Mizuno MP 25 Review

Mizuno MP 25 Review: A Set of Irons Designed to Forgive You for Your Mishits

If forgiveness and distance is what you are looking to get from your irons, then buying Mizuno MP 25 is definitely a wise decision. They are also bound to give you a much better feel than your old ones. In turn, you’re gonna improve your game so much your golf buddies will become jealous. Other keypoints in our Mizuno MP 25 review?

You’ll get all of that for a pretty reasonable price. Although Mizuno isn’t quite famous as a manufacturer of budget gold clubs, this set does not cost too much. And considering how much you’re gonna get in return, Mizuno MP 25 are definitely worth buying.

Features of Mizuno Golf Men’s MP25 PX Irons

Mizuno MP 25 are truly awesome irons designed to improve your game, something that they can achieve thanks to the following features:

  • Boron-injected steel billet – Thanks to this feature, Mizuno engineers were able to create a Micro-Slot pocket cavity in the 3-6 irons. The result is that the ball speed is much faster now. Another reason why boron was used was to add 30% more strength.
  • Grain Flow Forging – This is the feature responsible for ensuring consistency through every club in the set. This means that you won’t have to do any major guesswork to know where the ball is going to land.

Pros & Cons


  • Forgiveness – Mizuno MP 25 are irons designed to help you with your mishits. If this is a big problem in your play, you can be sure Mizuno MP 25 irons will do you well.
  • Distance – Apart from making your errors countless, these irons are also gonna improve your distance. If this is what’s been causing you problems, you can be sure that Mizuno MP 25 are gonna make a great impact on your play as soon as you buy them.
  • Reasonable price – Considering how much forgiveness, feel, and distance you’re gonna get from these irons, they price of this set is not expensive at all. As a matter of fact, the set is pretty reasonable priced.


  • Availability – You probably won’t be able to find used Mizuno JPX 900 Forged Irons on sale, as their owners are unlikely willing to part ways with them. You can order them from Mizuno via Amazon, but each set is custom made, so you will probably have to wait at least a couple of weeks to get these irons shipped to your home.
  • Not suitable for pros – If you have a good handicap, these irons won’t help you much to improve it. They’re designed for those who make a lot of mishits in their game. If you’re not one of those golfers, the only way to take your game to an even higher level is to get one of the high-end models.

Alternatives to Mizuno Golf Men’s MP25 PX Irons

You can’t make a mistake if you decide to go with a set of irons made by Mizuno. This company is famous for making irons that have great forgiveness and distance. Unfortunately, their price usually isn’t their most compelling feature. In fact, MP 25 are among the cheapest irons from Mizuno collection.

If you would like to save your money, but still get a set of quality game-improving irons, our advice is to take a look at what Callaway has in its offer. For example, Callaway Edge irons seems like a pretty good choice.

Of course, you also mustn’t forget to check out the offer of Ping, a manufacturer famous for the level of forgiveness its irons provide. If you want us to recommend a specific model, we must say it’s Ping G400.

Final Verdict

We’ve come almost till the end of our Mizuno MP 25 review and it’s time to give these irons our final verdict. The big question is should you buy them or look elsewhere? We think that despite the fact that you can find some better game-improving irons out there, you probably won’t be able to find too many irons that are as reasonably priced as these.

On top of that, the clubs really look nice and are a real joy to use. Forgiveness and distance is pretty awesome, so if mishits have been slowing down your game, these irons are good enough to fix your problem.

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