Callaway Xhot Iron Review 2020 – Everything You Need to Know

Callaway X HOT Iron Set 

The Callaway X HOT Iron set is one of the best iron sets available specifically for beginners and handicappers. The Callaway has come up to the golf players’ requirements for high speed, distance, and forgiveness. Let’s dive into other details about the set. 

The Highlights of Callaway XHOT Iron Set 


The engineers at Callaway have used the Deep Undercut Cavity to achieve speed. The deep undercut cavity helps the golf player achieve better speed no matter where the ball has been hit on the face. The deep under cavity is supported by the speed frame face to maximize the speed. 


The XHOT Irons are provided with the speed frame face, which helps gain the speed and the explosive distance. In terms of numbers, the golf clubs of this iron set give up to 10 yards more.

The irons are a little heavier. It is a little of a downside for some golf players, but it has more benefits than the downside. The more massive club heads provide the high trajectory and low center of gravity (CoG). The low COG offers high forgiveness in these irons. 


The golf clubs’ control performance is incredible, thanks to the speed frame face technology employed in them. 

Feel & Sound

To enhance the irons’ feel and sound, Callaway engineers and designers have used the Feel Management Technology (FMT) or Feel Management Medallion. The FMT manages the feel and sound; the feel and playability are crisp, appreciative, and dynamic. 

Shape and Style

It seems that the designers at Callaway did not pay much heed to the shape and style of X HOT irons. The irons’ shape and style are much like the previous Callaway’s high forgiving irons such as Razr X. 


The X HOT irons offer great forgiveness. They can be rightly called the forgiving irons for the novice, occasional and recreational players.

The flight of the ball hit by the X HOT Irons is loftier, giving the handicappers and novice players a chance to get the ball higher in the air. The Callaway engineers were able to achieve forgiveness due to generous offset hosel. 

Launch Angles

The launch angles offered by the golf clubs are impressive. 


When it comes to efficiency or the club head’s energy transfer to the golf, the X HOT irons stand out. The technology employed here works excellent to do its job to the best. Due to the efficiency, the extra yardage is achieved with little extra effort. 

The Product Specifications and Options

The following are the product specification and options of the Callaway XHOT Iron set. 

Callaway X Hot Irons  Shafts

A golf player can buy the X HOT graphite shaft or the True Temper Speed Step. The options available on graphite shafts are light, stiff, and regular flex.

The other steel shafts are somewhat limited and only available in stiff and regular flex. The specifications of shafts are given below in greater detail. 




Pros and Cons of Callaway XHOT Iron Set

The following are the Pros and Cons of the Callaway XHOT Irons:


  • The feel and sound are fantastic. 
  • Lightweight yet sturdy. 
  • Yardage.


  • No new addition in shape. 
  • The light club heads are limiting for the performance. 
  • The irons are the evolution of the previous model and not a revolution. 

Know “Callaway XHOT Iron Set” Better: Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: What is the difference between the Callaway X HOT Iron set and the Original release in 2013?

Answer: The Callaway X HOT Irons is a little heavy than the originals. They offer consistency in hitting, distance, and forgiveness with little effort. 

Question: Is the club’s back seen at the address with the #4 and #5 irons?

 Answer: No. 

Question: What is the manufacturing year of these irons?

Answer: 2018

Question: What is the loft at Approach Wedge (AW)?

Answer: 49 degree

Question: Are these irons standard lie angle and length?

Answer: Yes

Final Verdict

The set offers a lot of options to choose the best combination. The Callaway manufacturers have maintained their quality standards; however, they have missed revolutionizing the new shape. The set works great for recreational players, novice and occasional players.

The price tag is a little on the higher side. The lofts offered by the set are closer to the game improvement irons. The golf clubs are stable and are a treat for handicappers. 

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