Ping G25 Irons Review For 2021- Why The Ping G series?

The set of Ping G25 Irons facilitates you with all the game-improvement features. It provides long-distance, high trajectory, and extreme forgiveness — all of which increase your confidence. These irons are suitable for all golfers.

The G25 irons have a low center of gravity. The long soles are designed to give a high launch ball flight, while the short soles are designed to be more flexible, have improved control, and ensure a solid feel. Furthermore, the support bars and tuning port grant a considerable distance. 

Ping G25 Irons Review

Key features of the Ping G25 Irons

Before buying any equipment, it is necessary to go through the essential features they have. So, let’s discuss the critical elements of G25 Ping Irons. 

  1. Custom Tuning Port

The outstanding feature that differentiates G25 irons from other Ping irons is this new “Custom Tuning Port” (CTP). The CTP has an integrated custom bottom at the sole of iron, which increases Moment of Inertia (MOI) and lowers the Center of Gravity (CG).

This is used to increase MOI and decrease CG results in producing high-launching shots keeping your balls flying straight in the air. Furthermore, the custom tuning port makes much perimeter weighting and mass behind the impact zone of the head. This avoids mis-hits by keeping the head of the club stable.

2- Heel and Toe bars

The Heel and Toe support bars, combined with low-toe weighting, are located in the face’s impact area. They stabilize the face and help to achieve consistent distance control.

3- Progressive Sole Widths

The Ping’s progressive sole width is something new compared to the previously existing long sole width iron. The Ping G25 iron sets have a thinner sole, which contains progressive sole widths.

To increase the versatility and playability, the thinner sole decreases the sole width in short iron. On the other hand, the progressive sole width increases in the long irons, resulting in more forgiving and high-launch plays.

To maintain the distance, the progressive sole width also enhances the center of gravity and improves CG placement.

Performance of the Ping G25 Irons

Keeping in mind the features of Ping G25 Irons, here’s how they perform on the course.


The most important key point of Ping G25 Irons is its forgiveness. The set is very forgiving, with the high moment of inertia and a lower center of gravity results in significant shot scattering.

All the points like progressive sole width, thinner sole, performance enhancement, dark finish, and reduced offset result in increased forgiveness.

The progressive sole width also contributes to this, with the thinner sole improving playability without reducing forgiveness.

The moment of inertia also reduces the flexibility and twisting of the clubhead. Sidespin is also negligible. The clubface is made thin, which produces a weighting perimeter.

Distance control

The presence of a new custom tuning port in the impact face area boosts the distance and control. The stabilization of the face through heel and toe support bars facilitates accurate distance gapping.

The changes made by the presence of multi badge on the club’s cavity result in varying lengths. Additionally, the longer irons result in a solid strike and repeatable swings, which results in reliable distance control.

The short iron is also used to controls precise shots. When using this set on the field, the spin rate and higher launch ball angle maintain the distance and gapping around the greens with reasonable accuracy. Thistransition between short iron and mid-iron also manages distance control. 

Ping G25 Irons Sole Grind


These G25 Irons have grind relief and narrow edges, which help to hit the balls solidly. Its custom tuning port increases the ball speed and avoids mis-hits. And when it comes to swing shots and various lies, the longer irons prove to be helpful.

Whether you are hitting on a rough surface or facing a thigh lie, the G25 sets of irons aid you with the turf interaction. They’re more playable than any G-series irons and I-series irons.


Concerning the trajectory of Ping G25, we were pleased to find out that it was very penetrating and good. The integrated custom tuning port and support bars increase the rigidity used to provide an appealing feel.

Striking of balls through the G25 iron set produce high-trajectory and straight shots around the green. The long iron is very friendly for swings, while the ball flight makes a mid-trajectory in the middle and short irons. 

Design and Appearance of the Ping G25 Irons

The G25 iron is designed by the 17-4 stainless steel, which is simplistic yet effective. With the presence of a dampening medallion with a new vibration on the back of the face, it definitely is attention-grabbing.

The G25 ping irons have a “Custom Tuning Port” built into the cavity at the head’s end. Compared to the previous ping iron series, G25 Iron results in a more progressive sole width and thinner topline, which maintain performance and forgiveness.

The back of the head is embraced with a dark, satin gunmetal-like finish. These irons also have a custom-engineered face structure that ensures a solid feel and great impression. Additionally, this set of irons contains a sole thinner than that of G20 irons.

Sound and Feel of the Ping G25 Irons

The stability bars and a lower center of gravity of the Ping G25 irons sets help increase the rigidness, which results in great sound and feel. The sound made by the club head while hitting the ball is very solid.

Consequently, the custom tuning port is located precisely behind the hitting area, which provides a whole new flawless feel and avoids miss-hits. The material badge, which is made of aluminum and is located in the cavity of the clubs, ensures a great feeling and sound. 

G25 Irons

Pros and cons of the Ping G25 Irons

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of Ping G25 Iron.


  • Amazing distance control
  • Good design
  • Great forgiveness
  • Amazing feel and sound
  • Stable and reliable impact zone
  • Integrated custom tuning port
  • High-launching ball flight and angle
  • Versatile and bounce control



  • Workability could be better 
  • Some may find the looks of iron fat 


Price and Models of the Ping G25 Irons

  1. The range of the 5-SW iron set is $497
  2. The range of the 4-SW iron set is $568.21
  3. The range of the 3-SW iron set is $634.23


The Ping G25 Irons are also available in many other models:

  1. Ping G25 Iron new Hybrid
  2. Ping G25 Iron Driver
  3. Ping G25 Iron Fairway Wood


Are Ping Irons suitable for beginners?

As a beginner, there’s no wonder that you can quickly get confused in choosing the right golf iron. The most important thing that is suggested to beginners before buying any set of iron is consistency.

The consistency depends upon a wider sole, more forgiveness, lower center of gravity, and perimeter weighting. For a beginner, the iron should also be in the category of “Game Improvement Iron.”

Keeping all these things in mind, Ping is well-known for manufacturing some of the best game-improving golf clubs and iron sets on the market. And in fact, the G collection of the Ping series offers a great variety of clubs that suits beginners. So, choosing the G25 series of Ping would be the right choice for a newbie golfers.

Further discussing the features of the G25 series, it offers an excellent grip. It’s quite comfortable and responsive. The right side of the grip leads to the right length and results in a great swing.

The shaft flex also plays an essential role in buying iron as a beginner. The more shaft flex increases momentum in your clubs’ head, which prevents the ball from excessive bounce. This also reduces the twisting of balls and mis-hits. All the irons in the set have a high trajectory shot as well, allowing the ball to reach a higher level. When the CFS shaft combines with the clubs’ bottom cavity, it results in a fantastic ball flight that all golfers dream of.

Ping G25 Iron specs and shafts.

The Ping G25 iron set is available in a variety of specifications and shafts. These specs and shafts are explained well in the following table.

Specs of Ping g25 irons

The shafts of Ping G25 iron are available in CFS steel shafts, graphite shafts for customer service.

The graphite shaft irons are also available in 3-9, LW, UW, PW, SW.

Meanwhile, the steel shafts are available in LW, UW, SW, PW.

When did Ping G25 Irons come out?

The Ping G25 iron was released on 15 February 2013 and put in the best irons of 2013. The previously existing irons in the Ping G series were challenging to put into all types of handicap categories, mainly because they range only between high to mid handicap. But, G25 is launched for all kinds of handicaps.

The G25, as compared to G20, has a slight camber grind on the thinner sole, which upgrades the flow of clubs through the turf. In G20 irons, the weight is also moving down in the sole club.

The G25 Iron’s head is also larger than that of G20 iron. The G5 set of irons also have many lie angle which is indicated by the color code.

Overall Product Details

What are the lofts of Ping G25 Irons?

The most crucial feature of Ping G25 Irons is that it manages a reasonable distance. The loft directly impacts the distance travel by balls, and Ping G25 has an accurate distance control.

Following are the loft angles of ping g25 clubs:

·        PW Loft angle 45°

·        SW Loft angle 54°

·        LW Loft angle 58

·        UW Loft angle 50°

·        3 club Loft angle 20°

·        4 club Loft angle 23°

·        5 club Loft angle 26°

·        6 club Loft angle 29°

·        7 club Loft angle 32°

·        8 club Loft angle 36°

·        9 club Loft angle 40°

Are Ping G25 Irons Forgiving?

It is now possible to get your hands on an iron like Ping G25, which not only has an eye-catching appearance but is also extremely powerful and super forgiving.

Some golfers find the forgiveness in the longer irons makes them more like a game-improvement iron than a real golfer’s club. The Ping G25 irons most significant strength is their extreme accuracy and excellent weighting in the clubhead, all but removes directional misses. In addition, the wide sole and additional offset helps the iron glide through the turf and get the ball up. You need to strike one harshly to know about it.

Ping G25

Final Verdict

The Ping G25 Iron makes the game enjoyable for both beginner and average golf players. This iron is very significant for all handicappers, especially for low handicappers.

All the features like reduced offset, progressive sole width, thinner pole work together to improve its performance. These put the Ping G25 Irons in the category of “Game Improvement Irons.” It provides excellent forgiving and accurate distance gapping, which all players need. 

The G25 Ping Iron has excellent reviews all over the web. Each iron has a great feel and ball shooting. They have a perfect balance between forgiving and feel when you hit the miss shots. Mis-hits are covered very well.

It is challenging to stop the ball on the green. But these irons do not balloon up and stop the ball smoothly. The shaft performance is also outstanding and useful as compared to other good irons. There are custom shaft options, as well.

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