TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls

A golf ball plays a vital role in achieving a golfer’s targets, from getting yardage to optimum spin to straighter shots. So, it’s only apt to get something that’s constructed durably with the right aerodynamics.

In this review, you will get to know about one of the finest golf balls available at an affordable price – the TaylorMade Noodle Soft and Long Golf Balls.

Noodle Golf Ball Review

The Noodle Soft and Long Golf Balls are known for their softer compression, consistency, and 342 aerodynamically optimized dimples.

Newbies, recreational golfers, and senior golfers who have lost their swing speed (around 75 MPH) over the years will find the Noodle golf ball a gift as it offers excellent distance and a better feel.

To know more about its specific features, here’s our detailed review.

Highlights of the Noodle Golf Balls

The following are the major highlights of the Noodle Golf Balls:

  1. 342 aerodynamic dimples
  2. Ultra-soft 34 compression core
  3. Noodle easy distance golf ball
  4. Awesome looks and feel
  5. Consistent with all golf clubs
  6. Have low compression core
  7. Straighter flight due to Patented Dimple Design
  8. Affordable price


Let’s discuss each of the highlights of the Noodle golf balls in more detail.

342 Aerodynamic Dimples Design

The 342 aerodynamic dimples is a propriety design of the TaylorMade OEM. This design helps the golf ball move quickly through the air and gives less friction against the wind direction.

The patented design includes 342 dimples, making the golf ball more handicap-friendly. Due to the dimples and strong outer core, the golf ball gives a new feel even after multiple rounds.

Ultra Soft 34 Compression Core

The Noodle golf ball is equipped with an ultra-soft 34 compression core. The compression core helps to reach long distances.

Noodle Easy Distance Golf  Ball

As the name suggests, they are long because they offer more reach and distance. They are also soft, offering a buttery feel. They can reach a long distance with a swing speed of around 75 mph.

With all other variables held constant, they are better at distances than many other golf balls because they are equipped with impact propulsion cores.

The impact propulsion core gives a propulsion/push to the golf ball, which adds to the swing force, consequently achieving a longer distance.

Awesome Looks and Feel

The marketers at TaylorMade have named them correctly, because at impact, the soft balls generate an incredible feel.

This feel and feedback are what the golfer plays golf for. A long-soft ball generates the right feel, which is translated into real feedback for the golfer.

The engineers and the designers have successfully produced the buttery feel with the Noodle long-soft golf ball. Even after many rounds, the golf ball can still give a great feel, just like it was used for the first time.

Low Compression Core

They are equipped with low compression core; therefore, they are aimed at golfers with low swing speeds. The golfers with swing speeds around 75 mph should choose the golf balls with low compression core, as they offer better distance even with lower swing speeds.

Best Golf Club Sets For The Money

A Gift for Handicappers

The engineers and designers at TaylorMade have been able to manufacture the handicappers’ friendly golf balls successfully. Its patented dimple design offers straighter flight and long-distance, everything a handicapper needs. They provide a means for the handicappers to play better.

On the other hand, if you have a decent swing and low on handicap, the Noodle balls should be chosen with caution.

Affordable Price

This set comes in two package types —the small pack contains 15 golf balls and a larger pack with 24 golf balls. For these two packages, the sets are relatively affordable.

The Noodle Golf ball sets are some of the best golf balls today with such a performance, longer distance, straighter shots, playability, and handicapper friendliness at such a price tag.

Noodle Golf Ball Specifications

Noodle Golf Ball Features

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Do the Noodle golf balls come in colors other than white?

Answer: The Noodle golf balls are available only in white.

Question: In which country are the Noodle Long and Soft balls made?

Answer: These are made in Taiwan.

Question: How many layers are there in the Noodle golf balls?

Answer: They are two-layered golf balls.

Question: Where is the Noodle soft golf ball designed?

Answer: The Noodle Long and soft golf ball is designed in California, USA.

Question: Is the Noodle long and soft golf ball legal to play in tournaments?

Answer: Yes, it is legal to play in tournaments.

Question: What is in it for players with low swing speeds?

Answer: It is a product that is specially made for players with low swing speeds.

Question: Does its name have something to do with what they have to offer?

Answer: Yes. The term long in the name means that they offer longer distances. The term soft in the name means they offer a buttery feel.

Question: What is the compression rating of the Noodle long and soft golf ball?

Answer: The compression rating of the Noodle long and soft ball is 34.

Final Verdict

The Noodle Long and Soft golf balls are suitable for many players – be it for newbies, handicappers, recreational, and senior golfers. It is made with the right technology to ensure better distance, straighter shots, optimum spin, and quality-feel at a very affordable price.

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