Nike Vapor Iron Review 2021 – Should You Buy Nike’s Golf Clubs?

Nike Vapor Iron Review

The Nike Vapor irons will never go unnoticed in your bag. These are eye-catching game improvement irons, with great distance and forgiveness.  Nike has employed a hollow RZN cavity, and the variable thickness “Nexcor” face is sustained by a thickened “FlyBeam” protected framework on all irons. 

Looking at the design, the new line of Vapor Fly irons features a reinvented muscle back that draws inspiration from Tiger Woods. This modern muscle concept adds weight to the club’s toe area to move the center of gravity (CG) even nearer to the face’s center. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the features and performance of this club.

Nike Vapor Iron Review

Key features of the Nike Vapor Fly Iron

The Vapor Fly Irons have quite similar features and technologies to the Vapor Fly Pro Irons. The differences mostly lie in the distribution of the hollow cavities, head designs, and RZN pockets, etc., all over the set. 

Fabricated as a game-improvement iron, the Nike Vapor Fly has a wide sole, thick top lone, and enhanced offset. The short irons (8, 9, PW) have an RZN pocket for improved feel and stability, while the long and mid irons (4, 5, 6, and 7) have a forgiving hollow cavity. The long irons 3 to 7 also contain hollow-cavity backs reinforced with a FlyBeam behind the front for extra forgiveness. Furthermore, the approach wedges have a cavity for maximum workability. 

The Vapor Fly Iron also features different stock grips and shafts. The available stock shafts are the UST Mamiya Recoil 460 (graphite) and True Temper ZT85 (steel). Meanwhile, the available stock grips are the women’s Golf Pride Z-Grip Blue/Volt undersize and the Golf Pride Z-Grip Blue/Volt. 

Nike vapor


1- Build Quality

One of the most significant technological features inserted in the Nike Vapor Fly irons is the tungsten plugs that significantly improve the center of gravity location of the iron by moving it closer to the middle of the clubface. Traditional blades feature a center of gravity that is closer to the hosel.

2- The Technology 

The hollow construction in the 2-7 irons is specifically designed to improve the distance. The Nike Vapor Fly Iron is the most forgiving and largest iron in the Vapor series, which offers the maximum ball speed and highest launch.

Current weight, containing a heavier toe section, places the center of gravity more centrally for a higher moment of inertia (MOI) and more operative energy transfer. 

3- The Appearance 

As mentioned, the Vapor Fly Iron has a relatively thick topline with a minimal offset that’s similar to minor Vapor models. This enlarges the appeal of this product. Its large design is confidence-inspiring for mid-to-high handicappers that try to find help in getting the ball airborne. 

The Nike Iron is a stout and full-bodied iron with a comfortable mass behind the heel and toe. It is equipped with a modern design that is ready for liftoff. The smoke-colored sleek look is thicker than the pro model, but noting is depraved.

4- Feel and sound

The feel of the Nike Vapor Iron is quite firm, with a delicate sound reduced by the RZN cavity in the short irons. There is no doubt the longer irons feel similar to hybrid and help the ball spring off the face on a high trajectory.

As for the impact, it’s modest and smooth for a big iron, giving a very damp ride through the ball. Most golfers believe that the light recoil is a significant advancement, as it pairs well with the head and gets moving smoothly. The Nike Vapor Fly Iron likes to work at its own pace, and it is the best to let it. 

Performance of the Nike Vapor Fly Irons

Nike irons’ speed allows the ball to travel further and launch noticeably higher than the other Vapor series models. For golfers with slower swing speeds that repeatedly mishit shots, this should make striking the ball easier.

The center of gravity positioned low and deep has permitted Nike to make the shaft longer and the lofts stronger, which results in improved distance.


Based on our reviews, these are extremely forgiving irons. The Vapor Fly Iron’s greatest strength and one of the standout features is its forgiveness. Light strikes take a full ride and offer the extra altitude. 

Also, the Vapor Fly Pro irons are easy to hit because of the size, perimeter, and sole weighting. It offers plenty of launch support but without applying too much spin to decline the flight.

The FlyBeam feature integrated into the back of the head enhances the feeling of head stability at impact.

Playability / Ball Flight

The Nike Vapor iron is very playable and also very reliable. Regular ball flights are straight and high, and this is well-maintained over much of the clubface away from just the sweet point.

Workability is limited, but this is not a big issue because if you want more workability, you can consider Nike’s pro irons in this case. 

The sole of the shorter irons from within 100 yards is very playable. As these long irons are comfortable enough to use, some golfers may cut out their hybrids. The takeaway here is that this club is usually best for getting over trouble rather than around it.

Distance Control

The Nike Vapor Iron offers more distance with a tight distribution, and high launch helps light swingers and low hitters to add a few yards.

It provides adequate gaps and great control throughout the set, and a well-designed sole demonstrates helpful inside 100 yards. 

Pros and Cons of the Nike Vapor Iron


  • Offers great distance, control, and forgiveness
  • Inspires confidence at address
  • Low hitters can get the right height on their shots and carry better
  • Softer landing with the extra distance
  • Reliable with reasonable distance control
  • Longer irons show excellent versatility and playability.
  • Pierce ball flight due to CG in club-head
  • Full of precision



  • Natural high hitters are not comfortable with high launch traits
  • The finish is not attractive for everyone
  • Compared to perfect head size and classification, it is unforgiving for average ball strikers


Nike vapor irons

Is the Nike Vapor Fly Iron worth buying?

This is something you need to consider before buying this club. Yes, it would be valuable if you are in the correct niche as a golfer, and your strong point is ball striking.

The Nike Vapor Fly Iron is worth buying for playability, accuracy, piercing ball flight, and great distance control. But if you are a mediocre ball striker and in the mid to low figures handicap, you may need to find out some better iron where you can get a lot more value.

Are Nike irons any good?

Nike has earned some strong praise for its golf equipment. They combine meticulous craftsmanship with high-speed performance in their irons for a better feel and longer shorts. Nike produces the most extended and more forgiving forged irons. 

These irons are designed to give you confidence at address and extra stability that the club will offer all the help it can. There is a fair amount of offset available, and the Nike irons’ soles are thick and lovely. 

Another new feature integrated into Nike Irons is their RZN construction, which provides a higher launch. The weight placement is enhanced in the club-head, meaning mass is pushed deeper and lower for longer and higher approaches.

Are Nike Vapor Pro irons blades?

The Vapor Pro Irons are a modern muscle back set of blades. Nike has done an excellent job of making the Vapor Pro Irons into a blade design using PVD on the club’s back.

They’re also a bit larger than traditional blades, and the thin blades get down to any lie and help pick the bare ball spots or off hardpan. It’s important to note that the length of the blades is slightly longer in the long irons with more bounce for added forgiveness.

In our opinion, the Vapor Pro irons are more like old-style blades, with just a touch of forgiveness. However, traditional blades feature a center of gravity that is closer to the hosel.

At the same time, Nike uses tungsten plugs to move the CG closer to the middle of the clubface. This unique design offers the best results when the ball is struck in the center of the clubface.

Overall, they are deadly precise in the professional golfers’ hands, and they let highly-skilled golfers slice up a course with ease. 

Are Nike Vapor Fly Pro irons forged?

Forged irons are designed from the start to finish out of a solid piece of metal and typically maintain more weight in the club-head center than cavity-back irons. 

Nike Vapor Fly Pro irons fall into the game improvement club category, but it closely resembles Covert Forged irons from a finish perspective.

It’s an iron that allows top players to enjoy greater accuracy with repeatedly hitting the sweet spot. 

Why did Nike stop making golf clubs?

Golf clubs are the smallest sports category at Nike, and they have announced that they would narrow their focus to footwear and golf apparel and spend more on partnerships with professional players. As a result, Nike will stop making golf clubs, bags, and balls.

However, another reason is that the unit’s sales slipped 8% to $706 million for the fiscal year. The company generates the bulk of its revenue from sales of golf apparel and footwear but decreased a large part due to the popularity of Mr. Woods in the late 1990s. 

Final Verdict

Nike has undoubtedly created a statement with its Vapor Irons series both visually and technically. Plenty of golfers liked the look and color of the Nike Vapor Irons at the launch.

The Vapor irons cover most mid-range players, and the standard Vapor Fly irons are specifically designed for the beginner end of the market. 

All the four Vapor Iron sets have the same lie angles, so it is possible to match and mix between all the iron sets. But lofts are different.

For example, the seven-iron ranged from 32° to 35° depending on the model. Nike has introduced the concepts of Modern Muscle and FlyBeam to improve the performance of your game.

But if you are one who the styling appeals, then it is worth taking the Nike Vapor Fly Irons for a spin. 

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