Golf Club Buying Guide

When you want to buy something, it goes without saying that you need to do research before finally purchasing it. The same applies to a golf club – if you want to make a wise purchase, it’s only imperative to learn about its different types, availability, and of course, its suitability for your purpose.

There are different types of clubs, but if you notice closely, there is only a minor difference among them. All these clubs have similar lengths and styles. Even in most cases, they have the same design but what makes them different is their head.

A head of a golf club comes in different sizes, shapes, weights, and performance. And these different types serve different purposes. To learn more about them, here are the different types of a golf club with their corresponding roles:

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The wood in a golfer’s bag refers to the driver or a fairway wood. Drivers are a type of golf clubs in which size of head is relatively deep and is usually made of metal, steel, or titanium. Steel shaft, in particular, has an amazing flex effect. The name “wood” was coined because the club head used in the early days was made of wood.

A clubhead’s size mainly affects the swing produced. Woods have an aerodynamic head that will help you when you will want to swing the ball with power.

The 3-wood and the 5-wood are carried by many players, and some players prefer a 7- or even a 9-wood because they tend to be more forgiving of mishits. The 3-wood typically has a loft angle from 15 to 18 degrees, the 5-wood has a loft from 20 to 22 degrees, and the 7- and 9- drivers have a loft of at least 24 degrees.  Following are some best fairway woods available in market.


Irons have a relatively smaller head size as compared to woods. They are very versatile in their function and performance as they can be used for both long and short-range shots. Most irons have a hollow head. It is recommended for beginners to always use an iron. Irons come in different sizes and are categorized as short mid and long.


There are many variations in wedges which include the pitching wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge and gap wedge. They have the same club head as irons.

Wedges are mainly used for making short range shots and have the shortest shafts. Irons and wedges are much similar in performance and feel. For a beginner, you can start golf by just buying irons and wedges, instead of buying a complete set. The following are the best wedges available in market:


Hybrids are considered to be the 21st-century clubs. They have club head sizing between the club head of wood and iron. The clubhead’s size and material mainly affect the swing produced. Hybrids are growing in popularity day by day because they make it very easy for a golfer to hit the ball.

The chance of mishits has been lowered by the invention of hybrids as they offer great forgiveness and control to the players. Hence, they make it very easy for a golfer to excel in his/her game. The following are among the best hybrids:


A putter usually has a flat and heavy club head. There are two types of putter, a mallet putter, and a blade putter.

These are one of the most specialized type of clubs. It has basically three styles of club heads: a blade head, a mallet head, and a heel-toe club head. These are designed to strike ball smoothly. Some of the best putters are: