How To Measure Golf Club Length – Legal Tour Method

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How To Measure Golf Club Length

Have you been struggling with the quality of your golf game or low scores? Do you think you are a better golfer than the shots you have been playing? Or do you think you are better at playing golf with the golf clubs designed for the other gender?

Above all, do you think you play better shots with club of one length and average shots with another length? If you have answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then you are the victim of imperfect measurement of your golf club.

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Remember, and register it in your mind that “if the clubs are not according to your height and swing, it will severely affect your shot, your score, and eventually your game.”

It is imperative to know that a golf club size, especially the top golf clubs for beginners, must match your size and swing. If it is not, it is what we call at iovergolf a mismatched golf club.

Let’s first explore the side effects of a mismatched golf length and a comprehensive and detailed work on measuring the length of the club.

The Side Effects of Mismatched Golf Club Length

  • It affects your shot.
  • It directly affects your score.
  • It impairs the ability of a golfer to translate his/her weight during the swing.
  • It affects the swing shot as the club hits the ground sooner.
  • It eventually fails the golfer.

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Important Information before we know “How to Measure the Golf Club Length.”

It is essential to know the following information before knowing about measuring the length of a golf club.

  • The standard irons designed for women are usually an inch shorter than the standard irons designed for men.
  • The United States Golf Agency (USGA) limits the maximum length of golf clubs.
  • The minimum length for all the golf clubs, including putters, is 18 inches.
  • The maximum length for all golf clubs except the putters is 48 inches.
  • The putters do not have the maximum length limit.
  • The shaft length has everything to do with the length of the golf clubs. The longer shaft does mean longer golf club length.
  • A golfer uses woods, hybrids, and irons for different types of shots. It is the reason why their golf club is mostly empowered with a mix of these three.

Therefore we must know about the standard length of the woods, and irons. Let’s first discuss the standard lengths of woods.

Standard Measure of Length for Woods

The standard measure of woods is tabulated below:

Standard Measure of Length for Irons

The standard measure of Irons is tabulated below:

What-If Standard Sized Irons Are Not Fit for You

The standard-sized irons are for a golfer with average height. They work best for an average heighted golfer and provide the optimum play options such as having better speed, launch, distance, and everything that supports a good shot.

However, if you are taller than average or shorter than average size, then the standard sized irons like the TaylorMade M6 Irons are not fit for you, and you may have to look for customized sized irons.

But do not be worried. Such customized irons are equally good and provide the same or better level of playability.

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Custom Length Clubs

There are variable-sized shafts available to cater to the needs of a taller or a shorter golfer. In choosing the right golf club length, you should be aware and must use the right method of choosing the custom length clubs.

Now the question arises, how would one know about the right method of measuring the golf length?  It’s time to let you know about different available methods to measure the golf club length.

Method 1

It is the method that is the most used by the golfers. Here are the steps to measure the length of the golf club. Please note that the method is not used for putters. It does not apply to putters because the shaft of a putter is not located at the heel.

  • Place the club in the playing position so that the sole of the club / driver is touching the ground.
  • A golf ruler is then placed at the backside of the club so that the top of the ruler is touching the ground by the club’s heel.
  • Now, by using the reading on the measuring rod from the end of the grip cap. Remember not to take the very top of the grip.


Note: In putters, the shaft is not located at the heel; therefore, this method is usable in all cases except putters.

Method 2

The following steps are part of the second method of measuring the right golf club length for you. In this method, you have to know 1) your own size and 2) the distance between your wrist and the floor.

Step 1. First, measure your height. To do so, stand straight on a plane surface. Your arms should be relaxed and hanging on the side. Make sure that you measure the exact height.

Step 2. you must be wearing regular shoes (without heels), instead of golf shoes.

Step 3. In the normal posture position, measure the distance between your wrist and the floor. While doing so, make sure somebody assists you. In this way, you will not become the victim of bending and, therefore, taking the wrong measurement.

Step 4. The measurement must be taken between the floor and the wrist. Make sure that you measure your exact height.

Step 5. Now, match your height and the distance between your wrist and the floor with the recommended club length in the golf club fitting chart given below.

Step 6. If the value in the chart that commensurate with your values is positive, add that many inches in the standard size for your golf shaft. If the value is negative, subtract that many inches in the standard size for your golf shaft.

How to Use the Chart

Let’s assumes that your height is 66 inches and your wrist to floor distance is 36 inches. The chart recommends + 0.25 inches. It means that your golf shaft has to be made 0.25 inches longer than the standard length.

Similarly, if your height is 66“ and the wrist to floor distance is 31.5 inches, the chart recommends – 0.75 inches. It means that your golf shaft has to be made – 0.75 inches shorter than the standard length.

Method 3: Long Drivers of America Method (LDA)

The club length is also measured by the Long Drivers of America (LDA) method.  It is important to note that the LDA method will result in a little longer size than Method 1 and Method 2.

It is the reason that the allowable LDA size limit is 50 inches for long driver competitions. Please note that the method is not used for putters.

It does not apply to putters because the shaft is not located at the heel. The following are steps of measuring the club size using the LDA method.

Step 1. First, put the shaft against the wall so that the toe of the driver is placed on the ground.

Step 2. Now measure the golf club’s length using a measuring tape from the cap of the grip to the ground.

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Method 4: Using Measuring Instruments

There are numerous measuring tools available in the markets specifically designed to measure the length of a golf club. Using such gadgets is very handy, simple to use, provides consistent results, and offers fewer errors.

One such instrument is known as Dynacraft Bench Rule Soleplate. There is a roll-pin against which the bottom of the club’s sole is placed on the bench. The club is then pressed against the aluminum ruler from which the total length of the club is taken.

Method 5: The United States Golf Association (USGA) Method

The USGA method is part of the rule book’s method: “Rules of Golf.” In it, an apparatus containing an angle iron is used. The angle iron forms a 60-degree angle from the horizontal, and it is also used to stop /hold the iron. In this method, the golf club is measured to the very end of the grip cap, leading to an increase in about 1/8 inch or more length. However, the USGA compensates for the 1/8 inch extra length resulted in measurement till the edge.

Measuring the Putter Length

Measuring the putter length is a little different from measuring the length of the other golf clubs. It is because the shaft of the putter is mostly installed in the heel. The shaft placement is either near the heel or in the center of the club head. Therefore, it is essential to measure the putter differently.

The method of measuring the length of a putter is described in the following steps.

Step 1. Hold the putter in the address position, in a way that the center of the head of the putter is flat and pressed against the ground.

Step 2. Now, place your measuring instrument in line with the center of the putter.

Step 3. The number shown by the measuring instrument on the top of the grip is the putter’s length.

Pros and Cons of Each Method

Final Verdict

Every golfer must know the method of measuring the golf length. The proven and approved measuring technique must be used to measure the length of a golf club. Choosing the right length will not only help you improve your game, but also give you a better posture.

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