How I Tested These Golf Club Sets

How did I come up with all these golf club sets and of the many manufacturers, why are they the best? As I said, I did a ton of testing and research, and here is how I based my reviews on:



Benefits of Investing In Golf Club Sets

You’re probably wondering: why bother getting good golf club sets in the first place? Isn’t it fine to go with just one club first and work your way up?

I used to think similarly until I delved into my research and got my first golf club set. Afterward, I realized that quality sets helped with so many aspects of golf, such as:

More Forgiveness For Beginners

The problem with purchasing individual golf clubs is that you only have one to work with! Sometimes, such golf clubs might not even be the suitable ones for you, which causes less forgiveness and a more difficult time playing.

With a golf club set, you can select from the bunch based on different factors around the golf course and your game. That way, you get more forgiveness and select the right club from the set to boost your performance. It’s the reason why I always recommend these golf club sets for beginners.


Strength and Durability to Last

Another huge benefit to these golf club sets is that they all have amazing materials, which don’t only feel great, but last longer. They have the durable construction to feel comfortable around your hands and on the golf course, all the while making sure you get value for your investment.

As long as you take care of them well, quality golf club sets can last for years of use. You’ll be able to learn a lot from your chosen set until you choose to upgrade.


Cost-Effective Compared to Others

When you compare purchasing an individual golf club to a set, you’ll realize the savings you get choosing the latter. This is because a set comes at lower prices, considering that you’re purchasing all you need in one package. Sure, it may seem like a lot of money in one go, but if you’re serious about golf, it pays off in the long run.

Besides this, the package gets more cost-effective because they sometimes come with freebies such as tees, balls, or even a bag and trolley!


Learn Better With a Complete Set

Yes, you have more of a learning curve with a complete golf club set rather than just individual ones. You have a lot of club types to choose from, and you get to learn which one suits you best based on its material, weight, and design.

With practice, you get to become more flexible and have a better idea of what club to use for particular situations, which makes your overall golfing performance a better one. This benefit is for both beginners and professionals, depending on the golf set you get.


How to Choose the Best Golf Club Sets

Now that you know about the best golf club sets and why they’re beneficial, which one’s for you? It’s not just about selecting the best one and hoping for the best. There are other specific factors to consider based on your individual preferences and needs.

With that said, here’s a more detailed guide to select the best golf club sets from the list I mentioned above.


What Is a Complete Club Set?

You can’t bring as many clubs as you want and expect it to be okay. According to standard golf rules, a golfer can only carry a max of 14 golf clubs in their bags when playing a round of golf.

While you don’t need to carry 14 clubs, you can’t carry any more than that if you compete or when playing legitimate games. However, if you’re just practicing or training, you can carry as many clubs as you need.

Typically, the baseline set for most golfers include the following:


All these differ in degrees and purpose, and each one is used for particular situations on the golf course. Once you have a gist of the basic set, it can help you choose equipment and sets based on your abilities. You can pick different club sets depending on your performance and individual preferences.

For example, you can replace woods and hybrids with long irons, or irons can replace woods. Select the club set you like based on what you feel is the perfect one for you.

For example, intermediate to professional golfers will have sets that include a driver, while beginners just require other clubs since drivers are tough to master. Furthermore, intermediate golfers would have a few hybrids, while handicappers would replace long irons with hybrids that work for them and their capability.

Even greater to professional golfers will want more wedges to their set, which helps attack the flagstick, having a gap and/or lob wedge. Beginners will want to focus more on golf clubs that offer better forgiveness, which helps in your handicap.


  1. Learn About the Club Components

Once you’re familiar with the basic set, let’s look into what you’re trying to look for when purchasing a golf club set.

There are four main golf club categories, which are the irons, woods, wedges, and putters. All these club categories offer major components common to all clubs available now, such as:


The Grip

This is a rubber cover that takes up the last eight inches or so of your club’s shaft. As the name suggests, it allows you to grip and hold the club well.


There are different clubs having grips of different sizes, depending on the size of your hand. Besides this, there are also different textures, as well as designs and colors according to your preference.



The grip is found on top of the shaft, the next major part of your golf club. It’s cylindrical and made of either graphite or metal, with a length depending on your club. There are different flexes, meaning that the shaft can be flexible or stiffer.


The flex affects the clubhead speed, with different levels to choose from depending on your gender, ability level, and stiffness preference. Usually, men would choose an “R” (regular) flex, while women can do with “L” (ladies).



Another major component is the hosel, which is what connects your club’s shaft to the clubhead. It’s also what controls your club’s lie angle, which is the measured angle between the clubhead’s sole and shaft. Some golfers need lie angles adjusted based on their arm length, height, and/or swing style.


For those who need shafts bent to increase your angle, then you need an upright lie. If you decrease the angle, then it’s a flat lie.


There are also adjustable hosels, which also connect the club’s shaft to the head. But this time, you can adjust the lie angle and loft, which are found in hybrids, fairway woods, and drivers. Adjustable hosels allow players to remove this shaft, adjust its loft and lie angle, then reinstall with a wrench, which is beneficial according to your swing style and personal preference.



I mention the clubhead a lot, which is the final and major component. This is the part that would hit a golf ball. This will control your ball’s height and the distance it travels.


The clubheads are the main features of all clubs, which are the first things players decide on before any other of the components I mentioned above.


They usually have specific technologies depending on the manufacturer’s unique features and for specific player ability. But basically, clubheads perform the same job regardless of the club — it strikes your ball, propelling it forward.


2. Golf Club Categories

Now, let’s get more into the different golf club categories, which I mentioned above.



These are well known as woods since drivers were made of wood, but they’re now made with titanium, steel, and other different materials.


“1 wood” is also known as the driver, which is the largest and longest clubhead, usually. They’re also long-distance clubs for first shots on Par 4 or 5, designed with graphite shafts.


The driver’s face is also the largest hitting area of the club, with different sizes you can choose from. The largest is 460 cubic centimeters, which is also the most popular size. There are sizes less than 440cc, though made for more professional golfers.


Note that the higher the cc number is, the more forgiving it is, making it more suitable for beginners.


Fairway Woods

Fairway woods are also part of wood categories, also known as metal woods or Fairway metals. Usually, they include 3-, 5-, and/or 7-wood clubs. As these numbers get higher, the more loft it has and this affects the height of your shot.


These woods are usually made with graphite shafts, though sometimes it’s with steel. The clubheads are mostly woods that decrease in size, looking more like a driver. Its main difference is the bulbous-shaped head and the flat face on the side, which is what you use to strike the ball.


These fairway woods are usually used for longer fairway shots, long Par 3 tee shots, or shorter Par 4 tee shots. It’s also suitable for those who aren’t able to hit their drivers because it adds more loft, resulting in straighter shots.



Hybrids are a cross between the wood and iron club, having a similar shape to wood. However, it’s much easier to hit, having the length and loft of irons for better distance. A lot of people tend to replace their long irons with a hybrid, which increases the forgiveness and playability in case they have off-center hits.


Usually, a hybrid is replaced by 3 or 4-irons, though golfers also replace other irons depending on what they don’t need.



Irons are used on almost, if not all, holes covering everything from shorter and mid-range shots up to long-range shots from your tee. They come in sets including up to eight individual irons, consisting of (though isn’t limited to) 3-9-irons, as well as a Pitching or Gap Wedge (known as an Approach Wedge).


Clubheads on irons would have deep grooves which extend across its face from the toe to heel, then run parallel from the top bottom. This regulates the golf ball’s spin, adding more control to your shot and influencing how high and far your ball travels. The higher the number is, then the more loft angle there is, though this means it flies higher at shorter distances.


Besides this, the clubheads on irons are thinner in-depth compared to hybrids or woods, adding to its accuracy. That’s where thinner and smaller heads of irons benefit you, especially when you’re a short distance from the hole.


There are also different types of irons to choose from, depending on your skill level.




These are very similar to irons because of their look and build, though the difference is their club lofts. Wedges would have higher degrees of loft, designed for higher accuracy and better spin compared to irons.


Besides this, it has a bounce, which is the angle from the clubface’s leading edge to the sole’s bottom. The higher the angle, the easier the club bounces off from the ground, which is optimal for chip shots. You can choose between these common types of wedges:




Putters are one of the crucial clubs on all golf club sets, fitted with steel shafts and sometimes have the squared or flat grip where the thumbs can rest. The clubface is either flat or nearly flat, smaller than most of the clubs in your set.


You use this on the green when rolling your gold ball to the hole. There are two main types of putter heads:


Blade Putters have a smaller head style, which is the traditional and common style. These are for golfers who want a smaller look and have better accuracy in distance and direction while putting

Mallet Putters have a larger head, slowly becoming popular for golfers of any skill level. This is because it has more forgiveness with its larger and heavier head, also stabilizing the impact for straighter putts.


3. The Club Set’s Strength and Durability

Besides the set, it’s crucial to look into the golf clubs’ material quality and construction. This is what makes or breaks the golf clubs, from the way it performs down to their lifespan.


I suggest that you look into what the clubs are made of and how they were constructed. It should be built with high-quality and excellent construction to last, which affects the way you play and how long the clubs last.


Some brands offer consistent construction to last, and while I don’t always recommend making brands a top priority, you can look into these brands I mentioned above. Brands such as Callaway, Wilson, Cobra, or PreciseGolf are great choices to start.


4. How Much Can You Shell Out?

Take note that golf isn’t an affordable hobby, and golf sets can take up to thousands of dollars! Expensive drivers can reach up to $1,000, with iron sets being about $3,000. However, you can also find boxed golf club sets for as low as $200, though this may affect the performance and durability of your set.


You don’t need to get the priciest golf club set, though you shouldn’t scrimp and get the cheapest one. You can purchase branded golf club sets for about $500 to $1,500, which is a sweet price range for moderate to high-quality clubs.


It’s also best to look into your skills and abilities, since professional golfers are better off with higher-priced ones, while beginners can make do with slightly affordable prices.


5. What’s the Package Like?

Did you know that besides golf clubs the set also comes with different inclusions to take advantage of? Some golf club sets don’t only include a bag, but others have trolleys, golf gloves, as well as extra balls and tees.


Do take note that such accessories are more suitable for beginners though, as some of them (like gloves) may not be as adequate for golfers who play more intensely. This is because golfers have their preferences and needs in certain accessories outside the golf club set.


Frequently Asked Questions

Besides the things I’ve mentioned above on golf club sets, there’s more to learn! Here are other frequently asked questions many people and readers have inquired about:


1.Should I get new or used golf club sets?

A lot of people want to save a few bucks trying to purchase used golf clubs, though is it a good idea?


For me, I suggest that if you have the budget for it, you should invest in a new golf club set that will give you the best golfing experience. Yes, there are quality used golf clubs available and you’re able to get ones that look and perform new. But do take note that this doesn’t happen often, and most likely, the golf clubs end up falling apart quicker, which requires you to purchase something new.


2.As much as possible, especially if you’re a beginner, invest in a new golf club set instead.


3.When do I re-shaft my golf clubs?

Why change the shaft in the first place? There are various reasons why, such as when it breaks. If your shaft breaks, it’s to either get a whole new club or to re-shaft it. Another reason is if your club wore out and it began performing not as well as it should be.


Sometimes, if you don’t like the way your shaft works or it doesn’t fit as well, that’s the time to re-shaft it. Sometimes, it can feel too short or long, flexible or stiff. Whatever any of these reasons are, you can re-shaft it as needed.


4.What are the differences between the AW and SW golf clubs?

One thing I didn’t tackle was the difference between both the AW and SW, which stand for Approach Wedge and Sand Wedge respectively. Sand wedges have lofts somewhere between 56-58 degrees, while approach wedges are about 50-54 degrees.


It might be a small gap, but they have different uses. Sand wedges are made best for shots on rougher terrain so it won’t dig into it, usually sand. It’s a helpful wedge for those who have steeper angles, which is why they’re also called diggers.


As for approach wedges, they have similar purposes, they’re made for shots that have higher distances compared to sand wedges.


5.How will I know what golf club to hit?

There are different factors to consider with what type of golf club to hit from the set, such as:



6.What should I prepare and wear for my golf trip?

I recommend that you dress comfortably for the golf course, following any dress code that they may have. Dress according to the weather and make sure you protect yourself from the sun, including a visor, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Wear proper golf shoes with good traction and cleats to walk comfortably.


Prepare for the golf course with the proper equipment as well. This includes your golf club set, a trolley, and extra clothes. Also bring your drinks, a towel, rangefinders for the golf course, as well as other tools to fix your golf clubs in case of any issues.


7.Should I care about the golf brands to use?

While I’m a firm believer in trusting reputable golf brands, I also don’t find the absolute need for getting the most popular and expensive one. This especially goes for beginners, since you may not be able to tell the difference. However, some professionals prefer certain brands because of loyalty and a consistent feel to the clubs.


So, you can care about the golf brands, but don’t make it the top priority in selecting the right golf club sets. Instead, focus on other factors first before you look into the brand, checking out its weight, comfort, among other things. You can also get other recommendations from professional golf shops.

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Bonus Tips: Using and Maintaining Your Golf Club Sets

Once you already have chosen a golf club set, it doesn’t stop there. You should learn how to use it properly AND care for it to ensure that you perform well and that it lasts longer. Here are some helpful tips to follow to use and maintain your golf club sets to last:


How to Use and Maintain Your Golf Clubs

Before we get into cleaning the golf clubs, here are ways to use and maintain them properly to last longer:



How to Clean Your Golf Clubs

Besides having to maintain and use your golf clubs, you also have to learn to clean them. That way, you have clubs that stay clean to use for a long period. Here are the tips to follow to clean all your clubs well:


Learn more about how to clean and maintain your golf clubs well with this informative video:


Wrapping It Up

Playing golf requires both skill and the right equipment to get you scoring well. With quality golf club sets, you have everything in one bag without hassling yourself into purchasing what you need separately. Plus, you get to achieve goals and hone your skills in the sport with ease, whether you’re a beginner or professional, young or senior player.


Of all the different golf club sets tried and tested, the editor’s choice goes out to the Callaway Men’s Strata. It comes with all you need to get you started in golf, from the driver down to a bag and headcovers.


Besides this, all the clubs included giving comfort, the sweet spot, and the distance many need to achieve high-flying shots. With its amazing package and strength from all its inclusions, you can see why it’s worth the investment!


I hope that my purchasing guide on the best golf club sets gave you an idea of what to get.


If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences with any of these golf sets (like my 3 Srixon Z-355 irons review), then comment below. I appreciate all your thoughts and reviews!