PGX Offset Golf Driver Review 2021 – Everything You Need To Know

PGX Offset Golf Driver

If you are looking for unmatched forgiveness and minimal slice in your driver, then look no further. The PGX driver comes with offset technology and a massive sweet spot to provide you with impressive forgiveness irrespective of where you hit it in the face.

This phenomenal offset driver offers an attractive appearance with its black finish and maximum forgiveness. Plus, the lightweight 460cc driver comes with a headcover and weighs only 200g. Keep reading to learn more about the features of this driver.

PGX Offset Golf Driver

Key Features of the PGX Offset Golf Driver

The Pinemeadow PGX Offset Golf driver has proven to be extremely popular because of its features, which set this driver apart from its competitors. Let’s break down the elements of the PGX Offset Golf Driver:


The clubhead of the PGX Offset Golf driver is not made of expensive titanium like other brands. The engineers of PGX designed an Alloy clubhead, which is commonly used in cheaper golf clubs. 

This club is not too heavy. You can notice this when you swing the club, although alloy is more decadent than titanium.

With the offset clubhead, players who are not confident with their swing speed and can control the ball with an unconventional hitting zone. Additionally, the loft angle of the PGX Driver is 10.5 degrees, which is standard for a driver.

Graphite Shafts

Graphite Shafts are not a new invention in the world of golf. The PGX offset driver has a lightweight graphite shaft (78 grams) and is suited to golfers looking for more significant tolerance on their golf swing and forgiveness. 

With the high-mid launch angle, the graphite shaft is ideal for ladies and seniors as the flex helps the players with the slower swing.


The PGX Offset Golf driver’s grip is cheap but does the job correctly. The rubber of this grip is a little thin, so you have to replace it sooner than later on this club.

A grip would mostly last around 30-50 rounds of 18 hole golf, but you have to replace the grip on 30 rounds on this club.


Every golfer wants a club with a specific degree of flexibility, and this product offers various flexibility options. 

The regular and stiff models are available in the market, and these two models are tested, and the difference between them is very impressive. When it comes to skill level, the standard models are ideal for beginners, while stiff models provide faster and compelling shots.

PGX Offset Driver Sole

Sweet Spot

The Pinemeadow PGX Offset Golf Driver has a 460cc clubhead, which gives the player a massive sweet spot. 

Due to this sweet spot, you will experience a high level of forgiveness, helping your game more. If you are a new golfer, the sweet spot will serve you very well.


The PGX offset driver has a well-developed hosel that the golfer can lift or lower, and it depends on the desired lengths. The head of the driver can support the additional weight. Plus, golfers can add 2 grams or 2.5 grams of plugs, depending on the need.

Adjustability can be a little complicated, and the golfers require more time to get the right position and weight. However, they are reserved for professional clubs, and they help you to improve your game. Both X and XL versions have the same adjustment abilities.

Tech Specs Of the Pinemeadow PGX Offset Golf Driver. 

Here are the technical specifications of the PGX Offset Golf Driver. 

Official Name: Pinemeadow PGX Offset Golf Driver with anti-slice technology.

LH/RH: Available in both left hand / right hand (weirdly, left-hand costs slightly more).

Clubhead: 460CC alloy offset clubhead with 10.5 loft angle and 4.8° torque.

Clubhead Cover: Yes, standard cover in black/green.

Club Length: 45 inches.

Shaft: White Graphite shaft, 78g weight.

Shaft Flex: regular only.

Grip: Black rubber 0.58 rated grip.

Design of the PGX Offset Golf Driver

The PGX black driver comes with an awe-inspiring and elegant design. This extraordinary design gives the driver a fantastic look, impressive detailing, and an appealing aesthetic visage.

Regardless of its size, each element is created beautifully, and each one can help get a great feel, and you would notice the presence of quality.

It has green and white accents and a black matte finish, make it quite appealing. You will get a very nice-looking headcover, and it looks sharp and sleek on the golf course.

 These clubs have been appreciated for their design for a long time, and the golf instructors always recommend these for the golfers who wanted good-looking golf clubs.

Performance of PGX Driver

The clubhead is highly impressive and fits amazingly into the shaft of the club. Besides being a little top-heavy, the head connects with the ball well and creates an excellent sound for the club on impact.

The white graphite shaft is by no means the worst in the market. It is better than steel, and the average flex rating helps the golfers to drive the shaft more quickly through the air. It sounds very nice when you consider the whole club less than $75.

The anti-slice technology on the PGX Offset Golf Driver is best available in the market, with recreational golfers seeing instant output when controlling the ball off the tee.

When it comes to performance, the offset clubhead is another additional point. It gives maximum forgiveness who tend to be a little wild with their first stroke.

Pros and Cons of the PGX Offset Golf Driver

The unique features and well-designed models make it one of the best drivers in the market. However, adjusting this driver is a little tricky, but it becomes delightful after mastering it.

Here are the Pros and Cons of the PGX Offset Golf Driver:


  • It has an elegant and attractive look, which boosts the confidence of the player.
  • It comes with two flexibility options.
  • It has offset anti-slice technology, which reduces the slice by enabling the player to square the ball on impact.
  • This driver has a large sweet spot that allows the golfer to enjoy every shot.
  • Great value for the money.


  • The PGX offset driver is not suitable for top-level players.
  • The adjustments can prove to be a little harsh in the course of the game.
  • It comes in insufficient packaging.

How to Hit an Offset Driver? 

The offset drivers allow golfers extra time to square the clubface through impact. Because the offset on the driver arrays the clubface slightly further behind the shaft than standard, it is the most popular and instantly effective way to give golfers confidence.

Find out our comprehensive guide on how to hit an offset driver:

1. At the driving range behind the ball, choose two targets about 50-yards away from each other to hit the ball.

2. Once you have recognized the fairway, put some alignment sticks on the ground to make sure the clubface is fixed square to the mid of the fairway.

3. The body line should always be aimed equivalent to the left of the target line. The aim line would be the inner rail, and the target line would be the outer rail.

4. After choosing the aim line and target line, position the ball inside the left heel for a better chance to square the clubface more easily, and hit the ball on the upswing.

5. Take the club away as long and low to the ground as possible on the opposite side. The club will follow its standard arc inside the ball-to-target line.

6. The offset of the driver’s head will support the square face, and you should attempt to return the club on an inside-to-square-to-inside swing path with the club fully released through impact.

Is PXG a good Golf Brand?

The PXG Company is established by an American businessman, Bob Parsons. The company is famous for its custom-made golf equipment.

They have introduced a “dualcor” feature in all of their clubs to enhance forgiveness, ball speed, and sound quality, helping the face flex more than twice. 

PGX Offset Golf Driver

Final Verdict

The PGX Offset Golf Driver is unique with state of the art offset-technology, which offers a square face that reduces the slice. It has an excellent and comfortable grip, which allows swinging for several hours. Apart from this, this golf driver’s appealing appearance will make you stand out on the course.

Above all, it comes with a matching headcover. Although there are few drawbacks that you need to take into consideration, it’s still an excellent driver to enjoy swinging.

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