What Are The Ideal Best Golf Set/Clubs For Beginners?

No one is born a pro, maybe a few! If you’re looking for the best golf clubs for beginners then this guide will help you to carefully choose your golf equipment to make the most out of your game.

For beginner clubs to be effective, they must have offset heads and graphite shaft rather than steel shaft; its face to be square at every impact. Square means a uniform hitting force and hence a straight path upon strike.

Though the distance covered by the ball on ace is dependent on the applied energy, the shape also matters as some energy may be wasted due to deformations on the ball.

As a newbie, you may not have accuracy at the start. But this should not be a worry as all the clubs are designed with larger faces to increase the striking area and hence reducing the chances of misses.

In addition to the larger faces, the chances of hitting the ball are further increased by creating a large sweet spot. Even if the strike misses the ball center, it should never miss the whole ball. At least a surface strike is advantageous and encouraging for beginners.

The cavity back designed irons are specifically made for new learners. It ensures that the loads are evenly distributed on the head and at the back for effective energy transfer for the strike of thunder onto the ball.

The Beginner Golfer Plaque

Blade Irons

With a tiny sweet spot, beginners can always be embarrassed by several misses. Avoid these embarrassments by avoiding these blade irons completely in the purchase list as a beginner.

They may be ensign but not now. First, develop the skills then sharpen the skills by going for greater challenges.

Any wedge with 60o plus is no to beginners. They may look good for hitting, but not at all for now. They can discourage a student in just the same way iterations and long sums frustrate college students. Forget about it all and concentrate on the 12o.

Expensive Clubs

Some sets are very appealing to the eye but not good for a start. These clubs set are very useful and very important for golfers. They come with new challenges every day but not for anybody willing to learn faster.

For learners, the cost is important and should always be something quantifiable to the results. Now, what about buying all the expensive clubs and not using them? Would this not be waste?

How To Buy The Best Golf Club Set For Beginners

Beginner golfers do not have the experience in golfing and therefore they are not experts on choosing the right clubs for their particular game.

Before any purchase, several factors need to be considered. Making the best choices will not only make you become the best golfer but can also choose the most appropriate clubs set that are easy to learn and favor your financial capabilities.

As a beginner golfer, you should look for a good mix of components such as drivers, hybrid, woods, irons, sand and pitching wedges, and a putter.

Beginners should go for a driver that has more forgiveness.  The following are some of the important guides for beginners;

Buy from a Golf Specialist

Specialized golf stores, as well as professional golf shops, understand the needs of beginners; hence they are the best places to acquire beginner golf set/clubs.

They can make the best choice of golf club set that best suits the golfers, both beginners and experienced golfers. They understand the range of clubs and can easily assess your swing, and therefore they are the best to shop from.

Try it yourself before making a purchase

Most pro shops allow beginners to try different golf clubs themselves so that they can see which clubs best suit them. These shops act as advisors and offer varied options to beginners to make the right decision for themselves by allowing them to try a swing and determine what’s best for them.

Avoid buying expensive golf club set

As a beginner, it is advisable to buy a relatively cheaper golf club set. We have many reasonable golf club options available in the market. Most golf experts recommend that beginners start with affordable beginners set that best suit them.

Expensive golf club sets are not recommended because of their irresistible nature. It seems complex for the beginners because of the latest technologies that it is packed with, as well as having many features that most beginners may not understand, especially at the early stages of training.

Therefore, as a beginner, you should practice often and move step by step as you continue learning from the simplest features to the seemingly complex ones.

This is important because even under normal circumstances, people tend to understand better as they start from simple things and not introducing everything at-a-go. With a lot of experimentation by beginners, the learning process becomes easier and enjoyable.

Avoid professional golf club set

Beginners should not start with a professional golf club set. Professional golf club sets have different options and various features that may complicate the whole training process.

Once the process becomes complicated to the beginner, you may have a hard time and feel frustrated as a result.

Besides, golf clubs set for beginners are affordable and non-complex; this increases your confidence by understanding the process and enjoy learning of the game.

This, as a result, boosts understanding, and truly you would not regret getting into golf.

Choose large clubhead size

Golf clubs with large clubheads are necessary for beginner golfers. Large clubheads provide beginners with a larger sweet spot that provides forgiveness on mishits. Large clubheads have wide sole. Drivers of 450 cc to 460 cc are recommended because they are practical driver head size for beginners.

Different golf brands are still trying to improve their drivers day by day. Also, as a beginner, you should make a good selection of irons to use.

Firstly, unlike professional golfers who go for shallow cavity back, you should choose a deeper cavity back because it adds weight to the club’s perimeter. Professionals often go for the narrow sole clubs, but as a beginner, the wide sole is the best choice for you.

For beginners to improve forgiveness on mishits, you should go for a mid-size to large clubheads and a wide sole that has a large sweet spot.

Choose cast irons

For beginners, the best way to improve their golfing is by using cast irons. One of the top reasons for using cast irons is to ensure that the weight is spread around the perimeter.

It also makes clubs very forgiving. For this reason, I recommend cast irons. The forged irons are suitable for more experienced golfers and not beginners, this because they have a tighter sweet spot that may be challenging to the beginners.

Choose Graphite shafts

These shafts make golf clubs so lightweight, and this is the reason why most starter golf clubs prefer them compared to steel shafts. Some golfers use a stainless steel shaft too.

But for starters, we also recommend this shaft because it is lighter than steel shafts. They are appropriate for beginners who would like to enjoy the feeling of hitting the ball faster and also for gaining more distance.

Understand your swing speed

If you are a beginner who has a challenge with hitting the ball as fast as other pros, then still flex club shafts are the most appropriate set of clubs for you. Beginners with average swing speed, regular flex is recommended.


As a rookie, you might believe that using the equal clubs a tour player uses will give you the best chance of success on the golf course. 

In reality, the opposite is true: tour-level clubs are engineered to show to the specs of only the top and most experienced performers.

Accessories specially made for amateurs (like the best golf clubs for beginners) will give you the best opportunity to fall in love with any golf club set. Attempting to start out with hard-to-hit tour-level flags will likely happen in discouragement and a quick exit from what can be a rewarding lifelong race.

How to Choose your Golf Clubs

As a beginner, you don’t necessarily need to use all 14 clubs on the golf course. It is important to understand various components of best golf clubs for beginners, which include grip, steel shafts, hosel, and club sole. These components are further discussed below;

The grip

This is a rubber grip of eight-inch. It is glued onto the graphite shafts of golf clubs. It enables your hands to hold on the golf without making the slip come out of your hands when swinging with speed. Grips are of different sizes; standard size, midsize, and oversize.

Thicker grips are most preferred by golfers with bigger hands. Grips also come in different designs, textures, and colors. So it is the responsibility of a beginner to find out which one suits his or her best, keeping hitting speed in mind.


This is a cylindrical pole connecting into the club heads that are made of graphite, stainless steel shafts, or any other metals. These shafts are made using the principles of modern technology. Most golf clubs have a driver that is shafted with lightweight graphite material to help the club swing faster. Flex is another important component of steel shafts.

At times, the shafts flex from the wind resistance when the clubs are being swung at high speed. Beginners should pick the right shaft’s flex that matches their golf swing as this helps them to hit the ball longer, and they can have control over it.

Most golfers use stainless steel shafts. But for beginners, we recommend graphite shafts because they are lighter than a steel shaft. More control over shots is ensured by steel shafts.


Hosel is the share of a club that connects the clubhead to the shaft. It also determines the angle between the sole of the club and the steel shafts.

Some golf club sets like hybrid clubs, fairway woods, and drivers offer hosels that are adjustable that in turn allows you to change the loft settings.

Other sets of clubs like putters, wedges, and irons do not have adjustable hosels. Hence, you cannot change the angle between the sole of the club and the steel shaft. The golf clubs can be adjusted depending on the golfer’s height and swing to lie angles that can suit you best.


These are specially designed to launch the golf ball into the air when they make contact with the ball. The clubhead helps to move the ball from the tee box to the green. Their designs are optimized to help hit the ball straighter and longer. Fairway woods share relatively small clubheads and narrow sole.


We all know that the main share of the golf club is a driver. The center of gravity of a driver has a great effect on the performance of a golf club. One should confirm where the center of gravity of a driver lies. It lies somewhere in the box of the driver. If it lies forward or downward, then spin decreases.

But if the center of gravity lies somewhere upward or backward, the spin of a golf club increases. Different brands keep trying to improve their drivers. New, improved drivers have been introduced like the driver 3-wood. Driver 3-wood is introduced by TaylorMade (well-known golf clubs brand).

For a beginner, making the most appropriate decision of choice of the golf clubs set is a crucial stage. You should start with an affordable club set as you upgrade your clubs. All information highlighted above is necessary for a beginner. Playing golf becomes more interesting as you continue to pursue it.