can change the brightness on the OLED display, which is clear already, in case you face changing light conditions like low light.

The Leupold RX 650 comes with a scan mode for continuous reading. Although more fine-tuned for hunting purposes where you might be eyeing a moving target, it still comes in handy for golfing in case you can’t get a reliable reading instantly.

RX 650 is 100% fog-proof, increasing its value during games where conditions aren’t perfectly ideal and other laser units struggle badly. It’s also waterproof.


It’s not a golfing rangefinder, so it’s not tailored to pick out flagsticks from the backdrop. Though the range, accuracy, and display pretty much compensate for it, there might still be cases when you simply cannot get a reading to a golfing target and instead be left with a distance to the tree in the background or a hill facing you. In general, the rangefinder struggles with locking on smaller targets.

The Leupold RX 650 lacks angle compensation. If you’re planning uphill or downhill shots, you’ll face plenty of problems regarding the distance reading.

Holding your laser rangefinder steady is central to getting an effective reading, especially beyond the 300-400 yards mark. That isn’t really made easy with the build quality of the Leupold RX 650. You see, the RX 650 comes with a below-par quality grip which might be slippery in wet conditions.


It’s very simple to use and yet extremely effective. You need to adjust the focus by rotating the eyepiece and then double-press the button to get the range.

With the Leupold RX 650, you get commendable accuracy and a long range. It doesn’t come with any golf-specific features, naturally, like pin seeking, flag-lock, tactile feedback upon target lock, etc. But once you start using it, it will grow on you.

Easy to handle and very lightweight, you will face no trouble in using it for long periods of time during your games. The battery backup is amazing, and that, coupled with everything else that’s good about the Leupold RX 650, makes it one of the best low-budget rangefinders for those who seek long-range reliability and a product with a long life.

If you find it okay to hold your rangefinder with both hands when targeting longer ranges, then let me tell you, you won’t face any problem in getting a distance reading of anything substantial that’s as much as, I daresay, 700-800 yards further away from you.

During hunting, it becomes hard to read the black text on darker backdrops or in low light conditions. That’s not a problem you’re going to face when golfing, but it might be something you should keep at the back of your mind.


It has its glaring problems and you should know all of them before you make up your mind. One thing that this rangefinder gets right is being always ready, no matter what weather condition you’re going through.

A nice, accurate, and reliable rangefinder at an affordable price: if that’s what you’re looking for, then you should go with the Leupold RX 650. Leupold provides amazing support and you will never feel any discomfort when you get in touch with them.

For example, unlike TECTECTEC VPRO500 or NX7, they provide full support for repair and replacement even beyond the warranty period. According to the official statement, you don’t even need to provide proof of ownership if you want to get repairs of non-electronic components. Well, we didn’t get the chance to test it and we hope you don’t get one either. But for what it’s worth, we haven’t heard the complaints common to other laser rangefinders regarding their manufacturers’ support in the case of Leupold ones. So, that’s a good thing.

All in all, this is a good rangefinder but understand that this is mainly meant for hunting and not golfing, although it gets the job done effectively – as long as you’re not targeting small objects that are very far from you or small objects that are not so far but are under shadows or low light conditions.

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