Have you started understanding golf and learned how to hit the ball? Have the thought of changing golf clubs come to your mind? If the answers to these questions is yes then congratulations you have reached the intermediate level and you are excelling in your golf career.

For how long you have been playing golf? Are you a beginner yet? Practice makes beginners pro. If you have been playing golf with the same golf club sets that you bought when you were a beginner then its time for you to upgrade your kits. Here we have listed the best golf club set for intermediate that are good in prices as well. Before digging into the main topic, let’s just first see that what are the factors that make a golf clubs set best.

What Makes a Golf Club Best?

Before buying golf club sets, we should have knowledge of the factors that make a golf club the best golf club. A best golf club makes its owner confident and enthusiastic. Having a best golf club in a reasonable amount of money and best design is a very difficult choice to make. We have to spend time in search of these. But once we get one we feel like on top of mountain.


Longevity of a golf club defines its durability. If your golf club is not durable then you will have to buy a new club after some days. This can be expensive and can be a hurdle in pursuing golf as an enjoyment. Because this enjoyment can then go out of budget. A golf club should be durable enough to be able to last long. So it cannot be a hurdle for you to pursue golf as a regular game. There are many brands out in market that ensure durability and design.


A golf club with great forgiveness can help you have a good game, performance and feel. Many golf club brands are still trying to improve their clubs. For a beginner, a club with less forgiveness can work. But if you are an expert, you should have a forgiving club because it will help you in making good shots and to excel in your game. You performance will get improved by using a forgiving golf club.


This is a key factor that makes a club set best. If you are looking for a best club and luckily you have found one. But its price is high and out of your range. It is of no benefit. You will feel sad and demotivated that you cannot buy it. But not to worry there are many golf clubs available in the market that are best. We know that golf is not a cheap game. But ts of no sense to spend thousands of dollars on golf.


When you buy club set of heavy weight, it can be difficult for you to carry your golf club around the course. Further, it is very difficult to make perfect shots using a heavy club. One of cons of having a heavy club is that it decreases your performance. You should consider lightweight golf clubs so that it cannot create mess and fatigue for you. But this is not the case always. There are some situations in which heavy golf sets are needed. This is a rare case. A beginner should always go for a lightweight club to enhance performance. Lightweight clubs are easy to move around with.

Perimeter Weighting

Perimeter weighting is one of interesting functionalities. It is mostly deployed in beginner golf club sets. In a perimeter weighted golf club the weight of a golf club head is positioned according to the parameter of club instead of its center. It increases the forgiveness and performance of a golf club. For starters, it is preferred to buy a perimeter weighted club.

Once you have knowledge about what makes a best golf club set, only then you will be able to differentiate between different set of golf clubs in terms of money. Below are a few golf club sets search results that are best for the money.

Top 4 Best Golf Club Sets For Intermediate

Cobra F-MAX Superlite Complete Kit

Cobra Golf is one of the top golf brands. This set consists of different golf clubs like wood, hybrids etc. This is a perfect set for an intermediate golfer. This 13-piece set includes 1 driver, 2 fairways, 2 hybrids, 6 irons, a putter. It also comes with a carrying bag. It is available in right handed orientation. The shaft used in this set is one of the best graphite shafts. It gives a regular flex on strike.

The driver used is an offset driver that provides a forged E9 face and forgiving back/heel weighting. This type of driver delivers the best combination of speed and distance. Cobra F max is preferred because of its driver. Fairways that are included in this set are a 3 wood and 5-wood. These fairways feature a fast forged face forgiving weighting that deliver high elevation shots from any position. Hybrids that come with this set are a 4 hybrid and 5 hybrid. The speciality of these hybrids is their fast forged face, and forgiving weighting that deliver higher launch and improved stopping power into greens.The irons are low profile, perimeter-weighted. These have progressive hosel lengths and progressive offset. The bag that comes with this set is of high quality. It features 9 zipped pockets. Playing with this set will be an amazing experience for you. If we talk about rating, the rating of this golf club set is highest in the market.


  1. Label: It is manufactured by Cobra.
  2. Model ASIN: Its asin is B07HXTSWK4



Wilson Profile XD Complete Golf Set

This set consists of 14 clubs of different variety and functionalities. This is a perfect set for an intermediate golfer. The clubs included are a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge and a putter. We have different types of putters available i.e mallet putters, blade putters, etc. The driver has an oversized head that is power weighted. Driver provides a large sweet spot. Wilson is preferred because of its drivers. It makes the most amazing drivers in the market. The fairway wood has weighting placed lower in the head of the club. This usually means that connection with the ball will be on the lower end. It will slide underneath the ball on impact. The result is a stronger loft on the fairway and to get you out of sticky situations in the rough. The hybrid is designed to be an easy to use versatile golf club for an intermediate. It has a high launch technology for better trajectory in comparison to long irons. The irons are made of stainless steel. There is an iron for every sort of situation that you could possibly encounter on the course. It is perimeter weighted to create a large sweet spot and grant you more forgiveness. The pitching wedge is designed to get you more spin off the ball. The pitching wedge is wedge geared for enhanced playability and overall performance on the green. The sand wedge is a key piece of gear to have. Its purpose is to deliver low weighting and a wide sole. It is preferred for intermediate level golfers. It helps pull you out of the bunker by elevating the trajectory of your shots. The putter has the heel to toe weighting. This makes it easy to line up shots and execute them. There is more stability on the head to deliver enhanced accuracy with each stroke. This makes hitting easy for an intermediate. The final piece is the bag to carry all of the clubs in. It combines durability with comfort. The top is padded to allow for the organizing of your clubs to keep them safe while on the go. There are 3 large pockets on the bag. Our favourite thing about this is that there are 7 sizes to choose from. You will definitely find one that fits your height. If we talk about rating, the rating of this golf club set is second highest in the market.


  1. Label: It is manufactured by Wilson.
  2. Model ASIN: Its asin is B07KCP9F66



Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

Callaway is a prominent manufacturer when it comes to buying the best golf clubs sets. This Callaway strata complete golf set is an 18 piece complete set. 12 clubs including 2 hybrids and a sand wedge, 5 head covers and 1 carry bag make it a complete set. It is best for both beginners and experts in terms of money and performance. A Golfer whose pocket doesn’t allow to invest much on golf, can blindly trust this set.

Callaway men’s strata golf set is available in right handed orientation. For left handed intermediate golfers, there are other best clubs sets available. But for an intermediate it is good in right handed orientation. It has a full titanium driver. The titanium driver provides a larger sweet spot and hence makes clubs more forgiving. The clubs in this set have aerodynamic head shape that enables a golfer to make longer shots. It gives a player sense of confidence and enthusiasm. It includes 3 fairway woods to swing the ball excellently with high swing speed. Overall this set is designed for a lot better accuracy, performance and to give player complete control of what he/she is doing. It is one of the amazing products available in the market. This is a perfect set for an intermediate golfer. The rating of this golf set is a lot better.


  1. Brand: It is manufactured by Callaway.
  2. Model ASIN: Its asin is B07H29Z4Y2



Wilson ProStaff HDX Complete Set

All the clubs that have been included in this Prostaff HDX package have been designed to help you hit the ball with the maximum distance and forgiveness. The bag is designed so that it can include each and every tool you will need at this stage to give better performance. This set includes a driver, a fairway, a hybrid, irons, putter and a stand bag.

Wilson Golf has created a driver that has the largest size i.e 460 cc. The cg of driver is located at the lower end of head to promote a higher ball swing. The lightweight graphite shafts (that has regular flex) have been used in the HDX driver to help you create a faster swing without using any extra effort. The design of the Prostaff HDX fairway wood will allow you to confidently use it. Like the driver the fairway wood has a low, deep center of gravity which will provide an easy-to-launch forgiving flight with increased stability on off center strikes for improved mishits.

A lightweight graphite shaft that has a high kick point further enhances the easy-to-launch characteristics of the clubs. Graphite shaft gives club better hitting power. A graphite shaft is always preferred over titanium shaft. An incredibly versatile golf tool that will allow you to hit the ball high, straight and long. It’s low, deep cg will enhance off center strikes by increasing the stability of the head through impact. The cg location and versatile design will enable you to utilize the hybrid from all varieties of lies. An oversized stainless iron provides maximum forgiveness across the whole face to make off center shots end up closer to the intended target. As with the rest of the clubs in this package the cg location is low and deep to aid forgiveness and provide an easy-to-launch iron that will allow you to get more consistent with your iron striking. A lightweight steel shaft with regular flex will further add to the consistency of your ball striking.

A heel and toe weighted putter featuring a soft face insert provides an exceptional roll and feel off the face, the soft insert will help you gain better distance control experience. Easy alignment aids have been used on the top line of the putter to make lining up and getting the same set up over and over again for greater consistency for an intermediate. Included in the package set is a premium golf bag that contains all the features and benefits that will provide ample room for the golf clubs and all your other accessories you need to carry around for your round of golf. This set is an amazing choice for women. This is a perfect set for an intermediate golfer, but this set still needs a lot of perfection if you want to use it for an expert.


  1. Label: It is manufactured by Wilson.
  2. Model ASIN: Its asin is B01MR7J28K



Golf Club Buying Guide

When you want to buy something, you should know what that thing basically is. What are its types. Same is the case with a golf club. You cannot buy it until you know what are the different types that are available and what type is the best. There are different types of clubs but if you notice you will note that there is only a minor difference in these clubs. All these clubs have similar length and same style. Even in most cases they have the same design but what makes them different is their head. A head of a golf club comes in different sizes, shapes, weight and performance. We have different types of heads for different situations and games. Different types of a golf club are given below, each explaining its role:


A wood in a golfer’s bag basically refers to as driver or a fairway wood. Drivers are a type of golf clubs in which size of head is relatively deep and it is usually made of metal, steel or titanium. Steel shaft has an amazing flex effect. The name “wood” is given to them because in early days club head used was made of wood. Clubhead’s size mainly affects the swing produced. Woods have aerodynamic head that will help you when you will want to swing ball with power. The 3-wood and the 5-wood are carried by many players, and some players prefer a 7- or even a 9-wood because they tend to be more forgiving of mishits. The 3-wood typically has a loft angle from 15 to 18 degrees, the 5-wood has a loft from 20 to 22 degrees, and the 7- and 9- drivers have a loft of at least 24 degrees.  Following are some best fairway woods available in market.


Irons have a relatively smaller head size as compared to woods. They are very versatile in their functioning and performance as they can be used for both long and short range shots. Most irons have a hollow head. It is recommended for starters to always use an iron. Irons come in different sizes and are categorized as short mid and long irons.


There are many variations in wedges. Wedges include pitching wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge and gap wedge. They have same club head as irons. Clubhead’s size and material mainly affects the swing produced. They are called sub sets of irons. They are mainly used for making short range shots. Wedges have the shortest shafts. Irons and wedges are much similar in performance and feel. For a beginner, instead of buying a complete set, one can also pursue golf by just buying irons and wedges. Following are the best wedges available in market:


Hybrids are considered to be the 21st century clubs. They have club head sizing between the club head of a wood and an iron. Clubhead’s size and material mainly affects the swing produced. Hybrids are growing in popularity day by day because they have made it very easy for a golfer to hit ball. The chance of mishits has been lowered by the invention of hybrids. They offer great forgiveness and control to the players. Hence they make it very easy for a golfer to excel in his/her game. Following are among best hybrids:


A putter usually has a flat and heavy club head. Clubhead’s design mainly affects the swing produced. There are two types of putter, a mallet putter and a blade putter. These are one of the most specialized type of clubs. It has basically three styles of club heads i.e a blade head, a mallet head and a heel-toe club head These are designed to strike ball smoothly. Some of the best putters are: