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Of the many first steps taken in playing golf, selecting the right club is up there in importance. Often, it is not an easy task, even for a veteran player. There are many considerations to take, and for beginners, many things to learn. Your being here definitely means taking up the challenge and addressing this vital step one article at a time.

It’s not as if you would be stuck with only one golf club while on the course. You are allowed to have as many as 14 clubs in your bag , and diversifying is an obvious choice. That means learning about the different types there are: woods (which can refer to drivers or fairway woods), irons, putters, wedges and hybrids. And then there are the parts: what is the shaft? Do you already know what a hosel is? We will answer all that on here for you.

With what can be hundreds or thousands of choices, how do you pick what is best for you? When to Use a Rangefinder? Do you base it on your ability level, and if you need to, how do you honestly assess yourself? Are there handicaps that you need to consider? Your golf set should be made up of equipment that play well with your capabilities, not hamper or magnify it.

We will also help you decide if checking with a professional is your best course of action. You can come for assistance as well as make a good impression with the essential information we here at I Over Golf will arm you.

If you are after tips from the pros or wants to to know what is the best golf club sets. then you will also be covered. Best practices will be shared, and recommendations for clubs will be made based on the results of the tests that our experts themselves will conduct. Maintenance is discussed as well — making the most out of your tools does not only mean that it will aid you in winning the game. It also means caring for them so they can be kept in good condition for a long time and not get in the way of the perfect swing.

In short, we will cover everything there even best clubs for seniors  is to know on this page about one of the most essential tools in playing the sport, and update it accordingly. Novices can pick up the pace and longtime golf players do not have to run around with obsolete information.

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