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Ping G SF Tec Review – Why to buy?

Are you looking for a driver, which is not stigmatized as a “game improvement club” and yet improves your game with style and confidence? If it is so, then Ping G SF Tec driver is the one that meets your need!

It has got all you need to improve your game, yet it is not labeled as a game-improvement driver. It helps you manage the natural slice in your shots by giving you straighter shots off the tee.

The Ping G SF Tec driver comes with two main engineering masterpieces, 1) extra weight positioned near the heel, and 2) lighter swing weight.

These masterpieces help the golfers manage their shot well, giving them longer and straighter shots; boosting the golfer’s confidence right from the start.

Let’s go into further details to find out more in the following Ping G SF Tec driver review.

Naming Convention and Design Specifications

The Ping G SF Tec driver has its name derived from G series Ping drivers, and SF means Straight-Flight driver and Tec showing the synergy in the use of technology by the Ping engineers.

The design specifications of the driver are tabulated below:


The Ping G SF Tech driver is very similar to the G driver and G LS driver when it comes to looks. The Ping G SF Tech driver has a massive round footprint with a matte black crown curated with the dragonfly technology and turbulators.

If you look at the Ping G SF Tech driver from the flip side, you will notice an extra piece of weight towards the heel. The extra piece of weight helps have the right to left shot, giving a reduced slice to the golfers.

Further, you will find few design stripes on the driver’s cover for extra aerodynamic support and a dashing look. 

Sound and Feel

The golfers, who are focused and enjoy the sound’s feedback, can easily find the difference in sound from the Ping G SF Tec driver. The other golfers will find the driver’s sound similar to other G drivers’ sound. 

The Ping G SF Tec driver produces a clear “crack” sound with a medium volume on impact. It has a softer and even feel between the butt and clubhead regarding feeling on impact, mainly because of the stock Alta shaft.

Overall, it has a well-known sound and soft feel on impact. 

The Technology in Play

The Ping engineers have synergized many technologies to give the golfers the product known for its performance and consistency based on its construction; the Ping G SF Tec driver. The primary technologies that were synergized are;

Dragonfly Technology

The dragonfly technology is based on the biomimicry approach. The technology is inspired by the wings of the large insects known as dragons.

The technology was introduced to the then CEO Joh Solheim designers at Ping, who sent the dragon wings pictures to them in 2011.

The dragonfly technology requires beams to ensure that the whole structure remains intact while maintaining the whole structure’s durability. 

The Ping designers used the biomimicry intelligently, and the resultant beams can be seen in the crown, supporting five of its sections of thinner material.

A lattice from underneath supports the beams. As a result, a golfer gets a titanium crown with a thickness of only 0.43 mm, far below the previous minimum thickness of 0.5 mm. 

Weight Saving and Adjustment in Center of Gravity (CoG)

The dragonfly technology enabled the engineers to save eight (08) grams of weight. The saving on weight allowed the engineers to put weight in the sole, through which the CoG was lowered (draw-biased) and moved deeper.

The positioning of the CoG in the Ping G SF Tec driver makes it the lowest and most profound among the market drivers. 

Vortec Technology 

The Vortec technology is all about using aerodynamics to achieve better swing speed. The Vortec technology minimizes the air friction, thus enabling a better airflow through the driver.

Therefore, the golfers can have better swing speed and the resultant faster and longer shots. 

Higher Kick Point and Ideal Shaft Design

The driver features a higher kick point. The higher kick points in the driver is a unique feature of Ping drivers. It enables the drivers to have a slightly heavier head, which makes them more prone to forgiveness.

The designers at Ping have given the shaft a new design known as the Alta design. The Alta design has a tip that is 0.025 inches narrower.

The narrower shaft design makes the driver better in aerodynamics, providing lesser air friction and better swing speed. 


It has been engineered and designed to give you a remarkable ability to bust the slice shots, giving you consistently straighter shots.

Its slice busting ability is achieved through the driver with an adjustable hosel and placement of the center of gravity (CoG) closer to the heel.

The golfer can turn the golf ball from right to left by leveraging these engineering manifestations. 

The performance of the Ping G SF Tec driver is further enhanced by Vortec Technology and Dragonfly construction. Its engineers have leveraged these technologies to produce ever forgiving and faster Ping G SF Tec driver.

Further, the designers and engineers combined these technologies with the turbulators to make the drivers, the machines, which offer forgiving, distance oriented, consistent, and straighter shots, making the Ping G SF Tec driver a heavenly tool for handicappers, slicers, newbies, and occasional golf players.

The technologies leveraged in the SF Tec drivers enable the golfers to have better ball flight, consistent, straighter, and longer. 


The driver is one of the most forgiving ones. The driver’s high forgiveness has been achieved in the Ping G SF Tec driver, with the lowest and deepest positioning of the CoG.

It helps in optimal launch conditions, making the ball launch very easy due to lesser loft, enabling better ball flight even for the high handicappers to leverage the resultant forgiveness. 

The engineers have further added to the driver’s forgiveness using a higher moment of inertia offered by the golf club.

The Ping G SF Tec driver’s moment of inertia is higher than many other drivers in the market, giving the Ping G SF Tech driver an edge over them as highly forgiving. 

The Ping engineers have left no stone unturned to make the Ping G SF Tec driver more forgiving. They have manufactured it to have a higher kick point, naturally making the SF Tec driver more forgiving. 


The lesser loft offered by the driver is achieved through the right placement of CoG. The lesser loft enables faster ball speed.

Further, it allows the golfers struggling with their swing speed to have faster, longer shots. The ball speed is also enhanced by Vortec technology in the driver, based on aerodynamic principles of reducing the air friction during the swing. 


  • More distance. 
  • Consistently accurate and forgiving. 
  • Better playability and workability. 
  • Adjustable. 
  • Better swing speed. 
  • Better air friction management. 
  • Right to left shot biased. 
  • Reduced swing weight. 
  • Draw biased. 
  • Game improvement driver. 



  • Low on aesthetics. 
  • Highly-priced.


Final Verdict

For someone looking forward to having straighter, more prolonged, forgiving, and technology-driven shots, the Ping G SF Tec driver is just right for you.

Though the price tag is on the higher side, the Ping G SF Tec driver is a great device liked by golfers of varying experience and handicappers.

For someone interested in playing golf for a more extended period, G SF Tec from the Ping G series is worth the money. 

Why not you pair this great driver with a great golf ball? The Bridgestone e6!


The use of straightforward language to review Ping G SF Tec is ensured so that the readers get the right knowledge about the driver with minimum effort and time.

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