Titleist SM7 Review – A Wonderful Wedge For 2021

 Titleist SM7 Wedge

The Titleist wedges are a great addition to the bags of golfers. The Titleist Vokey SM7 is the latest wedge from the Titleist, following the SM6. It is designed to increase the Spin along with the maximum control and consistency.

Vokey SM6 was designed around the center of gravity (CG) positioning, which provides a better feel and Spin. But, now Vokey SM7 is taking this to next level with further improvement of the head.

It is the best combination of high spin, consistency in ball flight, and perfect fit sole grind. The great thing about this wedge is that it has been around for years, and its pricing has gone down.

Why is this wedge so good? Which thing makes it unique? In Titleist Vokey sm7 wedge review, we will describe its features, design, technology, performance along with pros and cons that will able you to decide whether it is suitable for you or not. Without any further delay, let’s start the review.

Critical Features of Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedge

Let’s break down the features of this wedge by splitting it into parts.

Progressive Center of Gravity:

The center of gravity varies between different loft wedges. It is lower in lower loft wedges and higher in higher loft wedges to increase performance consistency.

As a result, you get maximum spin and control on all wedges shots. Progressive center of gravity is the feature included in almost all wedges because it creates a big difference in ball flight and consistency in your performance.

If you want predictable ball flight and more yardage gaps on the set, you need the feature of a progressive center of gravity.

Shaft Options:

The stock shaft on the Titleist SM7 wedges proves to be a genuine Temper Dynamic gold S200. It is worth considering the option for golfers, but they must try to fit perfectly. You have to re-shift the shaft after purchasing. Otherwise, you will be stuck with the stock.


Some people are still confused about whether the Titleist Vokey Sm7 wedge works for disabled players or not. Here we will discuss many options that make this wedge perfect for customers.

It is a perfect idea for a higher handicap player to use all the loft and sole options. A high handicap player must be familiar with the difference between an M Grind and an F Grind because most low handicap players don’t even know about this.

For full shots, a low handicap player doesn’t feel right to use this wedge. But, they prefer to use it for various short games, from bunker to rough and awkward situations.


We often said that we don’t judge things by their appearance, but we know what happens inside. It’s human nature, and no one can deny this fact.

So if we talk about the appearance of the Titleist Vokey SM7 wedge, its look is immaculate and elegant. The SM7 is available in jet black, tour chrome, and a brushed steel finish.

The shape of the Titleist Vokey SM7 wedge also depends on what type of loft and grind you choose. But, the difference in form is minor. The most important thing is that Vokey maintains its pear-shaped wedge look, but the edge and toe are more rounded as loft increases.

In the higher lofts, a rounded edge gives you confidence that you can get under the ball without getting help from the air.


As far as sound is concerned, SM7 wedges contain perfect click, which is essential for lower handicap players for around the green.

The sound of the Titleist Vokey SM7 wedge is slightly different from previous models. Usually, soft feel and louder sound don’t go together, but the Titleist discover new ways to do it.

Center-struck shots have a more audible sound that is not found in other wedges available in the market.


The club almost feels airy when you hit the Titleist Vokey SM7 wedge square. The SM7 feels very easy while gliding through the turf. We believe feel is a factor that sets any wedge Vokey puts on the market apart from the competition.


As we have already mentioned that the price of this Titleist Vokey SM7 is dropped as compared to when they were first launched.

But, the most important fact that its shot-making ability is not dropped with the price. The price of the Titleist Vokey SM7 wedges is between $150 to $175  for brushed steel, chrome, and jet black finishes.

For the Slate Blue Finish, you have to pay a bit extra, ranging from $190 to $199.

Six tour-proven Sole Grinds:

Every golfer needs bounce and sole grinds for the best performance and confidence on a golf course. According to the swing type and course conditions, bounce and sole grinds of these wedges offer golfers fit in their account. SM7 wedges have six options. The D Grind is the new addition to this.

F Grind:

F grind is called an all-purpose grind. This grind is incredibly best for full shots and near shot hits. F Grind is ideal for those who want traditional sole. Keep in mind that this grind doesn’t suit everyone, so carefully examine it before using it.

M Grind:

This grind is suited to those who prefer to close the manufacture shots around the ground and to rotate the clubface. If you want to hit the shots low, high, and soft floater shots on one hole and skip shots on the next spot, you must go for an M grind. It is ideal for those who want to play shots from a variety of clubface positions.

K Grind:

K Grind is the highest bounce as compared to others. K Grind is the ultimate bunker club. It offers you a wide, full sole wedge. So, it makes it forgiving from a variety of conditions like sand and turf.

L Grind:

L Grind offers the lowest bounce of any SM7 wedges. It is designed for skilled players who frequently open or close the clubface to deliver shots around the green. If you play most of your golf chipping and pitching on dust and rocks, you must appreciate the L Grind.

D Grind:

This is the new edition in the Vokey lineup. It has a high measured bounce along with the crescent shape. It is considered ideal for those who play with various clubface positions with a steeper angle of attack.

S Grind:

It is best for square faced shots. S Grind offers more versatility than the F Grind. If you want to play a game with a simple mechanism, you will love the S Grind.

When did Vokey SM7 wedge come out?

Vokey SM7 is available in golf shops beginning March 9, 2018, worldwide. Vokey SM7 wedge offers the opportunity for more confident shorts games through unmatched features, technology, and performance.

Besides the improved refinements in all Vokey wedge areas, the new SM7 model offers shot’s versatility with more fitted options, distance, control, and more Spin around the green.

It provides tour-proven sole grind, an improved center of gravity, and 100% inspected Spin Milled grooves. The fastest way to improve the shorts game is wedge fitting. The F, S, M, K, L, and new D grinds provide a player of all skill levels to be more precisely fit for their shot-making style, swing, and golf course conditions.

Vokey SM7 lengths/weights


  • Lob Wedges (58-62 degrees)- 35 inches/D5 swing weight.
  • Sand Wedges (54-56) – 35.25/D5
  • Gap Wedges (50-52) – 35.25/D3
  • Pitching Wedges (46-48) – 35.75/D3

Performance of SM7 Wedge

Titleist Vokey exactly does what we expect from Vokey wedge. Its performance is excellent and consistent. The spin number went up about 100 RPMs on very well-struck shots.

But, this number didn’t come with the SM6 model or any other model. It has a progressive center of gravity that helps in ball flight and Spin, similar to SM6. Spin and shot dispersion is stood with the SM7.

It is lower in lower loft wedges and higher in higher loft wedges to increase performance consistency. As a result, you get maximum spin and control on all wedges shots.

Besides this, higher loft wedges are smooth and straightforward to get up in the air and land softly, while lower loft wedges have optimized flight for more distance along with stopping power.

These wedges are capable of giving a ‘two-hop-stop’ shot. It means you are going to get repeatable results and consistency from the SM7.

Its tighter dispersion and viscosity are prominent on full swings, with progressive CG design and updated Spin milled grooves. Many sole grind options are available, including the new D Grind that gives a high bounce wedge for players who wants to play with face angle.

But, it is always essential to get fit for these different grinds for the best performance. Titleist Vokey SM7 has grinds that meet every player’s demand and get fit according to the player’s game. So make sure you choose the right option for yourself.

The technology of SM7:

As far as technology is concerned, SM7 is slightly improved over the SM6 but significant improvements over the SM5. Both were as popular as any wedge on tournaments when they were launched.

Spin Milled Grooves:

Titleist Vokey’s spin milled process is unique to each finish and more consistent groove edges. The wedge’s face is CNC machined to give a rougher surface for better spin retention on partial shots.

The Vokey SM7 wedges are designed in parallel front textured for more consistency in grooves, better quality, tolerance, and maximum Spin. In other words, tracks are more in-depth and sharper.

The old wedges were a reliable 56 degree Titleist black, which was considered ideal for sands, but they had too much bounce for the fairway.

It is designed to have a distinct groove design between lofts:

  • Lower lofts (46 to 54 degrees) are designed along with narrower and deeper groves.
  • Higher lofts (56 to 62 degrees) have wider lofts.


As a result, you get superior control and spin throughout all wedges set.

Progressive center of gravity:

The center of gravity may vary slightly between different loft wedges and based on the wedge’s sole grind and bounce.

Vokey SM7 is designed with a progressive center of gravity optimized for each loft, grind and bounce to improve distance control, tighter shot distribution, and a fantastic feel throughout the wedge set.

If you want predictable ball flight and more yardage gaps on the set, you need the feature of a progressive center of gravity.

Which Vokey grind is best for sand?

It is essential to use the right grind for your swing type and your course conditions. K grind is considered ideal for sand with the highest bounce.

It provides you a comprehensive, full sole wedge with ultimate bunker club. So, it makes it forgiving from a variety of conditions like sand and turf. L grind is best for firm conditions and sweeper swing style, while M grind provides playability for some golfers.

Whatever the swing style and course conditions, Vokey can fit in the player’s best short game.

Pros and Cons of Vokey SM7:

When people think about wedges, the first name that comes to mind is Titleist Vokey SM7 wedges. It is suitable for your game with all of the loft grind, finish options, and progressive center of gravity. It is designed to increase spin control, maximizing control, and consistency on the golf course.

The Titleist Vokey SM7 is an addition to the exclusive list of ideal wedges of 2021. It helps to increase player performance by improving shot versatility, ball spin, distance, and trajectory control.

Here is the list of Pros & Cons that help in deciding whether Vokey SM7 is suitable for you or not.


  • Spin Milled Technology helps maximize spin, control and is very suitable for optimizing consistency and performance.
  • Many Sole Grinds options are available for all golfers so that these get fit in their games.
  • Vokey SM7 is available in four different but elegant finishes: brushed Steel, Jet Black, Tour Chrome, and SM7 Raw.
  • It is available in lofts from 46 to 64 degrees, in two-degree increments.



  • Quite expensive.
  • Not suitable for inexperienced golfers.


Is SM8 better than SM7?

When you have the most reliable Vokey wedge in the market in the shape of SM7, it seems wise not to do wholesale changes while you are replacing it. From SM7 to SM8, the same appearance, sounds, feel, perfect spin control remains.

But specific changes in the design claims to make SM8 more elegant and accurate. However, extraordinary performance comes with a significant investment. Over $650 for a set of three wedges is a considerable investment.

Final Verdict:

The Titleist Vokey SM7 was launched in March 2018. It is a combination of high Spin, accuracy, and consistency. Perfect sole grinds are going to be very tough for others to compete.

Suppose you are playing with old technology. It would be best if you chose the SM7 wedge, and your performance will increase. If you are a disabled golfer, the Vokey will provide you everything you need.

Titleist SM7 wedge combines classic pear-shaped with highly advanced technology to create more consistency and accuracy in the golfer’s performance.

Two more competitive wedges to consider: XE1 Wedge & Square Strike Wedge.

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