About Us

I Over Golf started as a hobby by Scott Ferguson, an expert golf product reviewer, and professional golfer. Scott didn’t have any intentions to actually put serious efforts into making this blog. After three months of barely working on the blog, Scott met Tom Fisk, our photographer, in a match, and one thing led to another. Soon, they both became good friends and decided to work on the blog.

The blog was gradually improving until recently when Covid-19 positively affected it. They noticed a significant increase in the blog’s traffic and went on full-effort to make it successful.

Now, the team consists of six people in total, namely Scott Ferguson – Editor, Tom Fisk – Photographer, Julia Morgan – Writer, Sofia Smith – Writer, Alex William – Web Developer, and Cynthia Brilliant – Customer Service.

Scott Ferguson

Scott is a professional golfer with over a decade experience. He is best known for his expertise in choosing the right equipment to play with. He is now a full-time Golf instructor for adults as well as kids. Apart from reviewing and editing guides on Iovergolf, he also regularly take part in golf events throughout the country and share the wisdom of playing Golf.

Tom Fisk

Tom is an avid golf photographer who has been professionally working for many Golf magazines in the past before joining Iovergolf. His work is amongst the best on sites like Pexels. He takes care of all the media related work on the site and work along with Scott to deliver amazing images.

Julia Morgan

An Oxford graduate, Julia is one of our writers who helps us to describe better through words. She has recently join Iovergolf and is also working for CNN as a journalist. She has been writing articles since High School and have won many recognition for her outstanding skills.

Sofia Smith

Mrs. Smith is a part-time freelancer writer who writes articles and guides on Iovergolf. She is a retired professor from a private university. She also runs her own daycare for kids and dedicate most of her time in social services.

Alex William

Alex is an expert web developer with over 12 years of experience. Initially, Mr. Ferguson was handling the website, but soon he had to hire an expert and that’s when Alex joined Iovergolf. He have worked for many big sites like Amazon and YouTube. Alex is solely responsible for the entire site’s functioning.

Cynthia Brilliant

Cynthia is a Customer Service expert who has worked for Facebook for more than 7 years. She has done her MBA from London and currently working for iovergolf on a part-time basis. She takes care of all our queries and feedback.

I Over Golf’s motto is to help all golf lovers improve their game. We do our best to review the trending products, whether it’s a rangefinder or a golf club. We also create guides to help you understand your game better. Apart from the general help, we also give you a direct option to buy the products from Amazon.

We care about you and are open to any feedback or queries. Please feel free to Contact Us.