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Callaway Superhot Bold Golf Ball Review

Is it challenging for you to spot the golf ball in the air or on the ground? You think the white color is too old-fashioned and the color of golf balls needs updating?

If you have answered any of these questions affirmatively, then the Callaway Superhot Bold golf balls are just the ones you have been waiting for.

The Callaway Superhot Bold golf balls are not only colorful; they also offer a lot of speed and long-distance, thanks to the top of line engineering that goes into them from Callaway Golf. They are labeled as superfast and high-performance golf balls.

It is important to note that the Callaway Superhot Bold Review results from customers’ feedback and requirements.

The colored golf balls have remained Callaway golf’s top-selling proposition, but the Callaway Superhot bold golf balls stand out for their matte finish and colors. They are offered in different colors (green, red, yellow, and orange) and the evergreen white-colored golf balls with a matte finish.

Let’s review them a little deeper to have a better knowledge of these.


Callaway has always remained a pioneer when it comes to bringing technology to the sports of golf. They have been able to engineer the golf balls’ aerodynamic design, ensuring quality conditions for launch, such as optimal lift.

The aerodynamic engineering has enabled these golf balls to have low drag. The low drag offers super fast speed while the optimal lift keeps the golf ball in the air for a more extended period. The synergy is a superfast golf ball that covers a long distance.

Super Long

Thanks to the HEX aerodynamic design, the golf balls offer long-distance, from driver to the short irons. It offers easy 15 extra yards with a standard swing speed off the tee in terms of numbers.

Excellent Spin and Control

The Superhot golf balls are a three (03) piece construction. Plus, they have a soft cover to provide great spin and control. Overall, the more extraordinary mix of the 3-piece construction and softcover ensures excellent golf course performance.

Feel and Looks

They have a super soft buttery feel. And feel tremendous off the face. Let’s accept it. The Callaway Superhot bold golf balls are very different when it comes to looks and colors. They feel and look like a moving-colored ball than a golf ball.

Well, the bright looks due to the colors is a big turn on for many golfers and at the same time a big turn off for many other golfers.

Nonetheless, the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but they catch the eye of every golfer and are easily traceable due to their catchy colors. Among them, the red and orange colored golf balls are the most eye-catching from the tee to the greens.

What is in the Callaway Superhot Bold Golf Balls for Golfers

  1. Extra yards
  2. Buttery feel
  3. Better score
  4. They putt slightly slower
  5. Color makes it easy to track during the ball flight
  6. HEX Aerodynamic
  7. Ideal compression
  8. Better control
  9. Overall, a good game


Let us have the experience of playing with the Superhot Bold Golf Balls from Tee to the Greens

The experience with the Callaway Superhot Bold golf balls from the tee to the greens assures the long distance. Of course, the distance depends on many conditions but overall, the long-distance is confirmed if the distance from the previous games with other golf balls is taken into account.

They offer pleasant launching conditions, better and high ball flight. It ensures that the superhot bold golf ball would end up in the greens.

Further, given the golf ball’s color, it was effortless to follow the ball throughout the flight, then the dips, and finally even the role.

Overall, the ball felt very easy to compress. Resultantly, a better response and soft feel were rewarded with every other good swing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the compression on these new 2018 Superhot balls?

Answer: Callaway does not publish the official figures of compression. However, according to an unofficial figure, the golf balls have 70 compression.

Question: Among the colors available, which color is the most noticeable on the course?

Answer: The red color is most noticeable on the field.

Question: In which countries are Callaway Superhot Bold golf balls manufactured?

Answer: They are manufactured in Taiwan.

Question: Are the Callaway Superhot Bold golf balls, the United States Golf Association (USGA) legal?

Answer: Yes, the Callaway Superhot Bold golf balls are USGA legal.

Question: Does the Callaway superhot bold golf ball come in a matte finish?

Answer: Yes, the Callaway superhot bold golf ball comes in a matte finish.


  • Affordable.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • High surface quality.
  • They go in a straight line off the tee and around the greens.
  • Work best in foggy conditions also.
  • Forgiving.
  • Durable.
  • Cleans up easily.
  • High trajectory.


  • A little sluggish off the putter.
  • Red balls are difficult to see in overcast conditions.
  • Shorter rollout.
  • Its not the golf ball for lower handicap golfers.

Final Verdict

It is colorful, performance-oriented, controllable, forgiving, low cost, easy to track, and offers a lot of distance. These are the qualities that define the Callaway Superhot Bold Golf Ball.

The Callaway engineers have leveraged Callaway’s legacy to ensure that a golfer plays with style, confidence, and assertiveness. Its aerodynamic HEX design and softcover with Iomoner material ensure better and great results.

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