Ping G400 Irons Review 2020

We’ll start this Ping G400 irons review by saying that these irons are designed to improve your game. And they do their job great for a golf club!

Ping G irons are made with the purpose to take your game to a whole new level, but also to make your golf buddies jealous of you. Manufactured by one of the most prestigious brands in the world of golf equipment, Ping G400 is guaranteed to make a strong impression on everyone, both with their looks and their performances. We all want to play with the best golf clubs set, and this is definitely one of the best available.

Sure, they’re not cheap, but if you take a look at any Ping G400 irons review found on Google, you will see that the users believe they’re worth it. And when you think about it, paying a bit over a thousand dollars for a set of top-quality irons is not too much.

If you decide to buy G400, here is what kind of v you’ll get in the set:

  • 4-Iron – 38 7/8” length; 20.5° loft
  • 5-Iron – 38 1/4” length; 23.5° loft
  • 6-Iron – 37 5/8” length; 26.5° loft
  • 7-Iron – 37” length; 30° loft
  • 8-Iron – 36 1/2” length; 34.5° loft
  • 9-Iron – 36” length; 39.5° loft
  • Pitching wedge – 35 1/5” length; 44.5° loft
  • Utility wedge – 35 1/2” length; 49.5° loft
  • Sand wedge – 35 1/4” length; 54° loft
  • Lob wedge – 35” length; 58° loft

Main Features of Ping G400 Irons

Here are some of the features that guarantee that these game-improving irons will really deliver on their promise.

  • COR-Eye Technology – Ping came up with this technology to give the golfers more flex. G400 clubs come with 18% more flexing than other clubs, which allows a much higher peak trajectory.
  • Toprail Undercut Cavity – In order to increase the speed of the ball as well as its height and flexing, Ping decided to use a new kind of top rail. We’re talking about the Toprail Undercut Cavity, which is a three-piece co-molded cavity badge, something you won’t find in many other clubs apart from the G400.
  • Hydropearl Chrome Finish – One of the biggest problems that occur with some cheaper clubs is that the friction with the turf prevents the golfers from launching the ball well when in rough grass. To solve the issue, Ping decided to use Hydropearl chrome finish, a type of finish that reduces friction by as much as 40 percent.
  • PING AWT 2.0 Shaft – The longer the shaft, the lighter it is. It’s because long, but light shafts square the clubface. And short but heavy shafts add to the trajectory control.
  • Alta CB Premium Shaft – Ping G400 really feels great in hand, but their design is also responsible for a better energy transfer. The thing is that the head is heavier than you’d expect, which, in turn, will focus all the energy on sending the ball as further as possible. On top of everything, the counter-balance design also ensures the stability for forgiveness.


  • Game-improving features – These clubs are designed to really give your game a boost. They will help you send the ball faster, thus increasing your distance. But, G400 will not take a toll on your precision. On the contrary, they’ll even improve it.
  • 10-club set – Ping G400 is a set of 10 clubs, including irons 4-9, but also four different wedges.
  • Build quality – Manufactured by Ping, one of the most reputable US-based companies that deal with golf equipment; it’s almost certain that G400 irons are going to serve you well for years and years.


  • Price – With the price of over one thousand dollars, Ping G400 is not your budget irons. Still, considering how great they are, we really believe they’re worth buying.

Alternatives to Ping G400

If you are looking for a good set of game-improving irons, G400 looks like a good choice. But, what if you are not too eager about spending more than a thousand dollars? Well, there are a few decent alternatives you should consider.

Mizuno Golf Men’s MP25 PX are slightly cheaper irons, which provide almost the same performances as G400. If you want something even cheaper, Callaway Edge is the set of irons that first comes to mind. Read more about it here. It’s almost two times cheaper than Ping G400.

Ping G400 Review – Final Verdict

At the end of our Ping G400 review, the only thing that’s left to do is give our recommendation. So, the question is, are these irons worth buying? We honestly think they are. Even though it’s true that you can find many other sets that cost several times less, they won’t improve your game in the same way as Ping G400 clubs.

And considering that golf clubs are something you don’t buy too often, we think it’s worth investing in such a great set of irons as Ping G400. In fact, considering what you get from these clubs, their price is actually pretty reasonable. It is lovable by everyone including seniors.

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