Talent is one of the most paying careers which every individual would wish to excel through. Playing is one of the best talents one should opt for. Upon extensive and exhaustive training, a player can easily realize the benefits of the golf course. Technology has played an important role in improvement of golf courses.

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In this section, we’ll tell you precisely what products we think are the best golf club sets for beginners.

As a beginner, never think of off-pitch as a practice mechanism of learning golf. All successful golfers took about three to five hours daily to take about 40-80 reps per hour during practice. Due to the difference in golf playing environment, that is from the putting green to chipping and golf range, a personal feel of the same gives the best learning opportunity. This approach of golf course produces competent golfers. Just an hour of course work is equivalent to about 24 shots, 3 or 4 drivers and 4 iron shots and close to 5 puts. This is a great achievement for any new golf student. In case of consistency and competency, a week of a golf course is a realistic approach to new joiners.

Three Practices that Define a Competent Golfer within 3 days.

·      Quick decision making and critical thinking

While undertaking a golf course, a quick counter-response towards the current weather is an important factor a golfer should understand. Technology has enabled us to have prior knowledge about weather especially wind speed. Wind speed will always affect the ball ace. The prevalent wind should determine the type of club to be selected, the energy to give for a stroke, or the number of times the roll-on ground upon landing. The decision on the swing angle is a factor of a critical thinker. Golf requires that one thinks faster, evaluates the outcome before taking a shot keeping fluctuating wind speed problem in mind .

Understand the consequences of any decision made.

Every experienced golfer can bear me witness on this, our golf course experience is different from our play experience. Maybe learners tend to pay more attention to the course guide than the play practice. People are alert in class and eager to join their peers in the sacrifice of the play skills that should be developed in classrooms. The mind is always relaxed while in the learning room but completely becomes disoriented upon vision on the playing units. Beating out this fear is a possibility, by setting a record of seven puts from 6 feet yard and at least 4 drives through a 20-yard gap are the solution.

·      Maintain a realistic practice.

Making mistakes on the pitch is not a problem for any starter. Mistakes are common even experienced and talented players do make mistakes every day. Though some mistakes are silly that they can later hunt. But this too still not a big deal for learners with a lifetime ambition of becoming great people. The biggest issues come in when a learner makes mistakes, never ready to accept the challenge and sometimes gets into a bitter exchange with the trainer. With this mentality, nobody could have ever learned about golf. Think of those guys who played golf for the first time with no play manuals and the rules too were still under review. Would they refuse to accept mistakes, no rule could have been agreed upon? So, accepting mistakes and practicing to never repeat them translates into a competent player with sharp golfing skills.


Technology has made golfing easier than ever. Playing golf is one such skill that can fit as career or leisure practice. Whichever reason for choosing golf, both can be commercialized. For one to obtain these skills, he or she would need experts to train them. Just like any other game, understanding golf as a game involves patience and concentration. Nevertheless, golf is all about accuracy, personal devotion, playing skills and an understanding of the rules. Just like any other game, a good beginner must understand all on and off pitch rules before the first stroke.


Nurturing golf as talent is an expensive art since the golf clubs are not found everywhere like the soccer pitches which can be found in most public schools. Designing, developing and maintain a green grass surfaced field is demanding investment. The grass takes time to develop. Mark you, the grass heights are always different for a reason. The apron always has a shorter grass height and must be soft to facilitate effective strike and allow free ball movement.

Why Choose Golf?

Just as earlier mentioned, Golf can be played as a career or for leisure. Most celebrities play golf for leisure, for instance, the Kenyan President is a lover of golf. He cannot miss visiting golf clubs at least once per week. Therefore, it can be a hobby.

It is a career. Over the past several decades, there has been a world Golf Championship where people have become millionaires within a few minutes if not hours. It is a career that attracts attention worldwide hence its player can be involved in commercial deals for specific brand promotions. Toyota and Under Armor has used this avenue severally to showcase their products. Improvement in human life by the use of science and technology is well known to us. Technology has helped in making us more efficient and competitive. Modern technology has helped a lot to make golfing easier.

In a family where two or more people love to play, then attending a golf club together is one of the most enjoyable family times ever. Anytime out in the pitch or indoor for round table stories is a great experience. The attending family will have a unique unforgettable experience.

Things to Know as a Beginner

Nothing is as intimidating and frustrating as picking of best golf club sets. Today’s demand has maintained the top pitch and manufacturers have developed all the arts to attract every new member. The descriptions are enticing and can easily confuse you as a beginner. Therefore, picking on the right set requires the help of an expert. Below are factors of consideration.

  1. Making an own set
  2. Getting a complete Pre-packaged set.

To give you an overview of the market, below are the top different types of golf clubs sets for considerations

Five Best Set Of Golf Clubs For Beginners

Overall best: Cobra F-MAX Superlite Complete Set

In comparison to all the features a beginner should look out for before purchasing a set of golf clubs, F-MAX beats the market enemies. With a pack of the driver, 3, 4 woods, 4, 5 hybrid, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons, pitching wedge and sand wedge and a putter, this kitting unit are excellent for all beginners. Though with demand, its price is a little bit more than the rest return of value is guaranteed. The goodies never end as it is supplied with an umbrella holder, a 14 full-length divider on a 7-pocket bag.

As experienced golfers always put it, weight and swing go handy at all the times of play, F-max is one of the lightest clubs ever made and one of the best for starters who would wish to develop great putting skills.

With a mix of 3 and wood to the 10.5o angle of launching, the variation in coverage distance is a possibility and even the ease of ground ball hitting is improved in contrast to the long iron which most of another brand trade on.

Some of the Key Selling features include but not limited to:

Best Value: Callaway Men s Strata 12 piece Set

Callaway men s strata is one of the top leading golf equipment manufacturers out there.

For beginners whose pockets may not be stable, this comprehensive 12-piece set is the best of options available. This beginner set has a 460cc driver and a 12o loft which gives every user the ability to hit longer and straighter at all times. It is easy to use the set and hence good for starters. With a fairway wood, hybrid and 5 offset irons in addition to standing bag and mallet putter, this golf set will always give you a return as a newcomer but with no package.

Callaway men s strata is ideal for beginners but also think of replacing it upon advancing to the intermediate level of plying or upgrading to the 18-piece unit. The Strata Driver and the putter are not too good for experienced players. It is considered to be best among different beginner sets.

Some Key vending points are:

Wilson ProStaff HDX Complete

In the competitive world of business, it is through one product’s weakness that a new product is developed and promoted. Learning the enemy’s weakness gives an upper hand of defeat and thus a possibility of new and many customers who for one reason or the other have not fully realized the benefit of the input on the previous good. Wilson ProStaff share similar content to the Callaway Strata except for that addition of sand wedge which is missing in the 12-piece strata.

By introducing the sand wedge to their package, Wilson ProStaff golf clubs have taken over the market and currently trading so well on Amazon. With the inclusion of head covers, stand bags, and standard putter, Wilson ProStaff HDX is a great kit for new learners who may wish to enjoy the quality time of the play course.

The irons in Wilson set are good sized with nice sweet spots that give a uniform strike on hit. The strike is a square and guarantees efficient energy dissipation to the ball on ground.

Key vending points

Wilson Profile XD Complete Kit.

Wilson Profile 10-piece kit is one of the most ideal packages for new students. Wilson Profile contains all the basic components that will allow for thirst quench whenever one visits a club. It beats all other brands by providing 5 fairway woods. Wilson Profile also provides hybrid with a choice 6, 7, 8 or 9 irons.

 Callaway Strata Ultimate 18 Piece kit

With 18 components, the Callaway Strata is an all-in exhaustive kit and can serve both newbies and experts. With an increase of 6 more units from the 12-piece Callaway, expect a price change. Only chose the 18 pieces once ready and feel the importance of having all the 12-piece Callaway Kit and the addition of 3 clubs from 9. As a newbie, never even think about the 3 and 4 irons as this is even a nightmare to their destined users, the intermediate class. Just get the 18 pieces and enjoy the extra woods and hybrids. The promise will be exemplary as a starting student. To improve safety, the Callaway Strata set comes with headgears.

Prosimmon Golf X9 V2+1

All through, short people have enjoyed their height. Now the over heights too are considered. For any height above 6.2 fees, this is the best kit for you. The plus one in the name is not for formalities but you the tall golf players, it will help you understand and enjoy the comfort of the height. To accommodate the long arms for the tall people, 10.5o is found to be the most ideal pitch for the ball strike. The swing angle is ideal as compared to height. Callaway men s strata and Prosimmon share the same 460 cc driver. With 460cc driver and 2 hybrids, V2+1 gives the tall guys a chance of comfort while doing what they love most.

Precise S7 Complete Kitting Unit.

In case the price is a point of selection, then precise S7 is the recommended club set for purchase. Precise S7 won’t let you regret on choosing this option as one of beginner sets. It has a driver, graphite shaft, 3, 5 woods, 4 hybrid, 5-9 irons, pitching wedge, and sand wedge. In addition to that, headcovers too are included plus a putter and a stand bag. All these golf equipment are of quality and currently trading so well on Amazon.

Vending points.

Cobra XL Complete Golf Set

This is a kit that resembles F-Max in everything. But the choice to maintain the niche at all costs mandated the development of the project. Cobra complete differs with F=max only on cost to ensure that all trusted clients who cannot meet the cost of F-MAX for one reason or they cannot miss on Cobra XL. This is a good option for starting students.

The XL clubs offer a great taste of quality and challenge for every beginner. These clubs are some of the perfect clubs even intermediate class of golfer prefer to use them.

Most experienced golfers prefer units with two hybrids and as a starter, developing this art from the start is not an extraordinary occurrence.

The lovers of Cobra celebrate the quality of its irons and I too recommend the same as Cobra is brand which takes the users’ concern seriously and gives exactly the market demand.

The putter and driver are made of durable material that gives them an outstanding choice on amazon.

Some key vending features include:

Best Cheap: Pine Meadow Pre Men’s 16-Piece Complete Golf Set

Its content may look ambiguous for starting students. But who would wish to be a student forever? A slot for advancement is a factor and Pre 16 piece is such a focused clubs set. The package has driver with graphite shaft, 3 hybrids and fairway woods, 4-9 irons and inclusion of mallet putter pitching wedge, three head covers and a stand bag. It has proved to be a good cheap option for starters.

It may not be possible to use all the provided fairway woods and hybrid at the start but be ready to use them just a week after practice. The quality of the play and hitting an ace achieved is exemplary.

Key vending points.

Even thou this package looks to wear, the extra pack on hybrid and woods should not scare any beginner from purchasing this tool. Golf wants challenges and the challenges are what the extra pack is for.

Best cool looking: Nitro X factor Complete Golf set.

At the moment, Nitro X is one of the cheapest and best golf clubs for beginners trading on golf units. It is a mix of quality of cost. The design includes descent clubs that are above the cost of their trading. Nitro X factor is a cool option to go for.

This unit contains a driver with graphite shaft, 3 fairway woods, 2 pairs of hybrids and irons. These all make it special. Just as others mentioned above, pitching wedge and putter not forgotten.

For anyone who would wish to join golf but finance has always been a problem, then this is the solution. The balls are of great quality and will serve for years even for training to advance to intermediate level. A tool warranty is all about care and militancy.

Selling points:

Confidence Golf Power Hybrid Club Set

Confidence beats other competitors for numerous starters by replacing the 3-5 irons which have proved to be hard for hitting the target. Confidence gives one the power to continue developing their play level and can also be used for the intermediate level of play. You can use it as an option for your power development. The 24-degree iron replaces the common 12-degree irons that other putters are set for and thus the preference for most junior players of golf. Its package also includes a bag as surplus that one gets upon the purchase of this set and an already build-in stand with sections and compartments for storage of the clubs.

Aspire XD1 Men’s Complete Kit

Aspire is one of the best trading low priced but best set for golf. It is packed with a titanium driver which for many people has remained a superior material for such low price. Such quality is always associated with expensive gadgets but Aspire as has always been, considers the pocket tightened group who may want to pay quality golf at an affordable price. Not only the titanium but also the padded bag which enables every buyer of Aspire to freely and comfortably carry the clubs throughout their journey. The bags are made of light materials to accommodate some strict regulations for public travelers.

Winfield Vertex Men’s Package Complete Golf Set

Winfield mixes the alloys of graphite to produce an oversized driver which a must-have for any beginner. This big-headed driver has made Winfield the best starting point for most novice golfers. With the improved head, the newbies have the chance to complete their senior as much hitting the ball may be concerned. Even though they may never get too close; their developing speed is supposed to improve and within one week of training; an expert may be born.

Precise M5 Ladies Complete Right-Handed Golf Club Complete Set

Possessing one of the largest club heads, M5 is a good start for any lady golfer. It is the best option for right handed starters. Sometimes hitting the ball on ground maybe, a disaster to any newcomer but with the improved head, it is never a dream. Even though M5 is not yet available for left-handed people, this right-handed set is available for both regular and petite-sized set. So, the short too should not be worried.

Cobra Golf Women’s Fly ZS Complete Set.

Just as the name cobra, this is a great beginner golf club set. This unique supply has the possibility of extension. One can decide to use it for any level of golf. Be it the beginner’s level, the intermediate level or the expert level. These are just an adjustment away and the clubs are ready for use. Only the 7 iron will be a necessity for entry player but adding more irons as time advances is not a norm. Always add to the advancement of the play level.

Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set

Anybody who may not like any of the described clubs can still find an alternative by a purchase of the Callaway for women. Nothing is as interesting as playing golf together with wives or with daughters. So, purchasing this set for them is not a mistake. That joy of playing is felt when both the players hold their Callaway set. Be it for men or women, this is the best set in the trade now. True beginner set of golf clubs these are.

Golf Girl FWS2 Lady Hybrid Club Complete Golf Set.

With such a beautiful wrap bag, Driver, 3 -wood with graphite shaft, 5-9 irons, and Putter plus head covers, this ladies package outdo everything in the market for newcomers. The oversized 3 -wood give a wide are for target and thus helps to reduce the missing habit which is a common syndrome in many entry guys. These clubs best suit ladies more so with the beauty to which they are designed ranging from the ball to the cart bag. The above all options are great but one might not miss this one.

Aspire XD1 Ladies Complete Golf Set

With a titanium driver and two head covers in addition to the pure graphite shaft, the aspire ladies complete set is a perfect match to any lady’s presence who always falls to the color and feel to the match of the two. Its drivers are top quality and never fall whenever they are needed for a job. If you want to improve your golfing, go for this one.

The Judge Founders Golf Club Complete Set

This is one of the most affordable complete golf kits with 10 clubs.  The set has 3-wood, a driver, 6 through PW-irons, putter and a hybrid. Another advantage with the judge founders clubs is the inclusion of a pitching wedge, therefore, a person has no reason for spending any extra money to buy a separate sand wedge. The set has a lightweight 460cc forged driver with graphite shaft. The 3-wood is of a high standard and performs the job perfectly. The hybrid has a large sweet spot and it has a lightweight shaft. These clubs best suits beginners who do not have total confidence with the long irons for a particular shot. These clubs enable the beginners to hit straighter and longer shots with the provision of irons that have a cavity back and greater sole technology. The bottom of a clubhead is called sole.

These clubs are suitable for starters because of the forgiveness they offer and the large sweet spots. Additionally, users acquire a maximum level of satisfaction with the durable and lightweight stand bag it offers. These clubs provide beginners with exactly what their money is worth because of their standards, their stand bag is durable, and the irons are made using high technology that helps the beginners to hit long and high shots. However, these clubs are not recommended for professional golfers, in this case, beginners who aspire to become professional golfers may not find these clubs useful to them beyond a certain level of experience in the game.

Senior Men’s Majek Golf All Hybrid Complete Full Set

These are best golf clubs for beginners who may have difficulties hitting shots with regular irons. They are also useful for golfers who are well experienced and also those beginners seeking to improve their game. Their lightweight structure is one of their greatest selling points because it enables beginners as well as senior golfers who do not like carrying heavy clubs to use the clubs. This set has a total of eight clubs one of which is a pitching wedge. The driver, long irons and 3-wood can be replaced with the 3, 4, and 5- hybrids. Golfers can alternatively use 6, 7, 8 and 9- hybrids instead of mid and short irons. The clubs have sweet spots with more weight that make them offer forgiveness. The clubs also have a deeper cavity that enables users to get high accuracy on off-center hits.

These clubs are ideal for beginners due to the aerodynamic design that creates more distance and greater clubhead speed.


For those who have at one point been through class, they will understand that there is always an introductory topic. This topic is always the first chapter of the book and hence the same applies to golf learners. Every new student willing to learn can become a competent ball striker. To ensure that learners get all the points right from the word go, their set has been designed to facilitate their ability to hit the ball center. This means the beginner’s kits are made with wide spots for longer and straighter ball strike. These forgiving clubs options are excellent for every starter because when one gets it right here, then every other stage will only need the same skills but sharpened hitting skills.

What Are The Ideal Best Golf Set/Clubs For Beginners?

For beginner clubs to be effective, they must have offset heads and graphite shaft rather than steel shaft; its face to be square at every impact. Square means a uniform hitting force and hence a straight path upon strike. Though the distance covered by the ball on ace is dependent on the applied energy, the shape also matters as some energy may be wasted due to deformations on the ball.

As a newbie, you may not have accuracy at the start. But this should not be a worry as all the clubs are designed with larger faces to increase the striking area and hence reducing the chances of misses.

In addition to the larger faces, the chances of hitting the ball are further increased by creating a large sweet spot. Even if the strike misses the ball center, it should never miss the whole ball. At least a surface strike is advantageous and encouraging to starters.

The cavity back designed irons are specifically made for new learners. It ensures that the loads are evenly distributed on the head and at the back for effective energy transfer for the strike of thunder onto the ball.

The Beginner Golfer Plaque

Blade Irons

With a tiny sweet spot, starters can always be embarrassed by several misses. Avoid these embarrassments by avoiding these blade irons completely in the purchase list as a starter. They may be ensign but not now. First, develop the skills then sharpen the skills by going for greater challenges.

Any wedge with 60o plus is no to starters

Forget about it all and concentrate on the 12o. They may look good for hitting but not at all for now. They can discourage a student in just the same way iterations and long sums frustrate college students.

Expensive Clubs.

Some sets are very appealing to the eye but not good for a start. These clubs set are very useful and very important for golfers. They come with new challenges every day but not for anybody willing to learn faster. For learners, the cost is important and should always be something quantifiable to the results. Now, what about buying all the expensive clubs and not using them? Would this not be waste?

How To Buy The Best Golf Club Set For Beginners.

Beginner golfers do not have the experience in golf clubs and therefore are not experts on choosing the right clubs for their particular game. Before any purchase decision is made by beginner golfers, several factors need to be considered. Making the best choices will not only make you become the best golfer but can also choose the most appropriate clubs set that are easy to learn and favor your financial capabilities. As a beginner golfer, you should look for a good mix of components such as drivers, hybrid, woods, irons, sand and pitching wedges, and a putter. Beginners should go for a driver that has more forgiveness.  The following are some of the important guides for beginners;

Buy from a Golf Specialist

Specialized golf stores, as well as professional golf shops, understand the needs of beginners hence they are the best places to acquire beginner golf set/clubs. They can make the best choice of golf club set that best suit the golfers, both beginners, and experienced golfers. They understand the range of clubs and can easily assess your swing and therefore they are the best to shop from.

Try it yourself before making a purchase

Most pro shops allow beginners to try different golf clubs themselves so that they can see which clubs best suit them. These shops act as advisors and offer varied options to beginners to make the right decision for themselves by allowing them to try a swing and determine what’s best for them.

Avoid buying expensive golf club set

As a beginner, it is advisable to buy relatively cheaper golf club set. We have many reasonable golf club options available in the market. Most golf experts recommend that beginners start with affordable beginners set that best suit them. Expensive golf club set is not recommended because of its irresistible nature, it seem complex for the beginners because of the latest technologies that it is packed with as well as having many features that most beginners may not understand especially at early stages of training. Therefore, as a beginner, you should practice often and move step by step as you continue learning from the simplest features to the seemingly complex ones. This is important because even under normal circumstances, people tend to understand better as they start from simple things and not introducing everything at ago. With a lot of experimentation by beginners, the learning process becomes easier and enjoyable.

Avoid professional golf club set

Beginners should not start with professional golf club set. Professional golf club set have different options and various features that may complicate the whole training process. Once a process becomes complicated to the beginner, you may have a hard time and feel frustrated as a result. Besides, golf clubs set for beginners are affordable and non-complex, this increases your confidence by understanding the process and enjoy learning of the game. This, as a result, boosts understanding and truly you would not regret getting into golf.

Choose large clubhead size

Golf clubs with large clubheads are necessary for beginner golfers. Large clubheads provide beginners with a larger sweet spot that provides forgiveness on mishits. Large clubheads have wide sole. Drivers of 450 to 460 cc are recommended because they are practical driver head size for beginners. Different golf brands are still trying to improve their drivers day by day. Also, as a beginner, you should make a good selection of irons to use. Firstly, unlike professional golfers who go for shallow cavity back, you should choose a deeper cavity back because it adds weight to the club’s perimeter. Professionals often go for the narrow sole clubs, but being a beginner, the wide sole is the best choice for you. For beginners to improve forgiveness on mishits, you should go for a mid-size to large clubheads and a wide sole that have a large sweet spot.

Choose cast irons

For beginners, the best way to improve their golfing is by using cast irons. One of the top reasons for using cast irons is to ensure that the weight is spread around the perimeter. It also makes clubs very forgiving. For this reason, I recommend cast irons. The forged irons are suitable for more experienced golfers and not beginners, this because they have a tighter sweet spot that may be challenging to the beginners.

Choose Graphite shafts

These shafts make golf clubs so lightweight and this is the reason why most starter golf clubs prefer them to steel shafts. Some golfers use stainless steel shaft too. But for starters we also recommend this shaft because it is lighter than steel shafts. They are appropriate for beginners who would like to enjoy the feeling of hitting the ball faster and also for gaining more distance.

Understand your swing speed

If you are a beginner who has a challenge with hitting the ball as fast as other pros, then still flex club shafts are the most appropriate set of clubs for you. Beginners with average swing speed, regular flex is recommended.



As a rookie, you might believe that using the equal clubs a tour player uses will give you the best chance of success on the golf course. In reality, the opposite is true: tour-level clubs are engineered to show to the specs of only the top and most experienced performers. Accessories specially made for amateurs (like the best golf clubs for beginners) will give you the best opportunity at falling in love with any golf club set. Attempting to start out with hard-to-hit tour-level flags will likely happen in discouragement and a quick exit from what can be a rewarding lifelong race.

How to Choose your Golf Clubs

As a beginner, you don’t necessarily need to use all 14 clubs on the golf course. It is important to understand various components of best golf clubs for beginners which include grip, steel shafts, hosel, and club sole. These components are further discussed below;

The grip

This is a rubber grip of eight-inch. It is glued onto the graphite shafts of golf clubs. It enables your hands to hold on the golf without making the slip come out of your hands when swinging with speed. Grips are of different sizes, standard size, midsize and oversize. Thicker grips are most preferred by golfers with bigger hands. Grips also come in different designs, textures, and colors. So it is the responsibility of a beginner to find out which one suits his or her best keeping hitting speed in mind.


This is a cylindrical pole connecting into the club heads that are made of graphite, stainless steel shafts or any other metals. These shafts are made using principles of modern technology. Most golf clubs have driver that is shafted with lightweight graphite material to help the club swing faster. Flex is another important component of steel shafts. At times, the shafts flexes from the wind resistance when the clubs are being swung at a high speed. Beginners should pick the right shaft’s flex that matches their golf swing as this helps them to hit the ball longer and they can have control over it. Most golfers use stainless steel shafts. But for beginners we recommend graphite shafts because they are lighter than a steel shaft. More control on shots is ensured by steel shafts.


Hosel is the share of club that connects the clubhead to the shaft. It also determines the angle between the sole of the club and the steel shafts. Some golf club sets like hybrid clubs, fairway woods, and drivers offer hosels that are adjustable that in turn allows you to change the loft settings. Other set of clubs like putters, wedges, and irons do not have adjustable hosels. Hence, you cannot change the angle between the sole of club and the steel shaft. The golf clubs can be adjusted depending on the golfer’s height and swing to lie angles that can suit you best.


These are specially designed to launch the golf ball into the air en they make contact with the ball. The club head helps to move the ball from the tee box to the green. Their designs are optimized to help hit the ball straighter and longer. Fairway woods share relatively small clubheads and narrow sole. But there is a large variety of woods clubheads that you can but anytime.

For a beginner, making the most appropriate decision of choice of the golf clubs set is a crucial stage. You should start with affordable club set as you upgrade your clubs. All club set highlighted above are necessary for a beginner. Playing golf becomes more interesting as you continue to pursue it.


We all know that a main share of golf club is a driver. The center of gravity of a driver has a great effect on the performance of golf club. One should confirm where the center of gravity of a driver lies. It lies somewhere in the box of driver. If it lies forward or downward then spin decreases. But if center of gravity lies somewhere upward or backward, the spin of a golf club increases.Different brands keep trying to improve their drivers. New improved drivers has been introduced like the driver 3-wood. Driver 3-wood is introduced by TaylorMade (well known golf clubs brand).