BombTech Grenade 2 Driver Complete Review

Nowadays, golf equipment and tools are constantly innovating in terms of quality, technology, and also pricing. BombTech is no exception, so we took the time to review one of its top offers today – the Grenade 2.

Will the BombTech Grenade 2 live up to the brand’s line of offers? We unpack all of its features in this review.

Why BombTech Grenade 2 Driver?

The BombTech Grenade 2 driver is one of the brand’s signature offers from their second generation of products with improved aerodynamics, dual cavity design (DCD), adjustments in the center of gravity location, better looks, feel, and performance.

Let’s go into more details of what the BombTech Grenade 2 driver has to offer.

Are BombTech Grenade 2 drivers any good?

The short and sweet answer to this question is yes! They are a lot better than most of their counterparts from other brands. Here’s what we have to say in detail:

Looks and Feel

Like most Grenade products, the Grenade 2 driver has a bright olive green and grey finish. At a first glance, the appearance of the face loft may look bigger than stated, however, that is not the case. It has a matte black crown and comes with an alignment notch. The contrasting lime green color of the motif and shaft makes it look different.

You can find the “Grenade” logo at the bottom of the clubhead and on the head cover. The Grenade 2 logo is also etched on the shaft of the club. The logo has been designed to give a shattering glass look. For some, it gives off a good look-and-feel on the lime green-colored shaft.

The face comes with two cavities to cater to the wind speed when hitting a ball. The two cavities not only manage the air but also curtails the overall weight.

The club comes with a premium shaft with the three main upgraded qualities making it more stable, lighter in weight, and lower in torque. These qualities will allow players to be better in playing different shots.

The head of the Grenade 2 driver is made up of titanium which gives a solid feel and a sharp metallic sound that is pleasant to the ears. The Grenade 2 driver is also engineered to give a quality feel to the hands at impact.

Overall, the feel is solid, stable, and strong. The looks are trendy and stand out on the golf course. The shaft has been improved from an earlier generation, and its sound is probably one of the bests.


When it comes to performance, the BombTech Grenade 2 balances many pivots. And in doing so, it has become a little limiting on some essential features. For instance, the Grenade 2 driver gives a higher flight and higher spin. However, the higher flight and higher spin limit the maximization of the swings.

Similarly, the driver’s length is comfortable, but taller players might not find it the most ideal to use.

On the other hand, the shaft is light in weight, gives a gentler play, and offers more spin. The distance that is offered by the driver is greater than many other drivers of a similar category. The distance is one thing that is loved by many golfers; for them, the Grenade 2 driver is no less than a treat.

According to BombTech, the improved aerodynamics and relocation of the center of gravity have been achieved through the dual cavity design. These changes help in launching the ball higher with a lot of lesser spin. The dual cavities in the clubhead offer good forgiveness. It is a significant takeaway for handicappers, newbies, and returning golf players.

Overall, the Grenade 2 driver offers a higher loft, higher spin, better forgiveness, greater distance, and a lightweight shaft. On the downside, it can be limiting for swing maximization and tall golf players.

Price, Selling, Pre-Loved Selling, and Guarantee

BombTech sells its products directly to customers worldwide, thus the affordable price. They also offer plenty of deals when you purchase their products. Many buyers often score another free fairway wood or coupon packaged with the Grenade 2. Thus, you get more in the price of one Grenade 2 driver.

They also offer to sell the pre-loved products directly to customers online, and most don’t exceed 200 bucks.

If you do not find their products satisfactory, you may return the goods within 60 days of purchase.

Overall, compared to other drivers of similar specifications and qualities, the prices are very reasonable.

Specifications of the Grenade 2 Driver


Pros and Cons

The following are the pros and cons of the Grenade 2 driver.


  1. It comes with the Dual Cavity Design (DCD) in which the center of gravity is engineered for better performance.
  2. The driver has the natural tendency to manage the airflow due to DCD.
  3. It offers a greater distance and forgiveness.
  4. It comes with a bright color, which makes it stand out on the course.
  5. It has been designed for increased accuracy for off-center shots.
  6. It is offered with 60 days return policy.


  1. It lacks adjustability.
  2. It is available only online.



Are BombTech Grenade 2 drivers legal?

Yes, BombTech Grenade 2 drivers are legal. They conform to the United States Golf Association (USFA) rules and specifications. This is also according to BombTech Grenade 2 driver’s specifications.

What is the longest illegal golf driver?

There are many illegal golf drivers, which do not conform to USGA standards. The Orlimar Golf Black Big Buddha Driver is one of the longest illegal golf drivers. But rest assured that the BombTech Grenade 2 driver is a legal driver, which conforms to the specifications as laid down by USGA.

Final Verdict

The Grenade 2 is mainly for returning golfers and newbies who want optimal features and performance but do not want to splurge. It’s competitively priced compared to its counterparts in the market but doesn’t cut back on quality.

If you are one who is not attached to any brand, not looking for tailor-fit, and is focused on more saving more, then you should consider BombTech Grenade 2 driver.

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