Callaway Edge Review – Best Irons of 2020?

What are the golf club properties that amateur golfers are looking for? Judging by the experience, most weekend golfers want their irons to improve their game and give them as much forgiveness as possible.

If you agree with us, then Callaway Edge Combo irons might interest you, and that’s what we are going to review today, the Callaway Edge 10-piece golf club set!


These irons use a game-changing technology that’s bound to give your shots more distance, as well as reduce the impact of your mishits.

This golf set is easy to use and is designed for distance. This would attract golfers who are looking for more forgiving golf sets and need all the support they can get.

Therefore, these irons might be ideal for amateur golfers who are looking to take their game to the next level. Surely, Callaway Edge Combo irons won’t turn you into Tiger Woods straight away, but they will give you an edge over your opponents.

These golf clubs can be found in many big stores and are not exclusive to a particular store. They include a ten regular right-handed set. Most golf clubs are right-handed since there are typically more right-handed than left-handed golf players.

However, even the right-handed golf clubs can be used by left-handed players, but it will be considerably more difficult.

The packaging of the box is set to the classic Callaway standard. Although the golf clubs are packaged delicately, it is easy enough to unwrap. You may also find a matching bag for a minimum price at the same store where the golf clubs are sold.

The Callaway Edge golf set may not look entirely new after you have unpacked it from the box, but it is not used either.

There are many reasons why this iron is great for amateurs, starting with the fact that the lofts of these irons are increased, meaning that the ball-launching job should get much easier for you.

Another thing bound to improve your launching ability is the fact that Callaway Edge Combo irons have a low center of gravity, and this design is also responsible for increased forgiveness for beginners.

Speaking of forgiveness, these irons are great for those who tend to take more turf with each swing, because they have a wider sole that improves the ground interaction.

And when it comes to drawing the ball, thanks to a progressive offset, Callaway Edge Combo irons are going to make it easy for you to draw it. If, after learning all this, you’re still not convinced that Callaway Edge Combo irons belong in your golf bag, then we urge you to take a closer look at their features.

But, first, let’s see which clubs you will get if you decide to buy this set.

What’s inside the Callaway Edge Combo 10-piece Golf Club Set?

  • Titanium Driver
  • 3-Wood
  • 5-Hybrid
  • 6-Iron
  • 7-Iron
  • 8-Iron
  • 9-Iron
  • Pitching Wedge
  • Sand Wedge
  • Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter

Features of Callaway Edge Combo Irons

Titanium head driver – Callaway Edge club drivers have a grey finish design and are also nonadjustable. For golfers who have no problem sticking with tradition, the nonadjustable feature of these drivers won’t be a problem.

The driver comes with a large clubhead made of titanium. It has a fast face and a very low center of gravity, which is going to improve your launch prowess. 

However, if you are looking for a more modern technology driver with an adjustable feature, you may check other golf club sets even though they might be a bit on the high price.

The driver also places more priority on improving distance rather than launch accuracy. As Edge drivers are regular shafted, you won’t be able to get a custom fit with this set.

This may be a downside for golfers who are looking to have their drivers custom fitted. Again, you will find other golf sets with the fitting feature at maybe a slightly higher price.

Playing along five par with the Callaway Edge driver gives almost the same distance coverage as you will get from the Callaway Maverik driver. It is a regular standard feature with a bit of whip and can be compared with an X hawk driver from the past.

It makes a good noise, and, in the swing, you will feel as if you know where the head positioning is. For amateurs who may not be able to hit the longer pars, these drivers help with ball control and give the golfers more confidence when playing.  

3-Wood – The driver’s shaft is made of graphite, which makes it very lightweight, thus great for improving your distance. On top of that, its aerodynamic clubhead and low center of gravity make the 3-wood great for launching the ball on a long flight.

5-Hybrid – The 5-hybrid is very forgiving thanks to its cambered sole. It makes launching the ball a pretty easy job.

Steel-shaft irons –  The steel shaft irons, six down to sand wedge look good and are so chromed that you may even think that they should cost more than they do. A downside to the iron is that that the lob stops at the sand wedge. It may get frustrating for players and doesn’t provide for more versatility.

You may want to get a lob wedge potentially. Also, it doesn’t give a lot of range; there are no long irons. For the amateur or average players, this shouldn’t be a problem as you can just adopt the 5 hybrid, which has a 25-degree loft and 60 degrees lie with its length being 38.75, because it may just as easily be consistent or even more so than the long irons. When playing with any of the steel shaft irons, you may try to hit as far as a pitching wedge.

Try playing with a soft pitching wedge to ensure that your plays, whether you’re on days or off days, are still pretty good. The Callaway Edge pitching wedge has a classic Callaway shape with a slightly bigger tone. It is also very low in the hosel.

It is unlikely that a golfer who wants to buy this Edge set will need a 4 or 5 iron. Making a par three with the 8-iron steel shaft, you will find that the club is right-handed and consistent.

As an amateur golfer changing golf club sets, this set will provide you with a smooth and effortless transition without reducing the quality of your gameplay.

Odyssey White Hot Pro putter –  The Odyssey White Hot Pro putter with the proper super stroke grip is considered one of the most impressive things about the Callaway Edge golf set. The putter feels good on first hits, and whether you make birdie or par, you will have an enjoyable game experience.

The putter gives you a fantastic feel, which is achieved through the use of a Super-stroke grip, the purpose of which is to stabilize the stroke. With these golf sets, you get a wider face, and it will help you to be more consistent as you are starting to make more contact as a beginner.

Driver Test – Hedging 10.5 degrees in a regular shaft, the Edge set’s higher-lofted drivers are well suited to amateur golfers. The quality of the Callaway Edge driver is not at all affected by the lower cost price of the product. Where two golfers are playing with regular shafts in both drivers, the launch distance covered might even be closer.

Headcover – The Callaway Edge golf set comes with a headcover for each of the golf clubs. The covers have a distinct shape to fit every piece in the Callaway Edge golf set, including the Odyssey White hot Pro putter. The headcover accessory for this golf set is designed with colors black and white.

The headcovers are made with the standard generic material common with the Callaway brand, and they are pretty good. They also come with every ten-piece set of the Callaway Edge golf clubs, which is pretty impressive considering the price.

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  • Improved Distance – The woods are designed so well that you’re gonna get a significant distance improvement right after you start using them.
  • Very Forgiving Irons – These clubs are designed to help amateur golfers make their games much better. So, if you’re getting annoyed with your mishits, Callaway Edge clubs might be able to fix them.
  • Reasonable Price – Considering how high their level of forgiveness is, Callaway Edge clubs are pretty reasonably priced. Surely, they’re not cheap, but then again, they cost much less than many other top-class game-improving clubs.


  • For Amateurs Only – If you think they’ll win you a tournament, you’re mistaken. Callaway Edge clubs are made for amateur golfers who are looking to take their game to the next level. This is one of the best club sets for beginners, but if you want more on a professional level, you will have to look for some more high-end golf clubs set.

Final Word

In this Callaway Edge Iron review, we discussed almost everything you need to know. It might be the perfect golf club for you if you’re an amateur golfer in need of something that will “forgive” you for your mishits. Similarly, you could also opt for the Srixon Z 355 Irons.

Apart from giving you a high level of forgiveness, these clubs will also improve your distance significantly, if that’s been your Achilles’ heel. For amateur golfers looking for medium-standard golf clubs to help improve their game, this golf set would definitely impress them.

And the best thing is that you won’t need to pay thousands of dollars for such improvements in your game. For a club set that is about a third of the cost of the Callaway Mavrik golf set, the quality and range of this club are outstanding. 

And yes, the combo Callaway Golf Set Costco is legit, just in case you were wondering.

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