Discussing Tall Golf Clubs

Player One: I feel handicapped when it comes to playing distance shots.

Player Two: You should opt for long golf clubs. The longer the shaft length, the greater the distance the ball will cover. 

Should the shaft length not dependent on the player’s height? Yes, you have guessed it right! The length of a golf club depends on the height of the player. In this article, your thirst to know all about “the right club length for you” will be quenched.

But first, remember

  1. The height of a golf player does not matter as much as the match between the golf club’s length and a player’s physiological state, such as posture.
  2. The length of the golf clubs varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.



Does height matter for golf clubs?

No, not as much as you might be thinking. The correlation shows otherwise. The data shows that the shorter golfers have won more golf tours than the taller golfers. What matters is the right fit between the height of the golf players and the equipment they use. The better the fit, the better the game performance will be.

How tall should my golf clubs be extended?           

Remember, the golf club’s length only means the shaft’s length and not the whole club. The following chart will help you determine the right extendable golf club lengths as per your height.


Do tall golfers need longer irons?                

A qualified yes! The tall golfers do need tall golf clubs; however, it also depends on their posture. For instance, tall golfers with a curvy posture may not need tall golf clubs. Simultaneously, a shorter player with a straight posture may need longer clubs.

Other than the chart measurements, here is another way of determining the right iron length.

For this, stand in your normal posture with your feet shoulder-width apart. Now hold all 1 – 9 irons one by one to see how their clubhead rests on the ground. Choose each club’s length as per the on-ground position, in line with the following table.

As a result, you may end up having a combination of longer clubs and a few regular clubs. The clubs for tall men don’t need to be all of the same lengths; they can differ as per the on-ground position. Thus the taller golfers may not need longer clubs.

Therefore, “tall men need longer clubs,” “taller golfers have longer arms,” and therefore, “the golf clubs for taller golfers are different” are no more than a myth.

The legal length for Golf Club, according to USGA.

The golf’s governing body, the United States Golf Association (USGA), has specified 18 – 48 inches for the golf club.

Health effects:  If a Tall Person uses Short Clubs, and Vice Versa

There are many health benefits of golf for players of all heights. However, a mismatch between the height and the length of the golf club has adverse health effects.

For short players with longer clubs, the mismatch causes wrist injuries, arms, and shoulders. The mismatch causes mild to severe backaches, fatigue, and neck pain for longer players with shorter clubs.

Therefore, caution must be exercised in choosing the right length of a golf club.

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