Callaway Superhot 55 Review

Callaway Superhot 55 Golf Balls

The Callaway Superhot 55 golf balls accurately depict their name; they are super soft and have the soft feel of 55 compressions. They are engineered to ensure shots that allow a long and straight ball in the air.  

The golf balls have been engineered to meet the golf players’ demands who are handicappers, and have tried almost every other technique from YouTube to whatever they find, to improve their games but to no avail.

It’s time for all such golf players to add a little advantage to their love of golf and try the Callaway Superhot 55 golf balls, which offer a way more distance with a low spin, all in one with aerodynamic dimples the golf ball.

Overall, the Superhot 55 golf ball provides the distance to the golf player from tee to green. Its reduced spin manages the hooks and slices to ensure a straighter shot. 

Historically, the Callaway Superhot 55 golf balls are the successor to the Chrome Soft golf balls. 




The superhot 55 golf balls have three-piece dual-core construction. They have a very soft mantle layer and a cover system enabled by Trionomer blend Surlyn material.

The Surlyn material is a far better material than the typical urethane material from which most golf balls are manufactured.

The Callaway engineers have achieved straighter shots and lower spin by synergizing the surlyn cover and soft mantle layer. 

Callaway’s designers have utilized the air in favor of the golfer by introducing the 332 HEX aerodynamic design dimples on the superhot 55 golf balls’ cover system.

Its aerodynamic built makes optimal launch conditions and offers low drag, longer carry, optimal lift, and long-distance. 

The superhot 55 golf balls have been engineered with very 55 compressions. It enables and contributes to a buttery feel.

Other than the buttery and softer feel, the 55 compression allows sufficient room for golfers with slower swing speeds to sufficiently compress the ball. It enables them to have a more extended shot, managing longer distances. 


When it comes to performance, the Callaway Superhot 55 golf ball is none less than any other golf ball. The golf balls offer a lot of control in the greens.

In this regard, the Surlyn cover plays an important role, which provides a decent spin throughout the green. The decent spin allows long and straight shots and makes them hooks and slices resistant.

Further, the low spin also enables the Superhot 55 golf ball to offer the most distance. However, the low spin limits the workability for pro golfers who want to use the hooks and slices to manage difficult shots from a distance. 

Thus, all the golf players are ready to hit straighter shots thanks to the soft mantle and the cover system in these golf balls.

They synergize together to give straighter shots, better launching conditions, low spin, and fewer hooks and slices for better-controlled ball flights. 


The superhot 55 golf balls have a tricky feel. They feel buttery yet firm. The feel of the golf ball is fantastic, which is almost the same around the greens.

The surlyn cover system is the one that ensures the right feel for the golfers. Though the superhot 55 golf balls are softer, they do not subdue the golfer’s quality and performance. 

The Callaway Superhot 55 Golf balls are for –

The Callaway Superhot 55 golf balls are engineered and designed for Golfers with all experience and expertise levels. Yes, they include tour pros and low to high handicappers.

Especially those golfers who want 1) straighter ball flights, 2) less spin, 3) less hook and slice, and 4) more distance from tee to the green. 


  • Low slicing and hooks
  • Low spin
  • Great distance coverage
  • Buttery feel
  • The old golf ball feels like a new golf ball
  • Unique mantle and the cover
  • High-velocity core



  • Low workability


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What about the drag of the superhot 55 golf balls?

Answer: The golf balls offer low drag. 

Question:What about the golf flight offered by superhot 55 golf balls?

Answer: The design and material of the superhot keep the ball to have a straighter flight.  

Question: What is the price range of the superhot 55 golf balls?

Answer: Its price range is between USD 26.99 – 27.99.

Questions: What are the different colors that the golf balls are manufactured in?

Answer: they are only available and manufactured in white colors. 

Question: How is the performance of a superhot 55 golf ball with a putter?

Answer: The superhot golf ball works awesome with the putter. 

Question: Can the superhot 55 golf balls be considered as a game improvement golf balls?

Answer: Yes, they are pretty much considered the game improvement golf balls. 

Question: What is the SKU of the Callaway superhot 55 golf balls?

Answer: Two (02) dozen is the SKU of the superhot 55 golf balls package. 

Final Verdict

The golf balls are a must for handicappers of all levels. Overall, the golfers like them mainly because they offer super performance and an incredible feel.

It is specifically designed to meet the needs of golfers with slower swing speeds. It works best for the golfers who are willing to trade off some workability and ability to spin the ball on approach shots.

It is undoubtedly the super hot golf balls that ensure that you have a wonderful day at the golf course, from tee to the green. 

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