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XE1 Wedge – What do you get?

Are you struggling with the fat (chunk) shots in the short game? Are you afraid of the lob shots?

Are you worried about your distance and control of the shots around the green? Do you think the bunker and tight lies are your weakness? Do you think you can easily loft the ball higher only if you manage the digging before the club hits the ball (fat shots)?

Is your concentration usually more on getting the ball out of the sand trap than putting it from the sand trap? Do you think you are nervous around the green?

If you have nodded positively to any of the questions or this write-up sounds empathetic, it’s time to change the sand wedge in your golf bag!

The XE1 Wedge is the answer to all your worries. It is an ideal machine to play the loftier shots or playing from the sand trap.

It has been designed to be your sand wedge as well as the loft wedge. It’s a 2-in-1 option for golfers who are struggling to have better controlled loftier shots.

The XE1 Wedge has been engineered to deliver the best shots full of forgiveness during the short game. Thanks to Autopilot golf engineers, the OEM employs the technology that hinders fat shots, gives high-level forgiveness, loftier shots, and so much more in the XE1 Wedge for a better game, the short game around the green.

However, it is also expected that they would do a lot better in the Wedge’s sound and feedback performance in coming versions of XE1.

Let’s dig more into the XE1 Wedge to know about it in the following XE1 wedge review.

Construction and Technology

Bigger Head

The XE1 Wedge head is specially designed; it is bigger, better, and heavier than a typical wedge. The oversized head allows the spread of the center of gravity and a bigger sweet spot. Consequently, leading to higher forgiveness.

The heavier feel of the XE1 Wedge allows addressing the ball squarely before and during the swing. Therefore, even a first-time golfer ends up having a better shot.

Extreme Loft Angle

One thing that makes the XE1 wedge standout in the crowd is its extreme loft angle. Since it’s the machine for high handicappers, having the high loft angles was quite natural.

However, the exciting part is that it is a sand wedge instead of a lob wedge. The sand wedge’s standard loft angle is 55 degrees, but the XE1 Wedge comes with the loft angle options of 1) 55 degree, 2) 59 degree, and 3) 65 degree, making the XE1 Wedge one of the most lofted wedges in the market.

Auto Glide Sole

You must be aware of the fact that the wedges with loft angle greater than 64 degrees have two main problems,1) such wedges dig into the ground on the shot, and 2) the higher loft angle make it challenging for the Wedge to slip under ball entirely.

The engineers and designers have amicably addressed these two problems at Autopilot golf. They have increased the bounce of the XE1 Wedge with the help of Auto Glide Sole. Remember, the Auto Glide Sole complements the high loft of the XE1 Wedge with better bounce.

The two problems are addressed by the auto glide sole in two ways, 1) it has a broader face allowing for the more significant sweet spot, and 2) high bounce feature.

The high bounce provided in the Wedge makes it easy to hit the ball correctly. Therefore, even at the higher loft of 65 degrees, the golfers can easily play correct hits with XE1 Wedge.

The higher loft, along with the auto glide sole, synergizes to give effortless chip shots.

Square to Square Head Method

It would be best if you remembered that the head of the XE1 Wedge is slightly heavier than standard wedges. There are many advantages of having a heavier headed wedge.

The heavier head has been managed very well by applying the square to square method to the XE1 Wedge. The square to square method was developed by Doug Tewell, who is 12 times PGA tour winner.

The square to square method means that the club stays square to the target line instead of the path. Therefore, the full turn swing is not required; instead, a three-quarter length vertical swing is equally good while addressing the ball.

Thanks to the XE1 Wedge, it offers ease of play to first-time golfers, high handicappers, and golfers of varying experience.

Heel to Toe Weighting

In the heel to toe weighting method, the center of gravity is spread evenly across the face. Two significant advantages are bored by this method, 1) moment of inertia (MOI) is increased, and 2) the sweet spot size is increased.

The more solemn club face of the XE1 leaves no doubt that the heel to toe weighting method is well applied in the Wedge.

Therefore, the center of gravity all around the face is excellent. Accordingly, it has a high MOI and a larger sweet spot. These two features allow for further forgiveness offered by the Wedge.


The square to the square method is straightforward to be used by beginner and recreational golfers with XE1 Wedge. Its alignment to the ball with a square address is effortless. It makes the Wedge very forgiving.

Therefore, the XE1 Wedge is considered very friendly for beginners & high handicappers equally. Also, the bigger and broader sweet spot adds to the forgiveness by managing the off-center shots.

The auto glide sole, along with the 65-degree loft options, adds to the forgiveness. Therefore, it is evident that the XE1 Wedge is specially designed for extreme forgiveness, primarily to manage traps, lies, and bunker.


The looks and aesthetics of the XE1 Wedge are overall better than typical wedges. But remembers, you may not find XE1 wedges as having the top of line looks and aesthetics.

The head is modernly designed, having a digital imprint. Most of the head is covered with satin silver finish, with a red and black dot on the sole.

The digital looks of XE1 wedges are complemented by its unique design to support a higher loft angle. Further, the auto glide sole and heel to toe weighting make it bigger, massive, and solid.

Coming to the face, which is slightly bigger and is curated for high forgiveness. Therefore, the face can be a big turn off for many golfers looking for a styling wedge. But for high forgiveness, it is not a bad trade.

Finally, the final nail in the coffin is its material. The XE1 Wedge is made up of cast iron. Cast iron has its limitations when it comes to aesthetics. Therefore, the overall look of the XE1 Wedge is neither robust nor appealing.


Distance and Trajectory

Well, you have guessed it right. The wedges are not designed to cover longer distances. Instead, they are designed to manage the trajectory well.

However, it is essential to know the distance and loft relationship offered by a given wedge. When it comes to XE1 wedges, it offers a better distance that corresponds to its higher loft.

Thus, for instance, you lofted the ball 8 feet high with XE1 Wedge, the ball will cover the distance of 08 feet. It is something unique that is offered by the Wedge. In this way, the golfers can control the distance covered by their shot.

Coming to trajectory offered by the XE1 Wedge. First, it is essential to note that the trajectory is something that the wedges are designed for.

As such, the XE1 Wedge is designed to reach a decent trajectory than a maximum trajectory. Reaching a decent trajectory level has been made much more comfortable in the XE1 wedges due to the higher loft angle.

Further, the higher thick grass and sand traps are easily managed with the Wedge. Coming to the control of the shot provided by the XE1 Wedge. Since the head of the XE1 is relatively heavy, it provides a lot of opportunities for the golfer to control the shot easily.

Sound and Feel

The sound on impact by a golf iron is much affected by the material it is made up of. The XE1 Wedge is made up of cast iron. Slightly managed, but overall XE1 Wedge produces a loud sound but less dull or sharp sound. In any case, the sound on impact by the XE1 Wedge cannot be called a soft one.

Due to the cast iron material of the XE1 Wedge, the feel is not pleasant. But the wedges are not required to hit the longer shots.

Therefore, there is lesser vibration produced by the XE1 Wedge. Simultaneously, due to cast iron in its construction, it isn’t easy to understand the feedback from the feel produced by it.

Overall, the sound and feel of the XE1 Wedge are not noteworthy.


The adjustability feature is not essential in a wedge. Therefore, it is not something that a golfer looks for in a golf club.

However, in some high-end wedges, there is a limited option for adjustability. But, in the XE1 Wedge, there is no adjustability option for the golfer.

Flop Shot Made Easy

The flop shots are also known as the lob shots. The audience is impressed by anyone playing sky-high shots, as it requires a lot of expertise and practice to do it.

The XE1 Wedge provides the golfer with the opportunity to play sky high golf shots like a pro; impressing the audience from the front.

It does not require you to open the face or even the golfer’s stance to hit the ball high. The unique design, construction, and high loft make it very easy for novice golfers to easily hit higher flop shots like a pro with a lot of ease.

No More Fat Shots

If you are worried about the fat shot or a golf shot, hit fat, it’s time to say goodbye to such embarrassing and demotivating shots.

The engineering design goes into the XE1 Wedge, enabling the golfers to play shots without worrying about the fat shots.

The Autopilot golf engineers have leveraged and synergized different technologies to make the fat shots almost impossible to play with the XE1 Wedge.

It can be used as a sand wedge and a lob wedge without worrying about the fat shots. The auto glide sole and the rounded leading edge ensures no digging and offer even superior forgiveness than a typical wedge.

Hit Perfect Pitch and Chip Shots

There is no worrying about hitting the perfect pitch and chip shots. The XE1 Wedge’s superior unique design helps the golfer get the job done with style and confidence.

You don’t need to open up his or her stance or open the face to hit the perfect pitch and chip shot. You just set up square, and swing the Wedge to play the shots, and that’s it. However, playing such shots with the XE1 Wedge requires a little bit of practice.

Legal for Tournament Play

When it comes to playing golf in a tournament, the golfers need to check all their gadgets if they conform to the United States Golf Agency (USGA) allowable limits.

Thanks to its construction, the XE1 Wedge falls very well within the allowable legal limits of USGA. So next time you play a tournament, you do not have to worry about the legal status of XE1 Wedge.


  • The CoG is well spread in the clubface
  • Very high loft angle
  • Affordable
  • Highly forgiving
  • Game improvement wedge
  • Ideal for high handicappers
  • Easiest to hit Wedge
  • Ideal for short game



  • Lacks feel and feedback
  • Brittle joints


Final Verdict

As a golfer, you should be confident that an XE1 Wedge is a fantastic machine that does most of the work for the novice, recreational golfers, and high handicappers under 40 yards radius of the golf hole.

The golfer techniques and experience are synergized with the help of the technology adopted in the XE1 Wedge. It’s a performance machine enabled by technology to give the golfers a performance tool.

Its feature includes auto glide sole, highest loft, playability, and tournament legal, making it ideal for high handicappers and novice players to perform their best around the green even in tight lies and bunker.

With a nominal price tag, all these features make the XE1 an ideal pick for golfers of varying experience. Except for the improvement requires in the sound and feedback, the XE1 Wedge is a top pick for many golfers.

Another great Wedge to look at is Square Strike Wedge.

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