S7k Putter Review – Why It is One Of The Best Putter Ever

S7k Putter Review

Imagine it’s the last hole, you are within 10 feet of the hole, and of course, you don’t want to add to your score. You are putting green.

Your experience, reading of the situation, choice of putter alignment, control, etc., are all set to win. And yet, you miss it. 

You explore the putter a little, and darn! The problem turns out to be the putter misalignment. If this has ever happened to you and you have been worrying about it, then you have landed in the right place.

Just go through our S7K Putter Review to get the problem’s solution and never worry about it again.

The S7k Putter aligns itself for you and let you forget about the alignment problem once and for good.

With an S7k putter, the golfer can dramatically reduce round-crushing three (03) puts and eliminate the “yips” while holing the pressure puts like a next-level player. 

What other offerings the S7k putter has for you and its alignment options, and what other offerings it has for you, the www.iovergolf.com has it covered for you in this S7k Putter review.

Without further due, let’s dive into the details of the S7k putter and be ready to make the right decision about the game-changing putter. 

The S7K Specifications 

The S7K Features

The Top of Line Setup

The S7K putter offers a top of line overall setup, such as 

  1. Stand Alone Putter
  2. Triple Line Path Guide
  3. V-Sole
  4. Ultra-Light Graphite Shaft and Grip
  5. Stroke Balance Construction
  6. Low Face Height and Dead-Center Sweet Spot
  7. Impact Feel
  8. Strike Dot

Let’s discuss each of them to understand the S7k putter better. 

Stand Alone Address Feature / Alignment Method

The Stand AlonePutter address feature allows the golfer to check the alignment of the putter from any point of view. All the golfer has to do is stand the S7k putter behind the ball and check its alignment from behind the putter before the golfers hit the ball.

Is it really where you want the ball to land? If yes, the golfer is good to play the final shot. In case it is not, the golfer has to rotate the shaft until the face is precisely pointed in the golf ball line and the hole. 

The alignment of the golf ball and the hole makes the decisive game-winning difference. Once aligned, the golfer has to hold the putter and strike the ball with it.

No further adjustment is required, and the shot is indeed a putt. It is as simple as that with S7K putter, where you putt like a pro and never miss like a winner. 

It is essential to compare the alignment method with conventional putters to have a better understanding. The same is tabulated below.

Triple Line Path Guide

Three lines are provided on the flange of the S7k putter. They are used to set up the putter on the intended path. The golfer lines it up from behind while standing over the ball to set it up.

The visual aid coupled with the golfer’s eyes’ reinforcement leaves no stone unturned for the putter’s perfect alignment with the golf ball and the hole. It let the hit count as a putt. 


The S7k putter is provided with the V-sole. The flat surface on which the putter rests while standing is maximized using the “V” shaped sole.

The maximized area also allows the standing alone function of the Sk7 putter without altering the face alignment to the intended path. It allows the golfer to align the putter, the ball, and the hole, while they stand at the back of the putter. 

Ultra-Light Shaft and Grip

The S7k putter is provided with an ultra-light shaft and a grip. Generally, the grip weighs around 50 grams. But guess what?

The shaft and grip of S7k weigh only 50 grams. It allows the engineers to put more weight in the putter heads and thus could shift the balance point to the hosel’s top.

Consequently, the putter can stand alone without support in various conditions, such as on the plane ground, slopes, and even in a light breeze. 

Stroke Balance Construction

The alignment undoubtedly is an essential part of the putter construction, but a good putter also required a stroke balanced construction. It is achieved in the S7k with the help of an ultra-low balance point. The ultra-low balance point not only allows the putter to stand; it also allows better acceleration through impact.

Let’s have a look at an analogy to understand it better. Imagine a steel ball on a string, with gravity pulling the steel ball for the stroke – you have to let it swing, and it will follow the path.

In the case of S7k, the putter head is the steel ball, while the string is the ultra-light shaft and grip. The golfer has just to let the steel shaft go, and it let the ball rolling to the hole. 

When a golfer looks at the same balance point from above the putter, the balance point is in line with the golfer’s dominant hand.

The arrangement helps in quickly squaring the blade at impact and the golfer. In other typical putters, the balance point is farther back in the heal, and the alignment with the dominant hand is almost impossible. 

Such an arrangement of the balance point raises the eyebrows of equipment savvy golfers, who might think that the arrangement can lower the MOI of S7k, therefore sacrificing the stability.

However, the engineers at autopilot golf have ensured the MOI of 7000 grams cm square, which does not allow for stability. 

Thus, the putter is very easy to square at impact without maneuvering the blade by the golfer. It ensures the rolling, hole tracking through putt after every stroke. 

It is essential to compare the balance point feature with other conventional putters to give you a better understanding of its importance and importance. 

Extreme Moment of Inertia (MOI)

The rule of thumb for the MOI for a golf club is simple, “the higher the MOI of a golf club, the better it is.”

When it comes to the S7k putter, the MOI is very high. Its MOI value is 7000 g/cm2, which is among the highest on the market. 

Feel and Sound

The Autopilot Golf engineers were successful in giving the right feel and sound at impact to the user of the S7k putter.

A significant amount of the feedback is transferred through the featherweight ultra-light grip to the golfer’s hands. It allows and enhances distance and speed control.

The Autopilot Golf engineers have achieved it by employing a deep, dense fly cut mill pattern on the putter. Thus, the sound of the ball at impact is soft and pleasant.

The golfer receives the unique sensation of the mid-size, EVA foam grip also. Overall, The look, feel, and sound of the grip and the shaft are fantastic and comfortable, respectively. 


Remember the simple rule of thumb for MOI, “The higher MOI provides high forgiveness.” Here is how MOI helps in achieving better forgiveness.

When a golf ball misses the sweet spot, it either hit on the toe or the face of the club. Resultantly the face gets twisted open or twisted closed.

Consequently, the golf ball flies offline and losses speed. The high MOI makes sure that the twist takes place at the minimum to none at best. It reduces the miss alignment and loss of speed.

Thus, the higher the MOI, the higher the forgiveness. Therefore, the shots that miss the sweet spot lose the distance, speed, and direction in a negligible amount.

The MOI of S7k is 7000 gm/cm2, which is among the highest in the market’s putters. Accordingly, the forgiveness offered by S7k is also highest among the putters.

Further, the sweet spot of the S7k is a little wider than other typical putters, thereby offering a better chance of using the forgiveness offered by the putter. 

Is the Putter Legal for Tournament Play?

The Sk7 putter is legal for tournament play as per the United States Golf Association (USGA) rules.

From being the tournament-legal, it can be implied that it is suitable for players of all abilities and experiences. A golfer can be advantageous by using the putter at the tournament. 

Strike Dot

What else can the designers do at the Autopilot Golf if they have offered the strike dot on the putter? The strike dot shows the impact location from the putter’s top, where the golf ball must hit for maximum performance.

Imagine, the golfer has setup everything correctly from alignment to choosing to Sk7, its time to strike the golf ball, and the golfer gets the impact at the putter, exactly where it was required, just because of the strike dot.

It, what we at iovergolf call the “perfect hole.” The perfect hole takes advantage of the golfers’ experience and the support from the putter.

The strike dot keeps the golfer’s eyes on the very spot where the golf ball must get it, which results in solid putts in all the moments of truth. 

Mid-Size, EVA Foam Grip

The putter is equipped with the Mid-Size, EVA foam grip, a brushed foam surface that encourages light grip pressure while having a tight holding of the shaft. The feel the golfer gets is fantastic and relaxing while holding the shaft from the grip. 

Sweet Spot Placement 

While you have been enlightened about the S7kputter, it’s essential to compare the putter and the conventional putters for the sweet spot placement. The comparison between the two is tabulated below.


  • Good alignment
  • Featherweight shaft and grip
  • High MOI
  • Awesome feel
  • Tournament legal
  • Better Forgiveness
  • Stand-alone



  • Only available in blue color

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Is the S7k putter available in different lengths?

Answer: No, the putter is available in only one length that is 34.5 inches. 

Question: Does it come with a headcover?

Answer: Yes, it comes with a headcover. 

Question: Can the grip of the S7k putter changeable?

Answer: Yes, the grip of the S7k putter is changeable. 

Question: How do you know if I need a left-handed S7k or the right-handed S7k?

Answer: It is simple—whichever hand orientation you use for the clubs is what you should use for the putter. If you use right-handed clubs, you should go for right-handed putters and vice versa. 

Question: Is the putter legal for tournaments?

Answer: Yes, the putter is legal for tournaments under USGA rules. 

Question: Is the putter different for men and women?

Answer: Yes, the putter is different for men and women golfers. 

Question: What is the material with which the head of the standalone putter? 

Answer: 431 Stainless steel is the material with which the head of the standalone putter has been made. 

Question: What is the length of the grip?

Answer: The length of the grip is 9.5 inches. 

Final Verdict

The S7k putter has so much to offer. It offers value for the money, with a price tag on the higher side. Remember, it’s not the money spent; it’s the money invested for your happiness at the course near the green.

It is the right gadget to give you precisely what you need on the green. One should really try it at least once because we are sure, once you go S7K, you don’t go back!

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