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TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver Review

The TaylorMade SIM MAX driver is a forgiveness focus driver, with an eight percent larger face size and having twenty grams of back weight.

It has been specially engineered for the golf players who want more forgiveness. The additional 20-gram weight is adjusted at the extreme rear of the club using the inertia generator.

The additional weight track at the rear of the club increases the moment of inertia (M.O.I.). The increased M.O.I. provides more forgiveness and high launch.

Before we dive and review different attributes of the TaylorMade SIM MAX driver, let’s look at its history first, including a little bit of the TaylorMade SIM driver family, commonly known as the SIM family.


The researchers at TaylorMade research center have first studied the correlation between handicaps and the ball impact locations on the face. Given such data, they designed a new SIM drivers’ family to cater to the handicaps’ needs to the fullest.

The SIM driver family includes the SIM driver, SIM MAX, and SIM MAX-D. The main difference between the three SIM-driver family members is the size of their face.

The SIM is the smallest in size, which is for good players with less handicap. On the other hand, the SIM MAX drivers and SIM MAX D are eight percent (08%) and eighteen percent (18%), respectively, catering to the golfer’s needs at a different level of handicap.

The TaylorMade engineers worked on the material for its previous M series drivers, and they perfected the material. With the knowledge of the perfect material in hand, they could work on the driver’s shape’s geometry to achieve the best results.

They branded the aerodynamically improved shape as the “Shape in Motion” concept. The shape in motion was engineered to work where the minimum drag is required, but the golf player experienced the maximum drag.

Therefore the engineers were able to get extra speed and hence the extra mileage from SIM drivers. To give you a better look at the history, here is a brief description of the TaylorMade SIM and SIM Max driver.

Highlights of TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver Review

The following are the highlights of the new SIM MAX Driver.

1. The designers and engineers at TaylorMade have given it a V Steel Sole Design. WHY: The design reduced the friction between the driver and the turf.

With this design, the turf interaction is improved. IN this way, it provides more opportunities to play from difficult and tight lies.

2. The SIM MAX is designed with the Twist Face. WHY: The twist-face allows the corrective face angle design. Therefore, golf player’s tendencies to mis-hits are overcome to produce better and straighter shots.

3. The metallurgists at TaylorMade have used C300 Ultra-Strong Steel Face: WHY: A better, stronger, and faster face of the driver has been possible with C300 Ultra-Strong Steel. The drivers with such material used in the face perform a lot faster and offer explosive speed performance.

4. Provision of Speed Pocket: WHY: The speed pockets allow better sole flexibility. It offers provision for additional speed. Further to it, better forgiveness is achieved even on low-face hits.

Further highlights of the driver are tabulated below.

Shape in Motion Concept

The golf players experience the highest drag in the position from nine o clock to six o clocks. It is worth noting here that the highest swing speed is required in this position.

The TaylorMade engineers achieved better speed in this position by using the asymmetrical and curved sole. They have termed this concept as the “shape in Motion.”

Looks Review

The SIM MAX look is pretty much similar to its earlier variation – TaylorMade SIM. The crown very much dominates the SIM MAX.

Inspired from the auto industry, TaylorMade’s designers have introduced a chrome carbon-fiber crown, and grey tinged chalk paint. It gives a sleek appearance.

It also possesses a thin white band, which separates the “Tee” alignment aid from the golf ball. From front to back, it is a little bit longer. Please note that the SIM MAX looks are also differentiated from the SIM by sliding weight in the SIM MAX.

Sound & Feel Review

For anyone who has used the TaylorMade M6 drivers, the SIM MAX sound is not surprising. It is almost the same. However, the feel is a lot better in comparison to sound, which makes the SIM MAX driver a better choice. The SIM MAX drivers have a louder and dampen sound.

On the impact, the pitch is modest with low to mid-range. We are all aware that the sound translates into the feel. In this case, the feel is quite firm. Despite the excellent sound and better feel, the driver seems to have fuzzier feedback.

Performance Review

The SIM MAX offers a higher launch. At the same time, it is designed to offer mid-spin to the ball. As far as the speed and accuracy are concerned, the SIM MAX offers better ball speed and better accuracy.

Forgiveness Review

The driver is very forgiving. The forgiveness has been achieved with the introduction by reshaping the sole design. The clubhead achieves the optimal speed by the exclusive design.

The optimality is further complemented and enhanced by the upgrade aerodynamics. And guess what? It all happens during the most critical stage of the swing.

Further to it, the weight is positioned at the extreme rear of other clubheads with an inertia generator’s help. It adds to the forgiveness.

The inertia generator is angled to reduce drag on the downswing from nine o clock positions to six o clock positions in which the highest swing speed is required.

Speed Injected Twist Face Review

According to TaylorMade, each SIM driver is individually calibrated. Once calibrated, it is speed injected with the right material to reach the maximum threshold. In this way, it is ensured that the maximum tour legal limit of the ball speed can be achieved.

The speed injection also offers revolutionary face curvatures. The revolutionary face curvatures reduce the sidespin. In this way, it can deliver the straighter ball flight even if it does not impact the sweet spot.

Dial-In Trajectory with Loft Sleeve™Technology Review

Every golf player is unique, and therefore, s/he requires a golf driver who is just like him/her – unique! The Dial-In Trajectory with Loft Sleeve Technology just does it; it makes it possible to personalize the driver for a golf player.

With this technology’s help, the golf player can adjust and personalize the driver by optimizing the club with individual trajectory and face angle preferences.

The personal preference can be adjusted up to +/-2 degrees of loft change. While this may be a limited level of personalization, but it works wonders for many.

Asymmetric Sole Shape & Inertia Generator Review

The asymmetric sole shape and Inertia Generator in the SIM MAX makes it one of the top choices among the golf players who require maximum forgiveness and speed.

With asymmetric sole shape and inertia generator, faster clubhead speed is achieved. The faster clubhead speed leads to better ball speed and consequently greater distance. Simultaneously, the weight track at the rear creates a higher moment of inertia, leading to maximum forgiveness.

Multi-Material Construction Review

The SIM MAX drivers are constructed with different materials to reach the maximum ball speed, distance, and forgiveness level.

With the multi-material construction, a distinct head design is possible in which the weight is positioned in the head (low and back). It leads to a lower center of gravity (C.G.) and a higher moment of inertia (M.O.I.).

Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ Technology Review

The enhanced flexibility is achieved in the SIM MAX by using the Thru-SLOT Speed Pocket technology.

Better and additional ball speed is achieved with this technology, and that not it; better and additional forgiveness for low-ace mis-hits with this technology.

Inverted Cone Technology Review

One of the ways to achieve forgiveness is by making a larger sweet spot. The engineers at TaylorMade have achieved it in SIM MAX drivers with inverted cone technology.

They have used this technology to expand the C.O.R. zone of the clubface, and therefore, they were able to have a larger sweet spot, resulting in better performance and more and more forgiveness on mis-hits.

The Product Options

The following are the product options of the Taylormade Sim Max Driver

Options to choose from.

Product Specifications

The product specifications are given below:

Stock Shafts Specifications

The stock shafts specifications are given below:

Stock Grip Specifications

The grip specific to the Taylormade Sim Max Driver shaft is the Golf Pride Z-Grip. The specifications are tabulated below:

Features of the Product

The following are the main features of the product:

Pros &Cons

The following are the pros and cons of the driver:


  • Easy extra yardage.
  • Offers good forgiveness.
  • Considered as a game-improvement driver.
  • Extremely customizable for both LH and RH.
  • Works best where others fail, from nine o clock position to six o clock position.
  • It has a sole that best manages the friction with the turf.
  • Aerodynamically improved shape to offer speed and distance.
  • Has a larger face to address the off center mis-hits.



  • It is costly for the range of attributes it has.
  • It is not a significant upgrade to the earlier M6 driver.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

The F.A.Q.s related to the Sim Max Driver are given below:

Question: Currently, the Taylormade M6 irons are working great and giving me 140 – 150, and a 7-wood from the same company is giving me 160 – 170. I am interested in knowing what loft will be given to me between 150 and 160.

Answer: It depends on the swing. However, the question shows that 8-wood or 9-wood will give you the desired results.

Question: Which orientation is to be selected for the right-handed golf player?

Answer:  The right-hand orientation is to be selected for the right-handed golf player.

Question: For 3-hybrid, which is the standard VENTUS shaft?

Answer: For 3-hybrid, the VENTUS Blue graphite shaft is the standard.

Question: Can I get this hybrid with 20 and 21 lofts?

Answer: No, these lofts are not available with the hybrid.

Question: Is it tour legal?

Answer: Yes.

Final Verdict

The Taylormade SIM MAX Driver offers noteworthy forgiveness coupled with a great ball speed. In these two aspects, it outperforms many other drivers. On the other hand, it lacks any extraordinary exclusive feature.

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