Mizuno JPX 919 Review 2020 – A Professional Guide

Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Tour Golf Iron Set

The right set for the right people, it is none other than Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Golf Iron Set. It is provided with the right combination of forgiveness, distance, and loft. They are forgiving, offer distance, game improvement irons with better acoustics, and the aesthetics of player irons. It delivers speed more than average forged iron.

The Highlights Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Golf Iron

The JPX 919 forged club iron, launched in September 2018, is the next generation golf clubs of their predecessor Mizuno’s best selling forged irons.

The JPX 919 forged golf iron comes in contains #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, irons, Pitching Wedge (PW), Approach Wedge (AW), and Sand Wedge (SW).

It comes with a mid-sized forged head and face. The combination of these two gives forgiveness and offer more ball speed than other forged irons.

The word “Boron” is engraved on its clubhead, representing that Boron Steel has been used in its production, making it at least 30% strong than the standard steel. In this way, the thinner face is achieved, the better ball speed.

In these forged irons, the Mizuno engineers have changed the cavity designed. To achieve this, they have forged the head and cut a slot through the sole in the cavity bottom. A cap with a 52 x 5 x 1 mm (Length x Width x Thickness) dimension is then welded to make it aesthetically pleasant and appealing. The cavity design gives the slot effect.

Further, the upgraded design of the cavity has also updated the sole grind design. Consequently, the sole grind design has 1) More camber, and 2) Loses the grind on the leading edge and trailing edge.

The addition of Boron Steel has made it 30 percent stronger.

The moment of inertia has been improved in the JPX 919 forged golf irons to achieve more twisting resistance and forgiveness. The MOI improvement has been achieved by moving 5 grams of weight from the heel area (around the hosel) to the toe area.

The engineering for MOI improvement automatically resulted in moving the center of gravity towards the face’s center. In this way, better acoustics are achieved.

They have a stability frame. The stability frame consists of 1) an open heel section and 2) the new Pearl Brush finish. Better perimeter weighting is achieved through the heel section, and better durability and reduced sun glare are achieved through the Pearl Brush finish.

Looks, Feel, and Sound

When it comes to looks, the JPX 919 Forged irons are one of the bests. Its top line is a little bulky. They have no colored paint fill, which makes them give a more sturdy and focused look.

For better looks, it has a back milled face that has been designed to have a larger area of minimum face thickness, which provides better ball speed by managing the center of gravity.

The feel of the JPX 919 forged irons is excellent. When the ball is hit, the vibration is transferred through the shaft and the ears. Thanks to Mizuno’s metallurgical engineers, the right combination of the vibrations and acoustics makes these irons to have one of the best feel and sound.

However, the engineers still need to work on the vibrations during the ball hit. Hopefully, the coming generation will be better in this part of the work as well.

Overall, it has been engineering with the Grain flow forged HD. The grain flow forged HD process increases the grain density in the impact area. Consequently, it gives a soft, stable, and consistent feel.


The forged golf irons offer a better distance than the other irons of a similar category. However, they do not offer a vast difference from their counterparts. Therefore in terms of distance as performance measurement, further improvement is required.

As far as the forged irons’ forgiveness performance is concerned, they are much forgiving than many of their counterparts. They are also known as the improvement irons. However, there are a few irons that are more forgiving than the Mizuno JPX 919 forged irons. It has been designed with a stable frame, which allows for a better launch position while creating a tour-level vibration and sound.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the forged irons are forgiving and give a better distance, but they may not be the best and one and only. However, given their looks, feel, and sound, they may be kept in the golf bag.


The following are the product specification of the Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Golf Irons:

Pros and Cons of Mizuno JPX 919 Tour Golf Iron Set


  • They are feather-light and one of the best-looking irons.
  • They give better workability yet having a traditional look.


  • Not available in left-hand orientation.
  • The longer irons start getting thicker from the sole.
  • The price tag is on a little higher side.

Final Verdict

The Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Tour Golf Iron Set is an incredible set of irons. They have been aesthetically, acoustically, and ergonomically engineered for forgiveness and distance. The engineers, however, are working to develop the next generation even better.

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