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Callaway XR Irons Review

If you are looking for an iron that looks modish, offers fastballs speed, and extremely forgiving on miss-hits, then look no further. The Callaway XR irons are incorporated with 360-degree face-up technology and built to max-out distance.

This next-generation technology offers greater efficiency through energy transfer upon impact. Your miss-hits will travel the length with a consequently larger sweet-spot, as it is incredibly forgiving.

callaway XR irons


The shorter hosel of XR irons saves weight, promoting MOI and moving the center of gravity horizontally to the center face for more outstanding performance.

The Callaway XR irons are known as game improvers, meaning they are suitable for all types of golfers who want to improve their game.

Key Features of the Callaway XR Iron

Which thing made these irons better than others, and how its features help to improve the game? Let’s break down the features of this iron by splitting it into parts.

1- 360 Face Cup Technology

The 360 face cup technology is something that’s only found in Callaway’s drivers and fairy woods. But, now it is part of their XR cavity-back irons.

This feature provides better face thickness, which undoubtedly generates more incredible ball speed by allowing the entire face to flex more at impact, and gains more distance.

Callaway’s X2 hot irons and XR irons have the same shaft length and loft, but the latter is 12 yards longer because of 360 face cups.

2- Low CG and high MOI

The center of gravity in XR irons is designed low and back for higher launch and increase ball speed. It has increased moment of inertia (MOI), giving the freedom to face cup for more ball speed.

3- Forgiveness

The best feature of Callaway XR iron is its forgiving nature. The sweet spot of XR irons is slightly bigger than other models of Callaway’s irons.

This forgiving iron has a hollow bore through the hosel design, which saves weight to allow more forgiveness and a more straightforward lunch.

In addition to this, 360 face cup of Callaway XR irons allows a larger area for forgiving in the head. These features make the XR irons the best-suited game improvement irons for beginners and disabled players.

4- Playability

The XR irons are one of the easiest and trouble-free irons for high handicap players. These irons are very friendly for the slow swinger, and it is super easy to get out of trouble lies.

These irons are excellent for getting the ball up in the air from various lies like a bunker, rough, and fairway. XR Irons are the most playable and reliable on golf course because their natural trajectories are high and straight.

5- Appearance

The Callaway XR iron is paired with the all-new XP95 ST15 shafts from True Temper and at a 95g weight, allowing superior stability.

The top line and sole are thick. The cavity is excellent, especially for the improvement of the game. The color is not too flashy, but the badge’s steelhead logo has a holographic sheen that looks very appealing and gives a nice touch.

6- Distance Control

It is one of the longest irons of the Callaway. Carry the distance easily because the higher you can get the ball coming into the greens, the more control you gain.

7- Sound and feel

One of the most remarkable features in Callaway XR irons is their feel. They are the part of the most solid-feeling game improvement irons out.

This feel is combined with a loud, clicky sound, which gives you a reliable feeling that the ball is rocketing off the clubface.

The face of this iron is hollow, and the steel-infused polyurethane layer dampens the vibration. You will be satisfied with the feel and sound unless you are making terrible contact with the ball.

8- Design and technology of XR iron

The design of XR irons is beautiful, efficient, slick, and named for itself. It is straightforward to line up the golf ball due to the paint job on these irons.

Callaway XR irons are designed using two pieces: a face and a chassis. By separating the two components, the manufacturer redistributes the weight into the whole body and gives the face thickness in different areas.

Callaway designed the clubhead slightly back to give the golf ball more speed and accuracy. XR irons have a thicker sole because the CG has been moved down. However, engineers are succeeded in hiding this thickness by making the top of the club skinner and making the face wider.

9- Standing Wave Technology

Callaway XR irons have Standing Wave technology, which controls the center of gravity and provides more space for the face to flex.

This technology is a weight slug inside the head. and is found in Callaway’s drivers and fairy woods.

Extra material has been added to the bottom of the head, especially in the toe, making this iron more forgiving. That’s why the position of the center of gravity has been lowered.

This technology also helps to increase the shots off the entire face, so any shot with this iron will go straight where you aim it.

10- Performance

XR irons are longer compared to the most game-improvement irons and the constant performing irons found in the market. These irons are created to have a high launch with the long irons and a lower launch with the high-spinning in the shorter irons.

With the help of XR irons, you can launch a higher flight but with a softer landing. The 360 cup face increases the ball speed, further allowing the users to gain distance increases.

A steel-infused polyurethane layer is positioned behind the lower face for the dampness of vibration. Experts recommend the Callaway XR for beginners or for high handicap players who want more forgiveness.


Despite having the same shaft length loft of X2 Hot irons and XR irons, Why XR irons have 12 longer?

It is because of 360 Cup Face technology. It is a beautiful addition to the already powerful irons, which are known to increase the ball. Cup Face technology allows the entire face to flex more at impact, hence causing a spring-like effect.

The face of this iron is more flexible and thinner and is heat-treated for the enhancement of length. This dual-treatment confirms that production is more precise.

Eight Stock Shaft Options

The Steelhead XR irons come stock with the True Temper XP 95 Stepless shaft in steel or the Matrix F15 in graphite.
Several premium shafts are available at no upcharge, and they are the following:

KBS Tour-V
KBS Tour-V 90
True Temper XP 95
True Temper Speed Step 80
MRC Fubuki AT 50/55/60
UST Recoil 450/460
UST Recoil 660/680
MRC Bassara 50 (ladies)

Pros and Cons of the Callaway XR Irons

The XR irons are slightly more robust than the XR pro. Players can achieve greater distance for a variety of swing speeds, including the fast ones.

These XR irons are ideal for golfers who want efficient ball speed, height on their shots, and a larger head. They are also considered ideal for weekend warriors, mid-to-high handicap players, and beginners looking for high-quality irons.

Here are the pros and cons of the Callaway XR irons:


  • These irons are very easy to hit, and the clubs are very responsive.
  • The length of XR iron is very long; hence it provides greater distance.
  • They have a beautiful and confident-inspiring look.
  • It has a lower center of gravity for higher launch and more incredible ball speed.
  • It has 360 Cup Face technology that increases COR
  • It can carry straight and high ball flight.



  • It has limited workability.
  • It has a low availability.
  • Newer models are available.


Are Callaway XR irons any good?

If you are looking to improve your game, Callaway XR iron is clearly intended to help you hit the ball farther with better contact. The amount of technology Callaway has packed into its golf clubs to make them forgiving and long is a significant accomplishment.

They are not designed like big traditional golf clubs; the Callaway XR line doesn’t skimp on good looks, quality, and playability. It is produced to satisfy the need of most players in an attractive style and package.

When you swing the XR iron, you will get the immediate sense of easy distance. The iron is lively at impact, and its slightly larger head shape, instill plenty of confidence.

Are Callaway XR irons suitable for beginners?

The stylish Callaway XR irons make your game fun and easy. It comes with a sweet spot and large clubhead, which makes it too forgiving and long. It is an excellent option for beginners, weekend warriors, or mid-to-high handicappers looking for a game improvement iron that doesn’t look like a traditional and hybrid golf club.

The Callaway XR irons are constructed with top-quality materials and technology and feature Bore-Thru hosel technology to improve the golfer’s swing. These exceptional qualities of XR irons boost your ball speed and distance and provide a decent amount of accuracy.

What year did Callaway XR irons come out?

The Callaway XR iron was launched on 20 February 2016 in the UK. It was privileged with the gold medal by golf digest in 2016. It forms part of a complete new XR range, including XR hybrids, XR drivers, and XR fairway woods.

The Callaway XR Drivers are available in regular and pro versions. The regular models of XR irons are present in both steel and graphite shaft. The XR fairway comes in three variants like deep, standard, and pro, and there are two iterations of the XR hybrids.

Rouge and Rogue Pro replaced the steelhead XR Pro and steelhead XR in the Callaway family of irons.

Final Verdict

The Callaway XR irons are incredibly forgiving, long, and easy to hit. Their leading 360 face cup technology and broader soles are supposed to be the best friends of high-handicappers.

A perfect cross of Apex Irons and Big Bertha, the XR irons have an ideal balance of workability, forgiveness, ease to hit, and are always on point both in accuracy and looks.

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