Vixa V12 Review 2021 – The Red Golf Club For All

The Vixa V12 Fairway Wood Golf Club is an ideal option for golfers looking to swap their drivers and 3-woods. It is really difficult to get a golf club that fits two spots, but the Vixa V12 is equally famous among women and men because this club offers you various scoring club options.

If you are looking to buy a golf club that enables you to take accurate shots from the tee and acquire a longer distance off your fairway woods, then look no further. The Vixa V12 golf club will help you improve your game.

Key features of the Vixa V12 Golf Club

1- Low Profile Fairway Metal

The Vixa V12 features a shallow profile and an incredibly thin face that lets players lower the ball. The ultra-low-profile and slip-fit sole help the V12 gives golfers more versatility than lies in the fairways, rough, and hazards. The V12 even performs excellently out of the bunkers due to its slip-fit sole.

A Slip-fit Sole is designed to eliminate bouncing and digging through the turf. The sole also contains small vents to minimize friction or drag and ultimately boost your swing speed.

2- The V12 Double Off The Tee

Teeing the ball lower means that golfers are freer to swing naturally and do not have to hit upon the Driver to get a better ball flight. The V12 gives golfers more distance and greater accuracy from a simpler swing by eliminating the need to hit upon the Driver.

Vixa V12 Review

3- Heat-treated Inox Steel Face

The clubface of the Vixa V12 has been heat-treated to get the 17-4 stainless steel as thin as possible for maximum ball speed without sacrificing durability.

The heat-treated Inox steel clubface is at least 1-inch shorter than the average driver clubface at only 1.4 inches. It positions the center of the front below the ball’s equator, even when it lies directly on the turf.

With this lower center, the V12’s clubface has an easy time catching the ball high on the face to make the most of the 14.5-degree loft. Plus, the Vixa V12 golf club’s stainless steel face is more forgiving on strikes hit off-center and more flexible than titanium.

4- High-quality Construction

This club is pretty simple to launch from the grass and tee since it consists of a larger clubface than the typical three wood.

The Vixa V12 golf club’s head is 145 cubic centimeters, which offers you a versatile, low profile when hitting a ball in deep turf or teed up. Its low center of gravity and thin face enable you to spin low, launch high, and take longer shots.

5- Exceptionally Versatile

Additionally, the wide range of Vixa V12 golf clubs gives you various options to improve your score in green when you need more precision.

This golf club is exceptionally versatile, and helps golfers who have been experiencing difficulties in hitting long shots. Similarly, it is also the right choice for players achieving accuracy and having trouble driving steady fairway wood shots with too little launch.

6- Design of the Vixa V12 Driver  

The main objective behind engineering the Vixa V12 was to hit the sweet spot between 3-wood and Driver. The brand wanted something that offers more launch than a 3-wood, more control than a driver, and more constancy all around.

A lot of design information can be found in the dimensions.

The length of the V12 club is 43.5 inches. That’s 2 –inches shorter than the standard Driver but a little longer than the average 3-wood. This shortened length offers beginner golfers a better sense of control in their swing.

At 145 cubic centimeters, the V12 clubhead is 25% smaller than a typical fairway wood, which is less than a third of a standard club’s size.
The 14.5-degree loft is similar to most 3-woods but 4-degrees higher than most drivers.

7- The technology of the Vixa V12 Driver  

The Vixa V12 has an incredible rocket-like ball speed from the tee and turf shots. It features a dynamic loft and an ultra-slim profile to help golfers hit the ball on top of the sweet spot. This combination increases the versatility of the Vixa V12 golf club.

The in-built graphite shaft ensures the bond between the player and the golf club is perfect in every aspect. This shaft also provides that the V12 is perfectly coming from the ground or the tee.

Furthermore, the graphite shaft is available in five options with weight, flex, and torque based on your specific swing speed.

The Vixa V12 golf club also naturally features a low and forward center of gravity because of its low-profile clubhead. This helps a golfer to accomplish a higher launch. In addition, the center of gravity is well-assembled in the clubhead, allowing a greater distance by decreasing ball spin off the tee.

When it comes to length, the Vixa V12 is 2-inches shorter than most standard golf clubs, making it easy to control and improve consistency. Its high-impact nature offers higher launch, much longer golf shots, and lower spin.

Pros and Cons of the Vixa V12 Golf Clubs


  • Quickly get the ball up in the air from off the deck
  • Extra accuracy and control
  • Ideal for mid-to-high handicappers
  • Dynamic loft effortlessly pick the ball up off the turf
  • Offers ultimate versatility from all lies
  • Only metal woods available for under $200
  • A low-profile clubhead simplifies contact and excludes the requirement to hit up so much on tee shots and drives.



  • Poor weight distribution
  • Almost similar to three wood
  • The red color is distracting for some golfers.
  • The hosel is non-adjustable with only 14.5 degrees loft.
  • Shafts are not available in extra stiff flexes.

Does the GX 7 driver work?

The GX-7 is designed significantly shorter in distance than the Driver. It finished just less than four yards closer to the target line on average. The GX-7 achieved, on average, the longest carries and highest ball speeds. Though both GX-7 and 3-woods are expected to be 43″.

Is the gx7 Driver any good?

The GX-7 Driver is supposed to be as accurate as your fairway wood, as long as your Driver, and will help you forgive 3-4 shots per round. The GX-7 is a kind of budget golf club, and its appearance is not particularly impressive when you see it in person. On the field, its huge face is intended to provide you maximum forgiveness, but the sound is quite loud at impact.

What is the best fairway wood?

1- Titleist TSi3 Fairway Wood

This is more for the player who wants speed and accuracy. There is an adjustable weight track on the back – you can move to the heel, toe, or keep it neutral – and they have moved away from merely moving it to the heel for a draw and toe for a fade, etc.

They’ve now re-positioned it to help with the CG placement, so if you are more of a consistent striker and you always hit it in the heel, you can now move the CG to move your sweet spot.

2- Titleist TSi3 Fairway wood

Joining the new SIM drivers are three fairway woods, the SIM, SIM Max, and SIM Max D-Type, all of which sit atop the tree when discussing the best TaylorMade fairway woods.

The iconic V Steel design has been reinvented with the new 180 cc SIM fairway with an 80 grams sole weight creating an extremely low CG that allows for increased ball speed, higher launch, and improved forgiveness on low-face hits.

It also features a new Zatech titanium face, which is the first time TaylorMade has used this rare and ultra-strong material in a metal wood.

3- Ping G410 Fairway Wood

The G410 fairway wood consists of a slightly shallower face than its ancestor, the G400. It is one of the best Ping Fairway woods and is designed to deliver you higher ball speeds through a re-positioned center of gravity closer to the sole and face.

It is expected that it might carry an extra 5 yards over the G400.

 4- Callaway Mavrik Fairway Wood

The standard Mavrik features a generous heel camber for adaptability and a draw-biased Max model, a new design that is more extensive and 30% more forgiving than Epic Flash and has a lower leading edge the deck, intended to provide better results.

Their Sub Zero model features an adjustable front/back weighting and a tour profile.

5- TaylorMade SIM Max Fairway Wood

The larger 185 cc SIM Max steel fairway wood is specially designed for peak trajectories and higher launch, with improved playability and too long distance.

Finally, the optimization in the oversized 190 cc SIM Max fairway is beneficial for the golfer seeking a draw bias design and improved forgiveness.

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Final Verdict

The Vixa V12 manufacturers are sure that this innovative design will improve your game. It packs advanced innovation, technology, and engineering into a $179 package. If you’re thinking of replacing your too difficult-to-hit drivers in your bag, then this is an excellent option. Plus, their 60-day money-back guarantee provides added peace of mind on your part as well.

So if you are a golfer looking to improve your shave strokes and long game from your scores, the Vixa V12 could be your best friend to long par-4s and par-5s. The only drawback associated with Vixa V12 is that it has low weight distribution, and it is not very different from the 3-woods.

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