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Cobra F8 Driver

We all need more distance and accuracy from our drivers. This is something manufacturers of the Cobra have incorporated in their F8 Drivers.

At first glance, the CNC milling grooves make this driver look different from just about any other driver in the market. The King F8 is aimed at a range of abilities seeking enhanced all-round performance and the option of a more draw-biased flight. It is also equipped with the feature-laden Cobra-connect system.

Key Features of the Cobra King F8 driver

Every player wants an accurate and precise hit every time because every game is essential. Cobra F8 driver is one of the straightest and most straightforward drivers found in the market.

Why should you choose it? Which thing makes it unique? We will have an in-depth review of the best features of the Cobra F8 king driver.

Cobra F8 Driver Review

1- 100% CNC Milled Face:

Cobra King F8 driver is 10% lighter and 3% thinner than other models, which provide overall consistency in the head, necessary to produce hits shots straighter.

CNC Milling has been able to increase the trajectory on shots hit either too high or low on the face. During the process of CNC milling the front of the club, Cobra has been able to enhance the area’s bulge to improve right and left dispersion.

You can expect a significant improvement in the driver’s head and ball speed due to this innovative aspect.

2- 360 degree Aero technology:

The slightly raised pattern on the crown and sole called Aero trips by Cobra, improve the aerodynamics and lead to better distance and faster clubhead speed.

Aero trips do this by reducing drag as the club swings and keeping airflow close to the clubhead. These features are designed to improve spin optimization, ball speed, forgiveness, and also adjustability.

3- Combined with Cobra Connect:

The Cobra Connect app recognizes almost forty-thousand courses throughout the world and allows the users to find their distance on every hit.

Through this app, you will have an idea about your hits’ location for your game’s improvements. Further, this app analyzes the data and recommends the center of gravity weight, loft setting, and weight placements for the F8 driver.

It also examines a player’s weaknesses and strengths for a better and productive practice session. Now you can synchronize Cobra Connect with your smartphone and smartwatch to find your progress!

4- Distance:

Cobra visits public courses and asks players to test their new product before the launch of their product. With the F8 driver, players noticed the gain of almost eight yards.

Players experienced this gain with the right setup of CG weights and loft adjustments. But, some players experience more distance.

5- E9 technology:

Almost twenty-five thousand shots are analyzed by Cobra,  and found that 99% of golf players made the ball to clubface contact in the elliptical pattern. With this information, Cobra has designed the clubface with an almost thirty percent larger sweet spot.

The Cobra F8 driver offers the true essence of adjustability and versatility. It has two weights. These weights include a 12-gram weight and a 2-gram weight. When 12-gram weight is located at the back, you can expect different ball flight and higher spin. On the other hand, you will obtain more draw when a 2-gram weight is located at your back.

6- Look and sound:

The Cobra King F8 driver is the most attractive driver available in the market since 2018. The bulk of the head is black carbon fiber. There is a black grey trip that contains polymer crown trips. These are 360-degree aero technology to increase ball speed, adjustability, and forgiveness.

As the sound is concerned, the king F8 has an excellent and powerful sound. This impressive sound is due to the blend of carbon fiber within the crown assembled the CNC milled faced. Most players like this incredible sound upon impact.

7- Shaft options:

Cobra offers three different shafts as stock options:

1.> 50-gram Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei Blue:

The Tensei provides an awe-inspiring feel and stability. This shaft is a perfect choice for golfers with the middle of the road swing speed to increase their trajectory and reduce spin. This shaft is available in light or regular flex.

2.> 60-gram Aldila 2KNV Blue:

The blue NV shaft is a mid-weight shaft. It is the perfect choice for golfers with the middle of the road launch and spin. It is available in two flex: Regular or stiff.

3.> 65-gram Aldila 2KNV Green:

The green NV shaft is a little heavier than the blue. It is an ideal shaft for golfers with high swing speed. If you are looking for a low lunch and low-spin, the green stick is perfect. It is only stiff.

8- Forgiveness:

Forgiveness is something we all desire from our drivers, and we are very quick to note how forgiving the driver is. The Cobra Engineers went to great lengths and made the Cobra’s driver that doesn’t punish off-hits.

The larger sweet spot and Dual roll technology on the F8 driver work to send heel or toe on mishits and straight with high launch. That’s why the player found this driver too forgiving.

The technology of the Cobra King F8 driver

There is a large amount of technology in the F8 driver that will improve your performance and ensure consistency and accuracy. The first technology to discuss with-in the F8 is the CNC Milled face. There is a forged titanium face featuring Cobra’s elliptical E9 technology, undoubtedly one of the best in the market.

CNC milling leaves the club’s face with some great patterns, but it makes a face thinner for a consistent finish. The goal behind the more delicate face is to get faster results. The quicker results mean a longer distance.

The use of Dual Face Technology in rival brands has allowed the engineers to go unnoticed. Most brand’s drivers have some bulge and face curves, but king f8 used two different curvatures. Both high and lower curvatures on the face increase the launch and spin of the ball.

The Cobra King F8 is the perfect example of aerodynamic work. The Feature 360-degree Aero Technology has some mission to reduce drag, dispense weight, and increase speed.

Performance of the Cobra King F8 driver

The Cobra F8 provides a lot of adjustable control due to the weights in the sole and the hosel system. Adjustable weights can change the spin rates up to 300rpm both in sidespin and backspin.

The ability to adjust loft and lie angle in the hosel can also change the spin rates even more, and it will enhance your trajectory and ball flight.

As we have discussed earlier, the CNC milling and the E9 are incredibly impressive and enhance this driver’s performance. The use of these technologies enables the Cobra to design a driver head that produces the attention-grabbing numbers.

Cobra has also added a dual roll face that gives higher and sensational launch and spin retention, and the ability to fade or draw the ball increases. With the help of CG, Cobra has designed the driver with impressive spin, speed, and launch.

Moreover, the sensor is built-in in the grip virtually connects with the smartphone app that tracks your hit location. This feature is beneficial in improving the performance by 3 to 5 shots.

Pros and Cons of the Cobra King F8 driver:

Every golfer wants a genuine hit, and that’s why they need a reliable driver. Cobra F8 made a mark in the market since the time of its launch.

The technology and features of this driver help achieve more distance and accuracy according to golfers’ requirements. However, it creates more spin, so don’t fly as far.

Here are the Pros and Cons of Cobra King F8:


  • The CNC milling on the face offers the ability to reduces dispersion on the mishits.
  • The hosel and sole can adjust according to requirements. It is essential and sufficient for performance and ball speed
  • Cobra F8 allows extra distance and spin.
  • It is lighter and well-balanced for easy movement.
  • The Cobra Connect system in the grip helps to analyze the driving data as well as performance.
  • It has an attractive and beautiful look with the rare combination of high sound and soft feel.
  • The King F8 driver’s clubhead always sits squarely at the address without setting due to the smart Pad system.



  • The grey-finish on the crown looks cheap and a bit techy, and it will affect your performance. However, you can buy the black –version that is more attractive.
  • Mishits can produce more spin. More spin means they do not fly as far.
  • Quite expensive.

How good is the Cobra F8 Driver?

Cobra F8 driver is the first to introduce a CNC milled face, which is a new concept to driver technology. It is exactly like a premium putter; virtually all modern drivers make claims about ball speed retention, spin optimization, performance, forgiveness, and adjustability.

But none have reported before that a CNC milled face could be the key to hitting shots straighter and further.

The cutting-edge technology incorporated in Cobra’s drivers allows ball speed gains for off-center hits can be well over 1.5mph. The CNC milling is so accurate, and it’s possible to be more or less curative on the driver face’s area to increase gear effect, decrease spin, and increase launch effect. This offers to hit the ball higher, further, and with more accuracy.

What is the difference between the Cobra F8 and F8+?

The Cobra f8 drivers are available in both plus and standard versions. The definitive version features a shallower face and is more elongated than the traditional f8+, while the f8+ is more compact and features a taller face.

The standard Cobra f8 drivers are more forgiving and allow higher launch, while f8+ drivers offer a flatter and more penetrating trajectory. These are also extra workable.

The MYFLY 8 adjustability of standard Cobra f8 driver is 9°-12° (draw settings at 9.5°, 10.5°, 11.5°). At the same time, the f8+ MYFLY 8 adjustability is 8°-11° (8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°).

Both models are CG adaptable too. However, Cobra has moved from the F7’s 3-weight to a new, but not ignorant, 2-weight system.

When did the Cobra F8 Driver come out?

The Cobra f8 Driver was launched in 2018. The engineers at Cobra Golf are continuously pushing the envelope for innovation and bringing the best in game-changing golf tools for golfers of all levels.

Are Cobra F8 Irons Forgiving?

The Cobra Irons are super-forgiving for mid-handicapper golfers. These are equipped with long, thin-faced, and tailored cavities. Cobra Irons progressively increase their center of gravity.

Final Verdict

The manufacturers of the Cobra F8 Driver incorporate a wealth of technology and knowledge into their designs. Cobra is always performance-competitive and offers an aerodynamic design, light-weight body, high clubhead speed, and improved distance in their golf clubs.

The innovative CNC face milling technology and Arccos-powered connect system makes this driver stand out among its competitors. The fact is that it is really difficult to beat this driver for value.

With the retail price of $399.99, including multiple shaft options available, the Cobra F8 driver is an excellent value for players of all expertise.

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