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Callaway Chrome Soft Review

The sweetest organ deformation are dimples! (Anonymous). Guest what? There are 332 aerodynamic dimples in the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls.

The Callaway Chrome Soft are the golf balls that have been engineered to give you the performance and feel that you have wanted throughout your golf career. 

With a little higher price tag, the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls are the right choice for someone who wants to synergize their golf equipment and expertise. They give you the spin where you want it the most and offers advanced alignment with soft x triple track technology. 

Engineered and designed using the Callaway patented technology and experience, the Callaway Chrome Soft Golf balls are an excellent addition to your golf bag that offers the longest distance without losing any other performance parameters. 

Therefore, without further ado, let us dive into more details about the golf balls to make the right decision the next time you buy the golf balls. 




The Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls are constructed with a larger graphene-infused dual soft fast core. It is coupled with a faster and larger core that improves performance.

The firmer outer core, on the other hand, is thinner. It is reinforced with graphene for extraordinary durability and better wedge spin.

Further, its mantel is constructed with a high-speed mantel system new proprietary ionomer blend. Various compounded additives have also been added to its construction to improve its performance. 


It is made up of a larger graphene-infused dual soft fast core that ensures more considerable increased distance. Further, the faster core also helps in the longer distance.

The larger core, coupled with the faster core, creates better launch conditions and a lower spin. However, for more wedge spin, the firmer outer and thinner core are reinforced with graphene. 

The golf balls offer a higher consistent speed and penetrating ball flight, thanks to the high-speed mantle system’s new proprietary ionomer blend.

They create higher and efficient energy transfer from the Dual SoftFast Core for higher and better ball speed. The golf ball is made much better with the help of the thinner urethane cover.

The urethane cover makes the golf ball more resilient and responsive, generating lower spin and increased ball speed.

It also promotes lower spin on full shots while soft feel and high spin are maintained around the green. The stiff mantle ensures wedge shots with ideal spin, while the compounded additives improve durability and consistency. 

The launch conditions and the flight of the golf ball are also ensured through optimized aero design. The optimized aero design also ensures consistent trajectory and longer distance.

Its Aero design also reduces drag, which also helps in higher ball flight for optimum trajectory, ensuring more distance.

The ball flight visibility and focus on the golf ball’s flight are increased by designing the out cover with the Truvis pattern. The unique design maximizes the view and focus of the golf ball. 

Feel and Looks

The golf ball’s feel is made incredible with the help of a Thinner Urethane cover, which adds in a soft but firmer feel.

The looks of the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls are fantastic with dwindling bright colors and offer a soft feel around the green.

Many golf players have liked the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls’ looks, which come in soccer-style padded color combination of white & black and yellow & black. 


  • Durable. 
  • Triple track alignment.
  • Use of proprietary material for construction. 
  • Great spin control. 
  • High-level Consistency. 
  • Better feel. 
  • Optimized Aero Design cover.
  • Increased focus and visibility. 
  • High workability. 
  • React well on greens.
  • High spin maintained around the green. 


  • A little pricey. 
  • A newer and a better version is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does it weigh within the United States Golf Association limits?

Answer: Yes, it weighs within the allowed limits of USGA.

Question: What about the drag and speed offered by the Callaway golf ball?

Answer: The chrome golf ball offers low drag and better speed. 

Question: Do these golf balls offer straighter flight?

Answer: Yes, these golf balls offer straighter flight with low spin. 

Question: What is the price range of the golf balls?

Answer: Its price range starts from USD 37.95.

Questions: What are the different colors that the golf balls are manufactured in?

Answer: They are available and manufactured in white colors, yellow colors, and padded soccer-style yellow & black and white & black. 

Question: What is the SKU of the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls?

Answer: One (01) dozen is the SKU of the golf balls package. 

Question: How is the performance of the golf balls with the putter and other clubs?

Answer: The Chrome Soft golf ball works fantastic with the putter and all clubs from tee to the green, offering a better game with low-spin. 

Question: Can the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls be considered as a game improvement golf balls?

Answer: Yes, they are game improvement golf balls. 

Final Verdict

Suppose the increased distance, high visibility, better feel, consistent ball flight, awesome launch conditions, durability, and incredible feel, and control are what defines your choice of a quality golf ball. In that case, the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls are the ones that you should look forward to buying. 

It is equally suitable for senior golf players as well as the junior ones. The golf balls are an incredible gift for golfers struggling to manage distance and spin simultaneously.

Most importantly, it is highly forgiving, offering a low spin on the short game and a high spin on the long game. 

Check the newer version of these Chrome Soft Golf Balls, the Superhot 55!

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