TaylorMade M2 Irons 2019 Review & Specs

Nowadays, people are more attracted to sports activities, and golf is specifically one of them. When it comes to golf, whether it’s beginners or professionals, prefer to choose efficient and reliable long-term golf clubs. And of course, in this era where innovation and creation are top-of-the-line, golf clubs are made with the best of materials yet known. What we are going to review today is the flex Taylormade 2019 M2 Irons Golf Club, which is equipped with extra turn-on features and exquisite finesse.


Golfers love the performance ability of irons that offer forgiveness and perfection on shots that aren’t struck solidly. The M2 Iron set is unquestionably among the best golf clubs in the market that offer just that.

●The 2019 M2 Iron Clubs are designed for long-distance and powerful shots keeping the ball in phase with the shot. These clubs come in mid-range for amateurs and beginners, perfectly suiting golfers who are just starting out.

● These clubs come in different categories, i.e., the REAL HL 88 by FST steel shafts (S, R) or the M2 REAX graphite shafts   ( 75-45g/ S, R, A, L). This allows golfers to choose according to their requirements and choice.

● They bring the golfer a lot of remissions and a great deal of absolution. On the field, the new 2019 M2 Irons are genuine satisfaction to use. These irons are specially made for players who need extra indulgence and leniency. With that, we are confident that your experience with the 2019 M2 Iron clubs will be highly appealing and pleasant. 

● The propelled and advanced material used in the 2019 M2 Iron clubs engages the ball to go distant but tall as well.

STEEL – REAX 88HL by FST – S, R GRAPHITE – M2 REAX (S-75G, R-65G, A-55G)

● Each innovation in the 2019 M2 irons works together to assist golfers in accomplishing more distance, top direction, and forgiveness—overall, a more reliably performing press swing after swing.

● Though it has a hefty price tag, it is a perfect iron set for those players who intensely care about their games. The 2019 M2 Iron set is unquestionably centered on the presentation and proficient utilization of the most recent advancements.



Features of 2019 M2 Iron clubs:

Here are some of the features of the TaylorMade 2019 M2 iron clubs that will help you choose the best golf for your game.  

Face slots:

By counting Face Slots, TaylorMade engineers improved consistency and focal point of gravity. The 360° Undercut expels weight from the top line to create a lower center of gravity for better ball speed.

High-speed ultra-thin pocket:

TaylorMade included more adaptability and versatility to irons by employing a more profound and utilizing speed control. The altered and inverted Cone innovation helps to attain better, higher, stronger, and improved distance. Speed pocket innovation builds adaptability and flexibility because of a much more slender sole, improving pardoning for shots struck beneath the focal point of the clubface. Plus, the updated and overhauled speed pocket has a slimmer and slender divider, improving and progressing execution on shots that are struck while making higher expedite and dispatch.

Six sides fluted hosel:

More contribution to these six sides fluted hosel, which is 30% superior in bowing than any other iron in the past. A lighter hosel allows you to have quicker and speedier swings, and its structure is made in such a way that allows the confront space highlight. It makes higher dispatch points and quicker ball speeds.

Geocoustic technology:

This innovation results in the 2019 M2 Iron clubs make an astonishing and charming voice while hitting a ball. Like, actually, if you miss a shot, you may still appreciate the sound and feel the pleasure out of it. This innovation is probably the best thing that will enable you to enjoy delightful frequencies while playing the game.


The 2019 M2 Iron clubs are pretty much durable and reliable because of the raw material from which it’s constructed. In our experience, the durability factor of M2 lasts longer than expected.


taylormade m2 irons loft chart

taylormade m2 irons loft chart specs

Here is a short overview of the Pros and Cons of the 2019 M2 Iron clubs:


● 2019 M2 Iron clubs are game-improving irons with incredible accuracy.
● Improved precision with the most advanced features.
● Very presentable and highly attractive.
● These clubs produce pleasant sounds and better outcomes with less effort.
● 2019 M2 iron clubs create higher launch angles because of exquisite offset.


● Though the 2019 M2 Iron clubs are amongst the best golf clubs in the market, they are a bit costly than regular golf clubs.
M2 Clubs offer a bit less spin variation than other golf clubs.
● In a few cases, the plastic heads of irons break and fall out, but the company resolves the issue by replacing them with new ones.


The 2019 M2 Iron club sets are player-friendly irons that will make the amusement more fun with a twist of passion for a parcel of golfers. Still, they work nicely for high-handicap players. These clubs will lift your game up to another level that even the little mis-hits won’t let the ball get off the trajectory. Regularity with these clubs will increase your efficiency in every course, making it better. Also, the forgiveness provided by the 2019 M2 Iron clubs is just amazing. This set may be a beauty to look at, but they prove to be a beast on the course.

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