Wilson Harmonized Chipper Review 2021 – Why To Buy?

Wilson Harmonized Chipper Review

Unlike other outdoor games, golf is one of the calm and relaxing activities that is usually played by elderly men around the world. It is one of the best and significant sports that does not restrict any age from playing. 

Every golf player requires different golf equipment to take multiple shots. Therefore, choosing a chipper for yourself is the most challenging decision for a golfer. 



Pretty much every chipper is the same. However, the main difference is how every chipper allows you to have complete control over your shots and provide higher accuracy even during a short game. Chippers mainly aid the person in generating loft. While making shots, the generation of a loft allows you to avoid rough areas and fringes.

The main problem faced by golfers at the golf club is the roughness and fringes. The Wilson harmonized chipper is considered to be one of the best golf chippers. Below, we will be discussing all of its features and specifications to give you in-depth information.

About Wilson

Wilson came into business years ago and has since then created a well-reputed name in golf clubs and other equipment. 

Since 1914, the Wilson golf chippers are proven to be the best and have won many championships. Wilson promises to deliver premium quality and a great experience to its users throughout their game.                   

Harmonized Chippers

Harmonized chippers have become very popular among players, and these are pretty much the best product designed by Wilson. The reason why it is so well known is mainly because of its hybrid nature. 

This attracts several golf players as they are always looking to up their game and play better than their competitors.

  Wilson Harmonized Chipper review

Key Features of the Harmonized Chippers

To help you understand better about the Wilson harmonized chippers, we’ve listed the top features below. 

With this, you can quickly learn all the upgrades Wilson provides at an economical price.


Wilson has designed this golf chipper to be used by every player and provide them with great comfort and outstanding results. 

  • The design is sleek and stylish and gives the user a smooth experience. 
  • The all-in-one design allows you to enjoy your game without worrying about carrying multiple clubs. 
  • It is designed so well that it fulfills all of your requirements and expectations from a chipper, giving you the ultimate experience.
  • The Wilson Harmonized Chipper is light in weight which allows a better swinging motion.


The shaft material and length are essential features of a golf chipper. The length of a shaft is similar to that of a putter.

When it comes to the Wilson chipper, its shaft is made out of steel. 

  • Having a steel shaft improves the quality and durability of the golf chipper. 
  • Also, with an ideal length measurement, this club is unlike any other. For users, it helps you improve your posture, game, and gives you the perfect shot.


Wedge Putter Fusion

Wedge shots are often hard to score, and many golf clubs aren’t specialized for them. 

However, that is not the case with the Wilson Harmonized chipper, as it is designed with a wedge flex. 

  • This chipper is manufactured to be both a wedge as well as a putter. 
  • This is the Wilson club’s most unique and attractive feature because it is designed to be a hybrid. 
  • It is proven to be a great putter for developing players as it can get through a fringe or a scoop without trouble. 
  • The chipper is 35 inches in length. This is an excellent feature as it allows you to shoot quickly and efficiently with higher accuracy.


Most chippers are made for professional use, hence not suitable for beginners. 

  • Wilson chippers are reviewed to be great as they are manufactured with 32 degrees loft, similar to a typical 7-iron. 
  • It can make easy shots from the deep grass or rough fringes without difficulty. Hence, an ideal chipper for beginners. 
  • Although the loft may not be as much as to help you through traps with lips, it is still proven to be a great deal as most golfers do not do those traps anyway.


Wilson Harmonized Chipper review


As a golfer, you must know that making a shot around the green is quite tricky and requires a lot of practice. 

This chipper allows you to make all those shots easily and get through the sensitive areas or a simple bump and run without a problem. 

  • You can easily target your ball to the desired location. 
  • The unique alignment aids feature of the chipper allows the user to improve the chipper’s alignment to their comfort and needs. 
  • Difficult shots around the greens must seem challenging to shoot with any other. 
  • However, this revolutionized chipper allows you to make those shots with less hassle and does wonders for a simple putt. 


A chipper with a solid and firm grip is a significant aspect. The chipper grip is round, which helps to provide the user with short versatility. 

  • It offers excellent handling as well as stable shots without any slip. 
  • This allows the user to have a firm grip and make accurate shots. 
  • The grip is round, similar to every other club. Still, it provides you more comfort, control, and ease without tiring your hand while making your shots. 
  • You always need to consider these few aspects when buying new equipment to ensure a good and controlled game. 

Head Shape of the Wilson Harmonized Chipper 

The head shape is also one of the critical features you need to consider as they come intact with the ball. And Wilson has put a lot of effort into designing this harmonized putter’s head shape.

  •  It has created a revolutionized head shape that provides you with greater control, accurate shots, and a smooth experience, unlike any other. 
  • The harmonized chipper has a head shape that has ideal dimensions and promises high standards.

Wilson Harmonized Chipper review

Every chipper has its good and bad sides. As far as this chipper is concerned, listed down below are some of the pros and cons.


  • The shaft of this golf chipper is made out of steel, providing optimum results
  • Gives you a high-performance rate
  • A hybrid between a wedge and a putter
  • Allows you to make a wedge and a putter shot quickly.
  • Helps you hit your ball with greater accuracy and high precision
  • The revolutionized head shape gives you much better control
  • A perfect 35-inch length
  • The lightweight makes the chipper easy to carry and play with
  • The chipper conforms within USGA


  • Unfortunately, this is made only to be used by right-handed players. For a left-handed, you can always contact customer service.
  • A little expensive than the rest of the chippers


1. What are the measurements of the clubface?

It is 11/4 inches from the sole to the top. 31/4 is the length from left to right, and the depth from back to front is 19/16.

2. Is the grip thick?  

Yes, the grip is a little thicker than normal chippers.

3. Is it legal?

Yes, it is legal to use as it conforms to USGA regulations.

4. Does Wilson manufacture this club for left-handed?

It is officially available in the right-handed version. For left-handed, you can contact customer support.

Final Verdict

Before buying a new club, you should always look through a buying guide and make sure that you are getting the right product for yourself.  

The Wilson Harmonized Chipper is designed to provide its users the optimal use and greater control. 

As other golfers review this product to be, it is a great club that you can get your hands on as it provides you with everything you might need to have. 

It is also worth the money you are spending as some clubs are overpriced with minimum features. Although Wilson’s Harmonized Chipper is a bit pricey, it is undoubtedly worth every penny. 

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