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Are you worried about chip shots or chunks? Are the lectures by YouTube golfers and reading materials unsuccessful in helping you achieve a perfect shot? If you can relate to this, it may be time to assess the quality of your wedge.

Today, we unpack the features of Autopilot’s Square Strike, one of the best golf wedges in the market. Find out if this wedge is right for you in this detailed review.


Square Strike Wedge

Chipping is one of the most straightforward shots in golf. It requires shorter clubs and is played near the hole. However, it can also be a nightmare, even for avid golfers. If you don’t make the right contact, you can miss the green and waste your strokes.

With this in mind, Autopilot rigorously engineered the Square Strike Wedge to address chunks and fat shots. The quality of its loft and construction are known to guarantee phenomenal control and easy swings.


The Square Strike Wedge allows golfers zero use of full swing of the golf club. In addition, it is also a combination of a wedge and a putter, and therefore falls somewhere between both.

To know more about it in great detail, here is our Square Strike Wedge review.




Anti-Chunk Sole

The Square Strike Wedge is engineered with an anti-chunk sole and curated with a minute curve from back to front and heel to toe.

This curve allows the silky-smooth movement of the Square Strike Wedge along the turf, resulting in the clubhead to keep right on moving if you hit behind the ball. This ensures crisp and clean contact, with lesser chances of fat shots or chunks.

Another notable feature of the anti-chunk sole is the series of shallow grooves. The shallow grooves reduce friction when making a shot in sticky or matted grass.

Anti-Rotation Weighting

A highlight of the Square Strike Wedge is its anti-rotation weighting. Autopilot Golf designers and engineers have moved the weight from the heel area to the toe area to prevent the excess clubhead from opening and closing, going back and through.

Further, its blade is designed to set the golf club square to the target line. This ensures solid shots, without the need to wait for the right timing or making the wrist hinge.

Weighted Clubhead

The Square Strike Wedge comes with a 330-gram clubhead which allows easy putting strokes.

The weighted clubhead facilitates ideal swing, straight shot, less rotation, and minimal wrist action. Golfers are assured of easy control that works very well within and around the green.

Precisely Centered Center of Gravity (CoG) and High Moment of Inertia (MOI)

The engineers and designers of the Square Strike Wedge achieved two significant successes while moving the mass/weight to the toe. By doing so, they were able to locate CoG precisely in the center of the clubface marked by a vertical line.

It also has a higher MOI than a typical wedge, giving the Square Strike Wedge an extra advantage. Its unique centrality of CoG and higher MOI will lead players to achieve efficient levels of accuracy and right contact.

Moreso, it will also offer higher forgiveness, even on miss-hits and off-center shots.

Shape and Looks

The Square Strike Wedge has a massive sole that helps prevent fat shots (chunks). This construction also helps to manage imperfect ball strikes and difficult lies. In addition, the angled leading edge curbs digging.

The Wedge’s shape is enhanced by moving the club’s weight to the toe, promoting the pendulum motion without much effort.

In terms of color and design, it is designed with colors appealing to both women and men golfers. It comes in striking green and black colored versions coating a stainless-steel shaft.

The use of the stainless-steel material not only made it aesthetically appealing but it is also made it more durable and rust-resistant.


The Square Strike Wedge has a grip that is one (01) inch longer than the standard grips available in the market. The more extended grip allows the golfer to hold the Wedge comfortably for accurate shots.

Thick or Thin

The Square Strike Wedge may be relatively thinner than other golf clubs in your golf bag. The thinner profile makes it easy to execute swings and carry it around without worrying about fatigue, especially for senior golf players.

Specially Designed for?

The Square Strike Wedge is specially designed for golfers who find it challenging to use wedges, either because of anxiety or fear of missing the hole. Such players are used to having chunks (fat shots) and skulls, leading them to double bogeys with any other wedge.

However, the Square Strike Wedge requires putting motion, which makes it a lot easier for golfers to play their best shots with ease and without fear and anxiety.

As far as the gender category is concerned, the Square Strike Wedge is designed for both men and women. Its shaft length is 35 inches long, making it a putter-like machine for women golfers.

Legal Status

Like many other golf clubs, the Square Strike Wedge falls very well within the limits defined by the United States Golf Agency (USGA). Therefore, you can use the Square Strike Wedge for tournament play.


Pitch and Chip Shots Made Easy with Square Strike Wedge

The technology incorporated in the Square Strike Wedge has made it a top choice for golfers with varying degrees of experience.

Pitch and the chip shots are made easier and more accurate with Square Strike Wedge’s unique design and construction.

Traditional wedges require golfers to open their stance and blade and make the rotational swing. But with the Square Strike Wedge, the golfer has to set up the shot directly at the target and then take a pendulum-like swing shot (just like a putter) and enjoy watching the golf ball roll right straight to the hole.

Further, the Square Strike Wedge produces low shots. The low shots produce more roll than what could be achieved with a pitching wedge. Therefore, it can help golfers look to replace pitching Wedge from the golf bag.

Square Strike Wedge or 7-Iron for Chipping

The golf players may have found similarities in the Square Strike Wedge and a 7-iron to chipping. It is mainly because of the misconception that prevails among the golfers that the Square Strike Wedge and the 7 or 8 iron have a similar loft.

However, that is not the case. The 45 degrees loft of the Square Strike Wedge is about 12 to 15 degrees more than a 7-iron. It allows the golfer to play a wide variety of shots, including the low runners.

Autopilot engineers were able to leverage the heavier club head, extra-wide sole, beveled leading edge, and extra weight on the toe along with the 12 to 15 degrees higher loft to get the Wedge that remains square to the target longer.

Further, it naturally sweeps the grass on the shot, in which a usual golfer gets digging with a typical wedge. Simply put, the Square Strike Wedge is a more effective and efficient chipping club than a 7-iron or any other traditional iron.

Which Loft to Use?

Remember, the 45 degrees loft in the Square Strike Wedge is the featured loft. It works best for the shots that must bump and roll to the pin within a radius of 50 yards or less.

The 45 degrees loft can easily replace the Wedge that you use for chipping and pitching.

For the shots you want to carry a bunker, the 55 degrees and the 60 degrees loft are the best. These can quickly work for your sand wedge and lob Wedge.


With the Square Strike Wedge, a golfer can set up closer to the golf ball with a 68-degree lie angle. It is similar to most standard putters.

However, it is 6 degrees more upright than most of the traditional wedges. Therefore, the lie makes it more difficult for the Square Strike Wedge to achieve full swing.


  • Buttery weight for consistent swings
  • Durable
  • Beveled leading edge
  • Wider sole
  • Chipping improvement wedge
  • High level of forgiveness
  • Excellent chip and run shots
  • Very helpful in shorter shots by reducing the guesswork
  • Does not rely on hand wrist action for performance



  • A golfer needs some time to get used to it
  • Higher price tag
  • It is not ideal for full shots


Square Strike Wedge at a Glance

  1. The Square Strike Wedge is ideal for a short game.
  2. It has an upright lie angle.
  3. Legal for tournament play.
  4. It is designed to avoid hitting fat golf shots.
  5. The Square Strike Wedge is a great club to use around the greens.
  6. The weighted clubhead ensures putting stroke.
  7. It is available in a variety of lies.
  8. The Square Strike Wedge is a chipping and pitching machine.
  9. Ideal for bump and run shots.
  10. It offers high forgiveness.
  11. It is available for both men and women golfers.
  12. It is available in both green and black colors.
  13. It ensures a reduction in fat and thin shots.


Final Verdict

It takes some time getting used to with the Square Strike Wedge, but it’s the machine that is going to help you around the green (within 40 yards) and will make an incredible difference to your gameplay.

All you need to do is figure out the golf hole’s distance and hit the ball using the Square Strike Wedge. Its weight location in the clubhead ensures the golf ball roll into the hole without hassle.

Beginners, recreational players, and high handicappers will tremendously benefit by using the Autopilot Square Strike as a pitching wedge for critical shots around the green. It is likely to prove itself to be one of your favorite clubs in your bag.

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